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New Tribes Mission is now Ethnos360. Learn More. dismiss
Overview of Ethnos360

Ethnos360 is the USA branch of an international alliance of church planting organizations.

We work among people groups who have had little or no access to the Bible, in Africa, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific Region. While providing practical help such as medical care, community development and literacy education, missionaries share Bible lessons that allow the people to choose for themselves whether to believe on Jesus Christ and follow Him.

Those who believe are discipled, and trained as church leaders, teachers and missionaries themselves. Our goal is to equip people to lead their own church, while they provide support such as Bible translation and lesson development and advice.

In addition, missionaries train people so they can continue to provide basic medical care, literacy instruction and other practical helps to their own people.

Fast Facts About Ethnos360

Ethnos360 was founded in the USA in 1942 as New Tribes Mission. From the beginning, two things have made us distinct among missions organizations:

1) We work only among the world’s least-reached people groups

2) We equip those groups to lead their own churches

Ethnos360 and our global partners are non-denominational, with 2,500 missionaries from a variety of evangelical churches serving in Africa, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific Region.

Ethnos360 is the USA branch of an international alliance of church planting organizations, with missionaries from nearly 30 countries. Ethnos360 is a registered 501(c)(3) organization, based in Sanford, Florida.

Ethnos360 has missionary training facilities in Waukesha, Wisconsin; Jackson, Michigan; and Camden County, Missouri. Ethnos360 also has a mobilization center in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania.

Ethnos360 Aviation, which provides flight services for missionaries around the world, is based in McNeal, Arizona.

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