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Bisorio People Group News

The river changed, but the church grew.
Apr 17, 2016 | Asia-Pacific, Asia-Pacific region, Bible translation, Bible translator, Mission News, Prayer, Bisorio People, Kuman People, Lamogai People, Semandang People, Rosie Cochran
There's a significant step between completing a Bible translation and getting it into the hands of the people.
When the Malaumanda church needed help, leaders and teachers from the Bisorio church came to their aid -- repeatedly.
Believers from the two tribes, who speak similar languages, will hear lessons on love and relationships.

Mar 13, 2007 | Bisorio People, David Bell, Papua New Guinea, Prayer
Nineteen people in the last Bisorio village to hear the Gospel no longer trust in a false god. They placed their faith in Christ last weekend, and now trust in His complete work of redemption. Please pray for the new believers as they begin their life in Christ, that they will stand firm in their salvation.