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You may contribute online or by phone using your Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card. Please call us toll-free during U.S. Eastern Time business hours at 866-547-2460 to give or if you have any questions.

Recurring Gifts

You can use your credit card to support your missionary every month, automatically. As you go through the online checkout process, check the box that says, "Make this a recurring gift," and your missionary will receive your gift from your credit card each month. Please note that when credit cards are used, missionary accounts pay credit card transaction fees.

Changing recurring gifts

Please note that you must be logged into an account to set up a recurring gift, or to make changes to you recurring giving.

  • To stop a gift: Log into "My Giving Account" and click "Stop" next to the gift you wish to stop.
  • To change the amount you are giving: Log into "My Giving Account" and set up the gift again, but with the new amount. This will override your current gift.
  • To add a missionary or project to your monthly giving: Log into "My Giving Account" and set up the gift. It will be automatically added to your current gifts.

If you have any questions or problems with your recurring gifts, please contact our Finance Office: or call toll-free during East Coast business hours at 866-547-2460.

Changing or updating credit or debit cards

If you need to update your credit or debit card's expiration date, log into "My Giving Account" and locate your card. Click on "Edit" and update the expiration date.

If you have a new credit card with new numbers, you can set that up over the phone. Call our Finance Office, toll-free, during East Coast business hours, at 866-547-2460.

Give by phone

To give by credit card over the phone, please call us toll-free during U.S. Eastern Time business hours at 866-547-2460.

Debit and check cards

You may use a debit card or a check card just as you would a credit card.

Security and privacy

Our secure server encrypts all of the information you submit, and the information is then transferred securely to our payment processor. Your credit card number is not stored on our servers, for your safety.

Ethnos360 does not share your information with third parties.

Credit card transaction fees

The fees that credit card companies charge for transactions — roughly 2.2 percent of each gift — are charged to the ministry accounts of the missionaries who receive the gifts, because it is a cost associated with their ministries. You will still receive a tax-deductible receipt for the full amount of the gift. Transaction fees for gifts to projects are paid for by Ethnos360.

Alternative for recurring gifts

You may wish to consider using electronic funds transfers instead of recurring credit card giving to support your missionary monthly. There is no fee for missionaries who receive electronic funds transfers.

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