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Job Type:Education Secondary teaching   Region:Asia-Pacific   Duration:1 Year  
To teach world languages to grades 6-12. View More
Job Type:Education other   Region:Asia-Pacific   Country:Philippines   Duration:9 Months  
To provide quality, Christ-centered education for children, most of whom are children of missionaries. Ethnos360 exists to assist the local church to plant mature churches among least reached people groups. View More
Job Type:Education Elementary teaching, Education Secondary teaching   Region:Asia-Pacific   Country:Asia-Pacific region   Duration:Career  
This will be a non-traditional teaching role.   Helping homeschooling families itinerantly or teaching in a small co-op of several families. View More
Job Type:Education Elementary teaching, Education Secondary teaching   Region:Latin America   Country:Mexico   Duration:1 Year  
There is an ongoing need for Spanish teachers at both the elementary and secondary levels teaching all ages and abilities from beginners to advanced. View More
Job Type:Construction and Maintenance, Technology   Region:Asia-Pacific   Country:Papua New Guinea  
House building for Tribal Church Planting location and Support Centers. General NTM Center related maintenance and upkeep. Install, maintain, troubleshoot and repair solar electric systems. Install, maintain, troubleshoot and repair generators. Household appliance repair, i.e. washing machines, refrigerators, stoves, etc. Install maintain, troubleshoot and repair water systems, and plumbing. Troubleshoot, repair and maintain small engines. Research and development of useful new technologies that will... View More
Job Type:Technology   Region:North America   Country:Canada   Duration:2 Years  
Troubleshoot advanced office applications. Develop, test, implement and document solutions to problems detected during troubleshooting. Install operating systems and applications software. Update and configure operating systems, BIOS and drivers. Assist in other areas of the IT/ICT department as needed. Installation or repair of telephone stations in residential and NTMC office facilities. View More
To supervise projects involving utilities and grounds on the mission center. View More
Job Type:Business and Administration   Region:North America   Country:United States  
The Volunteer Coordinator engages new and returning volunteers, by holding training/orientation sessions, processing applications and background checks, publishing "project lists", and keeping volunteers informed about upcoming events.  The Volunteer Coordinator acts as the communications link between staff and volunteers. Other duties as assigned. View More
Job Type:Communications, Technology   Region:North America   Country:United States  
manage and maintain Ethnos360 Aviation’s website according to our focus, vision, projects, needs, and brand platform, including evaluating and improving content, usability, architecture, development and design. This role involves collaboration with content managers, editors, management team. View More
Job Type:Communications   Region:North America   Country:United States   Duration:1 Year  
Copy writer : writes informative and promotional copy for use in electronic and print media to promote awareness of organizational messages, projects, products, etc. Writing should get attention, communicate a message and prompt readers to take action while conveying the company brand. May include letters, flyers, announcements, product descriptions, project sheets, scripts, PowerPoint presentations, brochures, newsletters, annual reports, and so on. Will work with other writers and editors and will... View More