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Guahibo People Group News

Dec 30, 2018 | Bible translation, Mission News, Prayer, Colombia, Guahibo People, Latin America, Rosie Cochran
Connecting you to prayer for God’s work around the world.
“I walked for three days to get here,” one of the attendees said, and another expressed the same. But who were these men?
The villagers watched as the unsuspecting Sophie ate the soup laced with the most potent poison known in the jungle.
Imagine Mark and Joyce Cain’s joy at seeing those they discipled becoming the disciplers.
Mar 13, 2018 | Colombia, Establishing Churches, Ethnos360 Magazine, Teamwork, Training Nationals, Unreached, Featured Article, Guahibo People, Rosie Cochran
Plan A should have worked. But getting chased out by guerrillas can put a damper on your aspirations. That’s how it felt as the missionaries watched Plan A evaporate, not knowing when they would see their precious Guahibo brothers and sisters in Christ again.
Mar 12, 2017 | Bruce Enemark, Colombia, Guahibo People, Latin America, Mission News, Prayer
Finally someone is there that can speak the language and understands the cultural norms in order to share the gospel.
As the Guahibo believers understood the biblical concepts more clearly, they found more precise and correct ways to express them.
What’s a tribal church look like? Does it have a steeple? Or is it the people?

Oct 07, 2011 | Colombia, Guahibo People, Prayer
A Colombian church has given Guahibo missionary Virgil and his wife a boat and motor to help them reach Guahibos in a neighboring country. At the same time, other Guahibo missionaries are working in Colombia near the area where Virgil is working, and it appears that they may be able to help each other with their evangelistic outreaches and discipleship of believers. Praise God, who is building His church.

Oct 04, 2011 | Colombia, Guahibo People, Prayer
At the request of the Guahibo church, Mark Cain is working on revising the Guahibo New Testament, and soon will be involved in training Guahibo translators and helping them. “We would like to finish this project in five years or less,” wrote Mark and his wife, Joyce. Pray that this can be accomplished.