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Accounts Receivable Persons

A team player meeting the needs of fellow missionaries through the processing of funds and email. The candidate must be comfortable in a data entry type job and be comfortable talking on the phone.
Some bookkeeping experience is helpful.
Region: North America
Country: United States
Location: Home Office, Sanford, FL
Paid Position: No - Financial support raising required
Purpose: The purpose of Ethnos360 is to assist the local church to plant mature churches among unreached people groups.
Responsibilities: Responsibilities will be opening and sorting mail, creating designs, scanning boxed receipts, proofing others work, making address changes as needed for the Ethnos360 magazine, forwarding missionary mail, processing end of the month mail/vouchers, Bookstore check and cash processing, Bookstore credit card batch processing and the processing of credit card donations.
Duration: 2 Years - Career
People Needed: 3
Priority: Urgent