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Someone who loves working with toddler or nursery aged children. Good communication skill including actively listening to those they serve. Ability to work collaboratively as well as independently.
A minimum of one year experience is required working in a childcare or preschool program and/or training.
Region: North America
Country: Canada
Location: Durham, Ontario
Paid Position: No - Financial support raising required
Purpose: The Emanate child care program exists to care for the children of our missionary trainees. The child care team is an essential part of Emanate, allowing students to focus on their training and be better equipped to serve as missionaries with NTM.
Responsibilities: Assisting the teacher each day so that the parents of the children can participate in the missionary training course. Assisting with daily activities such as circle/snack/play time for the children of the missionary candidates. Cleaning the classrooms that were used in the morning class time.  Being flexible and willing to help with the care of children in the nursery, toddlers, or pre-school program.
Duration: 1 Year - Career
People Needed: 2
Priority: Soon