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Child Protection Coordinator

Ethnos360 Training
The qualified applicant must be, a person of integrity, a servant leader, someone who serves and assists others, possesses good communication skills, good organizational skills, be an active learner, be proficient in Microsoft Office/Office 365 and possess a general aptitude for learning new technologies.
Region: North America
Country: United States
Paid Position: No - Financial support raising required
Purpose: To facilitate the effective education, awareness and implementation of Ethnos360 policies and procedures regarding child protection and safety for EBI Jackson staff and students. This will help contribute to a safe, healthy environment for children and their families as they are trained in the Word of God as students or serving the EBI community as staff.
Responsibilities: Oversee the planning and process of applying Ethnos360 Child Protection Policy (CPP) standards to life at the EBI Jackson campus.  Coordinates with Ethnos360 Department of Child Protection (DCP) to evaluate current campus practices against CPP standards and brainstorms solutions when shortfalls are discovered.  Other duties as assigned.
Duration: 4 Years - Career
People Needed: 1