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Computer Network and Systems Administrator

Job Specific Training
Skills required in network and systems administration.
2 to 3 years as a Linux systems administrator preferred.
Region: Asia-Pacific
Country: The Philippines
Paid Position: No - Financial support raising required
Purpose: Computers are vital tools for missionaries. You can be a vital part of the missionary team using your skills as a network and systems administrator.
Responsibilities: A few of the responsibilities are: Maintaining the openSUSE Linux server and office network, consisting of a number of Win 10 workstations.  Maintaining firewalls, wireless equipment, and network router and modem.  Performing hardware and system upgrades, locally and remotely. Maintaining network availability in remote locations.
Duration: 1 Year - Career
People Needed: 1
Honesty and integrity are an absolute must, and personal character is more important than computer skills.