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Grounds Manager

Self-motivated, Team Player, Learner, Organizational skills, Detail oriented, Proficiency with computers and office equipment, Working knowledge of Microsoft Office and Teams
It is preferred that the qualified applicant have prior experience in skilled trades and basic knowledge of parts and tools.
Region: North America
Country: United States
Location: Ethnos360 Bible Institute, Waukesha, WI
Paid Position: No - Financial support raising required
Purpose: To assist the BGM department with landscape management surrounding EBI buildings and homes. A professional in appearance and safe living environment will significantly contribute to life at EBI as it fulfills its purpose of training believers in the Word of God. This will also directly impact the ministries of Ethnos360 around the world.

1. Coordination of Snow Removal and management of students assigned therein.

2. Discipleship of students in the area of faithfulness that are assigned to Grounds maintenance.

3. Maintains accurate records of items that are repeatedly bought in order to facilitate consistency and efficiency regardless of changes in personnel.

4. Researches and understands the needs of the plants and exterior structures on EBI property as necessary to properly maintain them.

5. Assists the BGM Director with organization of work orders, projects, and allocation of . .

7. Assists the BGM Director with tracking costs and maintaining budgets.

8. Coordinates vehicle removal as needed for snow clearing.

People Needed: 1
This position is open at Ethnos360 Bible Institute, Waukesha, Wisconsin.