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Information Technology and Telephone System Administrator

Member of Ethnos360. A basic understanding of HIPPA guidelines for health care facilities with the Ethnos360 IT Policy is required. Must have the ability to work well with others and communicate with Senior Adults.
Experience as a System Administrator or a similar role. Experience with databases, networks (LAN, WAN) and VOIP phone system.
Region: North America
Country: United States
Location: NTM Homes Staff
Purpose: NTM Homes exists to provide attractive, affordable, efficient and economical housing for our retired NTM Personnel, who apply to live at NTM Homes, on a space available basis. In addition, NTM Homes exists to provide a nurturing and caring environment, attempting to meet both the physical and spiritual needs of its residents, with staff and facility capabilities.
Responsibilities: The System Administrator is responsible to maintain, upgrade and manage system software, hardware and the network. The System Administrator is to ensure that the NTM Homes technology infrastructure runs smoothly and efficiently.
General job duties: Install and configure software and hardware. Manage network servers and technology tools. Set up accounts and workstations. Monitor performance and maintain systems according to requirements. Troubleshoot issues and outages. Other duties as assigned.