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Maintenance Manager

None Required
A growing relationship with Christ. Trained or skilled in practical work. Able to communicate in French and English. Willing to work on an international team. Happy to live and work in an international community setting. Good people skills.
Experience in maintenance is required.
Region: Africa
Country: Senegal
Location: Missionary Children's School
Paid Position: No - Financial support raising required
Purpose: To serve on a team that provides an excellent Christ centered education that equips students to live out a biblical worldview in all areas to the glory of God.
Responsibilities: To care for the maintenance needs that arise at the school.
Duration: under 6 months - Career
People Needed: 1
Priority: Urgent
The applicant for this position must be 18 years or older. The need is urgent. The time commitment would be preferably for at least 2 months but longer commitments are possible too.