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Tech Specialist

Job Specific Training
Knowledge and experience in some of the following skills are preferred to be an effective Tech Specialist. Basic Electronics--Theory and Practice, PV Solar Electric System Design and Installation, AC Power and Appliances, DC Power and Appliances, Back-Up Power Systems, Basic Plumbing, Small Engine Repair, Water Pumps, etc.
Building Experience is a must.
Region: Asia-Pacific
Country: Papua New Guinea
Location: Field Office
Paid Position: No - Financial support raising required
Purpose: Believing that “time is a non-replaceable resource”, the Tech Specialists are trained to assist missionaries on the field to make the most of their time by helping them use the technology available to them and by providing them with technical support as needed for the purpose of accelerating the church planting process. Ethnos360 exists to assist the local church to plant churches among least reached people groups.
Responsibilities: House building for Tribal Church Planting location and Support Centers. General NTM Center related maintenance and upkeep. Install, maintain, troubleshoot and repair solar electric systems. Install, maintain, troubleshoot and repair generators. Household appliance repair, i.e. washing machines, refrigerators, stoves, etc. Install maintain, troubleshoot and repair water systems, and plumbing. Troubleshoot, repair and maintain small engines. Research and development of useful new technologies that will better equip missionaries for life in remote tribal locations.
Duration: 2 Years - Career
People Needed: 1
Some experience is preferred in the various areas of responsibilities. However experience is not expected in all of the listed skill areas. Ideally, someone will grow in this role over a period of time and become proficient in various skills to better assist missionaries in remote locations.