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Volunteer Coordinator

Communication skills, multitasking skills, strong interpersonal skills and analytical skills are needed.
Region: North America
Country: United States
Location: NTM Retirement Homes, Sanford, FL
Paid Position: No - Financial support raising required
Purpose: NTM Homes exists to provide attractive, affordable, efficient and economical housing for retired eligible Ethnos360 personnel who apply to live at NTM Homes, on a space available basis. NTM Homes exists to provide a nurturing and caring environment, attempting to meet both the physical and spiritual needs of its residents, within staff, facility and state licensing capabilities.
Responsibilities: The Volunteer Coordinator engages new and returning volunteers, by holding training/orientation sessions, processing applications and background checks, publishing "project lists", and keeping volunteers informed about upcoming events.  The Volunteer Coordinator acts as the communications link between staff and volunteers. Other duties as assigned.
People Needed: 1
1-10 hours per week are required, depending on the "Volunteer Season".