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Menya People Group News

Apr 28, 2019 | Asia-Pacific, Emily Kurz, Kelly Helmuth, Menya People, Mission News, Prayer, Papua New Guinea
The gospel is transforming the lives of the Menyan believers in Papua New Guinea.
For the Menya, Christmas may have been an unknown and the birth of Jesus insignificant. But not anymore.
Sep 26, 2018 | Engaging on the Edge, Establishing Churches, Ethnos360 Magazine, Featured Article, Menya People, Rosie Cochran
Clouds of misunderstanding, fear and doubt hung heavy over the hearts of the Menya people just as the clouds blanketed the mountain valley where they lived. But the light of the gospel was about to break through.
The Menya people knew that only God could change their corrupted nature. Now they know how!
Wes grew his dreadlocks as a sign of mourning. Now the time of mourning is over, and Bible teaching has begun!
Jul 16, 2017 | Asia-Pacific, Bruce Enemark, Information Technology, Mission News, Prayer, Menya People, Papua New Guinea
Is there a link between learning to code on a computer and learning an unwritten language?

Steve and Natalie Arn have recently returned to their home in a Menya village. “Steve is trying to spend as much time as possible out with the people, practicing language in as many cultural contexts as possible,” the couple wrote. Wari, who is helping Steve learn the Menya language, is building a house, and Steve often stops by to help. Not only does this help him learn, “we’re praying that by lending a hand and showing concern for them in practical ways, we can in a little way demonstrate God’s love for them.” Pray that Wari sees Jesus in Steve, and that Steve will learn quickly so he can clearly share God’s Word with the Menya people.
The missionary team to the Menya people is glad to move out of their tiny offices.