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Bible translator is building for eternity

Terry Reed has a challenging job -- but thinks it's the best job in the world.

Terry Reed planned to work in construction. “I loved the work, and was determined to make a career of it," he said. But everything changed in 1994, when he went through Interface, NTM's mission-study program in Papua New Guinea.

A Pivotal Realization

"I realized that I was spending my life building homes for people that already had more than they would ever need in life, and in the light of eternity all of my work would one day either fall apart or burn. I realized that the work of reaching a lost world with the gospel was the only thing I could do that would be of eternal value.”

A New Career

Today, Terry is helping translate the Bible into the language of the Guarijío people of Mexico. He says that working alongside his Guarijío co-workers is a privilege and a challenge. “When the translator says, ‘Thus saith the Lord,’ he faces a tremendous responsibility to make sure that what he has expressed ... is an accurate reflection of what the Lord did indeed say.”

The Benefits

It's worth every minute of the hard work, the stress, the study and the revisions. “As a translator, I have the blessing of translating God’s eternal words into the Guarijío language. God’s Word will continue to speak to the Guarijío hearts long after my name is forgotten among the Guarijíos,” he said. “There is no job in the world that you can do that will have a more lasting and eternal value than to take the words of the Almighty God and put them in the hands of a people that have thus far never heard God’s Word in their language."

Prayer Points

  • A marathon of translation checks is taking place! Missionary translator Terry Reed asks for prayer as they take 18 days to do the final check of Luke, 2 Thessalonians and Revelation.
  • Debbie Burgett is writing an article about Bible translation for the next issue of NTM@work magazine. Pray that she and the rest of the team are able to put together an informative, compelling piece that spurs many people to get more involved with the NTM team.
  • “When is another book going to be ready?” a Northern Tepehuan villager asked missionary translator Kevin Case. With 80 percent of the New Testament already translated, we ask prayer for the translation team as they press on to completing the whole New Testament.
  • A translator’s dream come true! Plans are being made for the dedication of the Southwestern Palawano New Testament in late June of this year. Praise the Lord with us—and pray for this special dedication.
  • “I sat in on the meeting and was encouraged because it was the first time I’d heard Scriptures that have been translated into Isnag being read in public. It was an encouragement to keep pressing on with the translation of the New Testament.” Pray for missionary translator Jonathan Bamford as he presses on.

Which is More Important?

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