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'Crossed-over ones' share their excitement

Each week more Yembiyembi people in Papua New Guinea have been sharing how God is at work in their lives.

At a recent house meeting Sakius said, "I am so excited to have the Holy Spirit and to know how He guides us. As I go to the teaching I can understand so much more now because the Holy Spirit is giving me wisdom."

As the believers came together at another meeting Gloria stood to tell how Christ has changed her.

"You all know me," Gloria said. "I thought I knew it all. I thought I was already accepted by God. But … the inside of me, the true inner thinking of myself, is bad, horrible and dirty. This is because of my great ancestor Adam who decided to follow Satan rather than God. That's why I tell you I was a child of Satan.

"I didn't know this before … but God's Word has shot straight to my heart and now I know that. … I have been wrong. I was never on God's side.

"I remember the story of Cain and Abel, Noah, Abraham, the Passover. All these stories point to one man. Jesus. Nothing will pay for my sin; no matter how good I might look on the outside, or whatever good things I might do. In God's eye my inner thinking is dirty and separated, broken off from God. God's eye is what really matters.

"I know the truth now, Jesus paid for my sin payment, and now I have crossed over because Jesus did all the work for me. He is like my sheep sacrifice of the Old Contract."

A huge smile illuminated Gloria's face as she spoke of crossing over to Jesus' side.

Crossing over is the Yembiyembi believers' way of expressing that they have moved from Satan's family into the family of God.

"As crossed-over ones," Lawrence said, "we have a new relationship with each other now. I have a new family of brothers and sisters. We need to help each other out, and stick together and encourage each other; otherwise it will be the end of us if we become dispersed about in our thinking."

To encourage the believers to work together, several men have formed a "believers' committee." The Yembiyembi people have committees for everything -- school, work, medical and even cleaning. The missionaries see this as an opportunity to train church leaders.

As a member of the committee, Lawrence, told the missionaries, "When you guys go, who is going to look after this thing you started? We will, and we need to meet and know exactly how to follow God's Word and keep this group going."

"Make sure you give us the lessons and everything," another committee member, Dennis, agreed, "and equip us and train us to take your places. You won't be here forever but God's Word will be and we need to know the true meaning of it so we can teach our children and keep the rope from being cut (meaning pass this from generation to generation)."

Please pray that the Yembiyembi leaders and their fellow believers will honor God as they learn to function together as a church.

POSTED ON Oct 01, 2008 by David Bell


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