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Cultural shyness slows Bible translation

POSTED ON Dec 05, 2008 by Dena McMaster
Missionaries Dave and Fran Jordan are checking the translated Prai Scriptures for accuracy but feel a need for Prai co-workers who will honestly evaluate the translation and give useful input.

"The need for Prais who can do comprehension checking that will allow for corrections and adjustments is still very evident," wrote Fran. "Could you pray with us about this? Most adult Prai have had little or no schooling, are generally shy, and freeze up when asked simple questions about something read to them."

Despite culturally appropriate shyness, the Prai believers desire the Scriptures to be as clear as possible and have offered their help. Pray that the believers will overcome their shyness and offer correction where needed in the Scripture translation.

In spite of their shyness, some believers are sharing Christ with others. In one village four men have expressed their desire to be involved in reaching other Prais for Christ but haven't been able to do much because of deep financial debt.
The Prai Church is asking God to help them become debt free so that they can be involved in spreading the Gospel.

Another Prai believer, Tate, is overcoming difficulties to be used of God to reach others. Tate was a spirit doctor before he trusted Christ. Shortly thereafter he became a paraplegic.

Though he had never been to school a day in his life, he studied diligently and learned to read. Now he is learning to teach Bible lessons so he can tell others about Jesus. Two other Prais, encouraged by his determination, have asked to learn to teach evangelistic Bible lessons.

Pray that the Prai believers will help the Jordans correct the translation so that it is clear, accurate and easily understood and will speak to the hearts of the people. Pray, too, that those who desire to be involved in outreach will overcome all barriers and tell others about Jesus.


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