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Doors swing open

After almost 20 years in other ministries, missionaries Norman and Bobby Murphy plan to return to Thailand.

The couple is from Northern Ireland and until recently has been ministering as part of New Tribes Mission UK's short-term mission program. But they have long desired to go back to Thailand.

"As time went on it seemed that might never happen," they wrote. But with some changes in their family situation came a possibility that they began praying about.

"What amazed us was how all the doors just kept swinging open when we started to make inquiries. Within the space of a few weeks we were invited by NTM Thailand to go and work there again. In less than one year we could be back on the field," they wrote.

The Murphys hope to return in the summer of 2009, and are not yet certain exactly what ministry they will fit into. They have many opportunities, as "missionaries [are] being stretched in so many directions and … delighted at the prospect of help," the couple wrote.

"As soon as we made the decision we had a real sense of peace and with that an excitement. Peace because we believe God has promised to be with us, excitement as we consider what the Lord might do in and through us."

The Murphys, like all NTM missionaries, raise their own support, so they already have a team standing with them. But they will need additional teammates to partner in covering higher ministry costs in Thailand. Please pray that God will help people connect with the couple, and richly bless those who take part in this opportunity.
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POSTED ON Oct 06, 2008 by Ian Fallis

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