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Interface instills insights

God used a trip to Papua New Guinea to give Ragan Grimes some valuable insights. Ragan attended the Interface program to learn about tribal missions.

“God opened my eyes to the Truth of His Word and revealed His perfect and holy character,” wrote Ragan.

Interface students spend a majority of their time in the classroom learning the basics of cross-cultural communication.

“All the classes – chronological teaching of the Bible, linguistics, phonetics, culture study, or translation – were informative and challenging,” Ragan wrote.

As Ragan visited with the villagers and began building relationships, she became aware of the urgent need to reach lost people around the world.

Sitting around in the evenings talking with the missionaries Ragan heard how God worked in the lives of the missionaries to enable them to reach tribal people with the Gospel go grace.

The highlight of the entire summer was the trip into an even more remote location where missionaries had planted a functioning tribal church. The students were overwhelmed by the friendliness and faithfulness of these new believers. The believers’ knowledge of biblical truth and God’s redemptive grace was evident as they conversed with the students.

“The tribal church service consisted of worshipping God through song, prayer, a time of sharing, and reading the Bible,” wrote Ragan. “I was amazed. There was no teaching … or application in this particular service. They just read the Bible and allowed the Holy Spirit to lead.”

The students were encouraged and inspired by their contact with tribal believers. They were amazed by the impact the Word of God had on tribal believers.

“The Lord obviously used the Interface program to teach me numerous things. He taught me of His faithfulness, His power, the truths portrayed in His Word, how the Old Testament and New Testament of the Bible work together as a cohesive unit, the need for missions, and most importantly, He revealed to me His heart for those who have not heard the Good News of Jesus Christ,” wrote Ragan.  “I am so grateful for the time He used this summer to reveal the urgency of missions to me.”

Pray for Ragan as she seeks God’s will for her life.

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POSTED ON Oct 31, 2011 by Dena McMaster

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