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It’s not Us and the Church. It’s Us with the Church.

How Did We Do It Alone?

“In June we took a vacation, enjoyed time with family, renewed our passports, did a few crazy things with our adrenaline loving kids and then headed home. For the last three months both of our partners have been on home assignment.” Michael and Amy Hutteman ask, “How were we able to accomplish everything?”

We Weren’t Alone

“It’s because of the very people we came here to serve. A few faithful Lauje families and their local churches have taken it upon themselves to step into the vacuum that was created when our teammates left. The believers have shown real initiative because they realize that the ministry is ultimately theirs, not ours.

“They have even told us, ‘This is not your job that we are helping. It is our job that you have come to help.’"

The Church Is Here

The Huttemans are definitely seeing local initiative. “The church in our home area decided to reteach the Story from its beginning to ensure that each generation has a solid foundation in the gospel.” But the translation needs revision first, and Michael is not yet fluent enough to undertake that task. So the elders are asking his help as they proof the existing translation.

“Seeing these small movements of the local church is exhilarating! While we continue to press toward the finish line in our culture and language study, experience the loneliness of an absent team, struggle with the daily grind of keeping a family alive (much less, educating them along the way), and begin to take on more and more responsibility for the care of other ministry teams in our area, … it gives us hope.”

POSTED ON Oct 15, 2017 by David Pierce and Michael Hutteman

Which is More Important?

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