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Passing the Church Planting Baton

The Beginning

God can use any of His children to take the gospel to the unreached. Rebecca Preheim, working among the Mengen people in Papua New Guinea, shared how God used Mengens to reach more Mengens. “We started out with two Mengen missionary families who have faithfully taught and discipled believers in our first outreach village.”

Building the Team

Building, Team, Mengens

Since that time, two other couples have joined the first two, building the families into a cohesive team with the goal of reaching more and more of the Mengen villages located far from their own. On one trip, a man approached the missionaries and said, “If [my family] dies and goes to the place of fire, whose fault is it? It’s your fault because you heard the Good News 10 years ago and haven’t come and told us yet.”

Rejoicing in the Harvest

Mengen, Team, Growth

The fourth couple moved quite a distance away and immediately began teaching seven days a week for 13 weeks. Christmas Day of 2016 was the day that the gospel was fully explained, resulting in 34 people placing their trust in Christ’s finished work.

Rebecca said, “Now another group of at least 30 people are [ready] to hear the Bible teaching.  [They] will soon be starting back at the first lesson and teaching a whole new group.  At the same time, he’ll be going through Acts with the new believers and grounding them in their faith. Thanks so much for your prayers for them and the rest of the Mengen missionaries as they serve the Lord.”

POSTED ON Feb 05, 2017 by Bruce Enemark


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