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Abigail Snyder planned to be teaching the children of missionaries in Papua New Guinea by now.

Ready to go ... almost

Abigail Snyder is having a great deal of fun teaching the kids at Carroll High School, but it’s not where she wants to be.

God has called Abigail to teach abroad and she is standing on the brink of a great adventure but her support is inadequate. She is saving everything she can from her salary but she says that will not cover the expense of getting to Papua New Guinea and her monthly expenses.

“The lack of support is the only thing holding me back from buying my plane ticket to leave in early January,” Abigail wrote. “Right now I need $1,300 in monthly support to be pledged just to reach the 75 percent minimum support level where I will be approved to purchase that plane ticket.”

Abigail was permanently changed by a trip to Papua New Guinea where she experienced German, English and American believers joining the Simbari people in songs of praise.

“Because of that moment, I will never be the same,” wrote Abigail.

Her desire is to serve the missionaries in remote tribes by teaching their children and providing a safe environment for them to learn. She desires to return to provide the support needed so that tribal missionaries can go to tribes that have never heard the gospel message and know that the education their children need will be available.

Abigail is asking that more people will stand with her in reaching remote tribal people by providing education for missionaries’ children.

Pray for Abigail—as she teaches in America today and as she works to accomplish her dream of teaching abroad. You can also put feet to your prayers by helping to support her.

POSTED ON Sep 07, 2012 by Dena McMaster

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