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She'll soon be with Jesus

As evangelistic Bible teaching continues for the Patpatars, Mama Cecilia is showing signs of her new found faith even though her body is dying.

Immobile because of her failing health, Mama Cecilia is "very swollen … and dozes in and out of sleep," wrote missionary Butch Kunzer. "She has a rattle in her chest and we realize that she won't be with us a whole lot longer."

Tammy Kunzer went to see her and was encouraged. Smiling, Mama Cecilia told Tammy that she "was lifting up the name of God and that God was lifting her up." She told Tammy, "Thank you for coming to teach me."

Please thank our Father with us that Mama Cecilia placed her faith in Christ. Pray also, as death is surely imminent for Mama Cecilia, that the time she has left will be an example to others in the Patpatar tribe.
POSTED ON Oct 06, 2008 by Patrick Hatcher

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