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Tears because of sin

Tears streamed down Morosin's face as God's Word pierced his heart.

He stood and declared, "I am a terrible sinner. You guys all know it. We are all sinners. I am going to die unless God helps me. These two guys [missionaries Jason Knapp and Chad Mankins] are like Noah telling us God's judgment is going to come and we need to listen."

The Tobo people of Papua New Guinea had gathered in the bright morning sunlight to hear another evangelistic Bible lesson. They were scattered across the grassy slope, sitting on the ground or on crude benches, spellbound by the Old Testament stories they were hearing. Their faces were solemn as each new truth added more to their sense of sin and hopelessness.

Most remembered the passage concerning Noah, and when Jason and Chad taught about Sodom and Gomorrah were somber and convicted.

"Don't be like Lot's two sons-in-law," Jason told them. "They heard God's warning and thought it was a joke, that it was nothing and went their own way. The next morning they both died."

After the teaching Megelin came up and asked, "If we died in our sins, and got the punishment for our sin, would we just be destroyed or would we go on living or would we go to heaven?"

Jason answered, "If you died in your sins, you would live forever in fire and torment, but if you believed in what God says, then you would live together with Him."

Then Komiti told Jason and Chad, "You didn't come here of your own accord, but God sent you so that we could hear this message …. The material things of this life are not going to help me. It is just fuel for the fires of hell."

Some of the Tobo people said, "We need to get our friends and other family members here to hear this message or we will all die in the flood. Our Noah is standing here building the boat and if we neglect the words he says from God, we will all die."

They did bring friends and family to hear the teaching and many have now trusted Christ as their Savior. The fledgling Tobo church continues to listen to God's Word and is strengthened and changed by those powerful messages in Old Testament passages.
POSTED ON Jan 31, 2008 by Dena McMaster

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