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Tools for the day: chainsaw, GPS and an oven

There's a bit more to being a missionary than learning culture and language and sharing God's Word.

Tim and Kat Warner are in training with New Tribes Mission, learning about the practical aspects of day-to-day life in a tribe.

Tim wrote, "Today we learned some amazing things … we learned how to use a GPS and a compass, plot our position on a map and make bread from scratch."

In the next two weeks they'll continue similar lessons, learning about engine repair, cooking even more from scratch, hair cutting, safety using a chainsaw, making a fire and house building, among other things. Tim wrote, "With these basic skills, life will be made easier which allows us to focus on learning [culture and] language and presenting the Gospel."

Please pray for them to learn quickly and retain what they learn as they continue through missionary training.
POSTED ON Oct 16, 2008 by Jackie Fallis

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