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Two Bible teachings -- worlds apart -- one intention

Many of us grew up in Sunday School learning Bible stories taught on the flannel board or with puppets and songs. Nowadays, kids might be more likely to learn the same stories through formats like video or interactive web content. While the teaching methods may change depending on the time and culture, the key component remains the same: engaging Bible teaching.

Same Message, Different Method

Whether in a Bible study in the United States, a missionary training conference on the mission field, or a remote village in the Asia-Pacific region, leaders rely on teaching tools to evangelize, equip and train the next generation of believers.

National believers like the Mwinika people of Mozambique are hard at work writing down summaries of Bible lessons so that they can use them as a teaching tool when preaching in new communities.

The teaching takes different forms depending on the audience, but the message remains the same — the good news of Christ.

This Week We Pray for Bible Teaching

Pray for the Bible teaching at New Tribes Bible Institute and New Tribes Missionary Training Center. Ask the Lord to strengthen and guide the students, teachers and administrators. Lift up the men and women who serve on the mission field as they teach the Bible. Pray for the national believers as they develop and prepare lessons for the people they serve in their communities.

Ask the Lord to help those serving in the field to be able to articulate the gospel in new languages in compelling ways. Pray that the national missionaries would have wisdom for how best to convey Bible stories to the people in their communities.