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Woman's death presents challenges for her family

MaeTho', a Bru believer in Thailand, passed away last week. There's comfort in the fact that she was a believer, but there are challenges ahead for her family.

Last Wednesday missionaries Clark and Mary Aspinwall got the news that their friend wasn't expected to make it through the night. Just a few minutes later, they got a second call, confirming that MaeTho' had died.

Niwait, MaeTho's widower, was working hard at several funeral services held for her, and doing a good job of making sure the kids were at all of them.

Mary wrote, "There was talk about some of the relatives trying to get the kids to quit believing, with threats to take away their inheritance if they did not, but I don't think that will be a real temptation to any of them. We do pray that the church will rally around them as these threats will probably not be idle ones.

"The mother is often the 'backbone' in the Bru culture but we are praying that Niwait will step up and be there for his kids."

Praise God that MaeTho' was a believer and that she is no longer suffering. Pray that the family makes it through this time and that their faith is strengthened by it.
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POSTED ON Oct 17, 2008 by Jackie Fallis

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