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Your Purchases Add Up to Big Gift

Our shopping partners recently contributed more than $1,500 to Ethnos360.

These partners designated Ethnos360 as the charity to benefit when they purchased products on Amazon. Fourth-quarter 2018 purchases eligible for Amazon Smile donations resulted in a recent donation of $1,554.68 from Amazon to Ethnos360.

That’s enough funding to translate nearly 45 Bible verses — the equivalent of the entire first chapter of the Book of Mark. Or it could sponsor almost three hours of flight time, allowing missionaries to travel or get supplies in a remote location. Or it’s enough to provide travel costs for one of our national co-workers to come to the USA for training in how to establish a thriving church among an unreached people group.

To date, partners shopping through Amazon Smile have made it possible for Ethnos360 to receive a total of $11,712.80 in donations from Amazon.

So, if you’re using Amazon Smile to help Ethnos360, thanks!

If you’re not, it’s easy and free to start. Go to

Tags: Bible translation
POSTED ON Apr 02, 2019

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