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Nov 01, 2016 | Asia-Pacific region, Bible translation, Bible translator, Establishing Churches, Ethnos360 Magazine, Featured Article, Ian Fallis, Moi People
The Moi people presented huge challenges. But God used the humility and perseverance of the missionary team, and last year, elders were appointed.
Nov 01, 2016 | Asia-Pacific region, Bruce Enemark, Discipleship, Ethnos360 Magazine, Moi People
Before [I knew the Creator God], I was very afraid of evil spirits. I was bitten a lot by centipedes, and that again made me afraid of the evil spirits. I thought I was going to die. That’s how I used to live; that’s how I used to think. But when I thought, “It’s true” about Jesus, on that day my fear of spirits became small. It was like the fear was dead.
Oct 23, 2016 | Asia-Pacific, Asia-Pacific region, Establishing Churches, Mission News, Prayer, Ian Fallis, Moi People
Church planters still need to walk alongside elders to help steer the young church.
Oct 09, 2016 | Asia-Pacific, Asia-Pacific region, Bruce Enemark, Establishing Churches, Mission News, Prayer, Moi People
“An elder’s job is not a small type of job, but a really big job.”
Jan 03, 2016 | Asia-Pacific, Asia-Pacific region, Discipleship, Mission News, Prayer, Moi People
How long should ministry take? It depends on what results you are seeking.
Jul 26, 2015 | Asia-Pacific, Asia-Pacific region, Mission News, Prayer, Moi People, Rosie Cochran
Marriage talks have broken down. Will Sepaiye have to marry a non-believer?
Wapane was overjoyed to learn that teachers would soon present the Creator’s Talk. But how would she get there?
Jun 12, 2013 | Asia-Pacific, Cathy Hedvall, Mission News, Prayer, Moi People
The Moi people are thankful for the simple things: health, food and being able to read God's Word.
Oct 29, 2012 | Asia-Pacific, Dena McMaster, Mission News, Prayer, Moi People
Among the Moi people, one word can escalate heated words into a battle.

Sep 30, 2011 | Moi People, Prayer
Rich and Karen Brown are on home assignment in the USA and Steve and Carolyn Crockett are serving at the school for missionaries’ children, so the Moi church is temporarily without missionaries. “Our team has … tried as much as possible to prepare the Moi believers,” Rich and Karen wrote. “We are praying it will be a time for the believers to learn to further trust the Lord in their daily walks. We pray that the believers might remain faithful to the truths that they already know. ... We know this time won't be easy for them.” Pray for the Moi believers.