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September 19, 2018

Super Typhoon Mangkhut

“Anyone and everyone who was in the village hurried to the beach to welcome us ‘home.’”
Hills and Valleys

Tim and Andrea Ullum minister among the Kendawangan people in the Asia-Pacific Region. Ancestral beliefs have led the Kendawangan to seek the hills and valley for spiritual help. The Ullums said, “After living in this area for several years, we have seen that the most modern person -- complete with access to the internet, money, transportation and higher education -- when difficulties come into their life, it’s common to return to the hills and valleys for help.” Pray for the Ullums as they work with the believers to seek the God of the universe and not the hills and valleys. Read the Ullums’ post about this.

Aircraft Incident

We praise the Lord for the blessing of Ethnos360 Aviation to so many of our missionaries. God has blessed us with hundreds of hours of safe flying. In the middle of July, Ethnos360 pilots, along with the Rural Airport Agency, carried out the normal procedures to check a new airstrip. It was approved for use, pending time for it to dry out sufficiently. Two weeks later, the strip was dry, allowing the pilots to do their first landings and takeoffs – a welcome event after years of backbreaking work by the local people to build the strip. The first landing went well. However, on the second landing, the nose wheel on the Quest Kodiak airplane broke through the seemingly strong surface into a hole. The aircraft prop, engine and nose wheel were damaged. The pilots were unharmed, and no passengers were on the plane. We praise God for His gracious protection of the pilots, and we are thankful that the aircraft did not sustain further damage. Pray for Ethnos360 Aviation as they complete the repairs on the airplane. Read more here.

Foreigners Indeed

Marty and Jill Lehman are in what is called “partnership development,” that time after training when a family is raising financial and prayer support for their overseas ministries.  Marty said, “There is so much comfort and joy here. Here in the familiar. Our family. The church walls we’ve come to know and love. And yet right alongside the comfort, there is discontent. … We are excited to go where God has called us. Chomping at the bit for our turn to go. … In an attempt to keep an eternal perspective in a world that cares so much about the temporary, we’ve penned this family motto: ‘This world is not our home.’ We as Christ-followers are all foreigners … at least we should be. Strangers in this world, our citizenship in the next.” Pray for the Lehmans in this transition time. Read more from Marty.

Translation Update

David and Shari Ogg minister among the Simbari as translators. David said, “We just completed the final consultant check on the Simbari translation of Matthew and Luke (2200+ verses!). That is about 27% of the New Testament and brings us to a total of 65% being final checked and ready for print.” A translation consultant had reviewed the draft verse by verse for months before going over to PNG to do a comprehension check. They also had to work on spell-checking the New Testament, difficult because the dictionary for the language was built as the translation continued. Here is an example: the word from John 14:2 nyullovurovaikubwemwalmonyugono means “I will indeed go up and continue to prepare for you.” Pray for the Oggs as they continue translation work among the Simbari. Read more about the translation.

Taking a Brain Break

Susie Locklin has finished her nine weeks of graduate school in North Dakota. All the courses she took related specifically to her ministry in Burkina Faso: linguistics and translation. She said, “It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun and really good, too.  And besides the 1000+ pages I read or all the papers and projects I did, I learned a lot outside of class as well.  In the picture above you’ll see most of the 100+ language nerds that I got to hang out with 24/7 for the months of June and July.” Pray for Susie as she get ready to go back to Burkina Faso to continue her ministry. Read her last college report.

The missionaries had already determined to go to the Wantakia people, but which village? Learn how the decision is made.
Heart Language II

“Of the people around me, two groups stood out. There were people I could communicate with, and those I couldn’t. If I want to learn and truly know them, it will cost me before I can have that privilege. I could choose to only learn from my fellow missionaries and other English speakers, but I would miss out on the lives of the ‘silenced’ majority. And I can never offer the life of Jesus through words to those women if I can’t speak to them.” (Casie Falls, Ethnos360 Bible Institute) Read Casie’s commentary on heart language.

30 Years Later

Lance and Laura Ostman have ministered among the Higaunon in the Philippines. They said, “The Higaunon church had a visit from the Banwaon church. These two churches of similar language have visited each other several times over the years. The first visit was ‘88/’89. The Banwaon church’s main purpose in this visit was more than just fellowship. They wanted some input from the Higaunon church on some different issues regarding church planting. … They had a great time of learning together and fellowship. They started at 8 a.m. and met throughout the days they were here, not stopping until the early hours of the morning. It was a very profitable time!” Pray for the Ostmans and the Higaunon church. Read the Ostmans’ post.

Let’s Get Started

Eric and Cherie Daum are just starting their ministry in the Asia-Pacific Region. They said, “We have had all kinds of experiences with this new culture, some fascinating and some a little obnoxious. We realize that we are really going to enjoy our time here during the first year while we learn the national culture and language.” Pray for the Daums as they are in the “warm-up” stage of their language learning. Read their blog.

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

Jerry and Joyce McDaniels, the international literacy consultants with Ethnos360, are excited about their ministry. They said, “God’s life-giving Word is being translated by His servants into more and more languages. People are holding these precious printed pages in their hands for the first time. But if they cannot read, it’s just unrecognized marks on the page. We are absolutely thrilled to work along with Bible translators and local churches to see literacy materials written in these languages and [to see] people learning to read with great comprehension. Just imagine -— people reading God’s Word in their language for the first time. We have the best job ever!” Pray for Jerry and Joyce as they help people learn to read. Read their full update.

Zoro the Dog

Rachel Searcy ministers among the Punan people group in the Asia-Pacific Region. Along with her responsibilities as Bible translator, she was asked to dog-sit the guard dog for the guest house. Rachel shared the following: “When we got to the rapids, there was a bit of a hitch. Last time he had gone through the rapids, he had buried his face in my lap and had not looked at the waves and the water. This time the water was low, … and we got out to walk around one of the major rapids. What to do with Zoro? ... I opted to carry Zoro. And you know, Zoro didn't make a peep; he didn't protest at any awkward hold I had on him; he didn't struggle. He was content as long as he was with me. Talk about faith! Is my faith in God that strong?  I must confess that when I find myself in difficult situations, I complain and I protest and I struggle to find a way out of it. Where is my faith in the One who is always with me, the One who promises to carry me? Pray for the faith to see beyond the circumstances and beyond the immediate but to see the One who carries us.”