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“When we first heard it, we Mouk realized that this was big talk.”
What is Interface?

Interface is a six-week, college-level missions course in Papua New Guinea where participants discover the heart of cross-cultural missions and come face-to-face with previously unknown realities as they learn from missionaries in the field. Pray for hearts challenged to missions. Learn more about Interface.

Bloom where you are planted.

“Bloom where you are planted.” This phrase has come to Ginger Jordan’s mind on more than one occasion, encouraging her and her family to obey God and serve Him wherever He “plants ” them. And now they’ve been transplanted again, back to the other side of the world. Pray that they would reflect the love of the God to all with whom they come in contact wherever God places them. Read the Jordans’ update.

It’s about more than just language learning.

“God has been using my language learning experience [not only] to teach me more than just a new language but also to help me understand my walk with Him better,” wrote Katy Pryor. Pray for missionaries, not only in their language learning but for their walk with God. Read what Katy has been learning.

The First Amdu Literacy Class Graduation

“Praise the Lord with us for these milestones happening here in Amdu!” wrote Bart and Emily Allen after holding graduation day for the very first Amdu literacy class. “The Lord is faithfully teaching and sustaining our team as we continue to move forward with literacy and translation in preparation for the time when we will be able to clearly share God’s Truth with our Amdu friends. Keep praying for us!” Read the Allens’ full update.

Death Brings About New Life

“In early November 2017 a dear friend and prospective future elder of the Wahgi church died unexpectedly,” wrote Levi and Robyn Lenz. “Our friend Siwi’s death and funeral provided an opportunity for others who have not heard the simple, [clear] gospel to have a taste of what they were missing. As a result, a number of people expressed an interest in hearing the ... teaching. ... We are excited to share that as a result of this latest outreach at least eight people have been born anew into the family of Christ.” Pray for these new believers. Read Levi and Robyn’s update.

February 11, 2018

The Reality of Rejection

Queen is worried about the people in her village. “Not everyone is going to believe, are they?” she asks.
Teaching Begins!

What do the Menya, Pei, Kadje and Amdu people groups have in common? Besides the fact that all these people groups live in Papua New Guinea, foundational and chronological Bible teaching begins in each one this year! Pray for clear teaching that impacts lives for Christ. Read about what else is happening.

Hanging on to Immaturity

“Some of these Landuma kids are now young men and women. Each is growing up, little by little giving up their childish ways. … But … many hang on to some of their immaturity … because they don’t know and believe the truth of God,” wrote Kirk and Yolanda Rogers. “Our goal among the Landumas is not only to preach the Good News of salvation in Jesus, but also to disciple believers into thriving churches.” Read the Rogers’ update.

An Answer to Prayer

“Recently [God] has given us a huge answer to prayer—a family to partner with!” wrote Matt and Karissa Long. “They are a family from Mexico who have a boy Ty’s age and a one-year-old girl. They are kind and fun and love the Lord, and we think we will be a great fit to work together. So, now we are just waiting for one more family to join us before we can move into a tribe.” Pray for a third family to join the team. Read the Longs’ update.

Wayumi — An Adventure in Tribal Missions

Wayumi is an adventure in tribal missions in Central Pennsylvania. At Wayumi, attendees explore what the Bible says about reaching all peoples, experience learning a tribal language and connect with the guides who are all veteran church planters. Pray for the staff at Wayumi and for hearts challenged to missions. Learn more about Wayumi.

The Loron people will soon have the Gospel of John in their language!

In a recent update, Paul and Marina Briggs share some exciting things that are happening among the Loron people of West Africa. Trainee literacy teachers from seven or eight Loron villages are participating in a 5-day literacy workshop. Greater yet, the Gospel of John in the Loron language has been approved for printing! Some copies should be printed by the end of February. Pray for the work among the Loron people.

“These guys were up the hill fighting fire. The rest of the congregation were listening to God's Word being taught.”
Does God want us to be comfortable?

“We are reminded that God’s ultimate goal with us isn’t comfort; it is character development,” wrote Francois and Nadia Hattingh. “We are to be transformed into Christ’s image. He is always more interested in what we become, rather than what we do.” Pray for the Hattinghs as they minister in South Africa. Read the Hattinghs’ latest update.

Caring for New Missionaries

“It is our goal to have healthy, thriving missionaries that can serve Christ for many years to come, reaching out to the least reached people groups of the world,” wrote Brion and Annette Kendzora. That’s why they work with new missionaries and long-term volunteers. Pray for the Kendzoras in their new ministry as they learn how best to care for new missionaries. Read the Kendzoras’ full update.

A Morning Walk

“We often take a 3-mile morning walk around the neighborhood when we are in the city,” wrote Darryl and Becky Jordan. “It is a wonderful way to meet new friends and build relationships.” Relationships. They are such an important part of sharing Christ with the unreached. Pray for missionaries as they build relationships. Read about the Jordans’ morning walk.

What’s the “Tech Center”?

“Robert and a co-worker from the Tech Center are attending a solar electric seminar in California this week,” wrote Robert and Terri Harmon. “They are also making a short trip into Mexico to visit a missionary training center called Radius. Pray for them as they travel and look at ways the Tech Center can provide equipment and training for more missionaries across the globe.”

What is discourse analysis?

Jordan Husband describes discourse analysis as “a tool used to help identify tricky parts of a language, in order that they can be studied and learned. … [Tricky things like] how we emphasize certain words, what makes our main subject stand out from background information, and how we keep track of which person we’re talking about at each moment.” And that’s just the beginning. Pray for missionaries involved in discourse analysis. Read more about it!