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God desires to speak to people’s hearts. Let’s work together to make that happen.
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Translation Check

Lisa Kappeler ministers as a translation consultant in Papua New Guinea. “It’s Sunday morning here, and I’m gearing up for my next adventure. I head into another remote location in the morning to conduct a translation check for three people on the same team. The team is preparing for the gospel presentation, which [will] be the first time in the Pei language for that group. Super excited to be a part of their translation project and [to] help push them closer to the proclamation of the Good News!” Pray for the Pei language learners. Support Bible translation.

He Is Good

Katie Moore ministers as a literacy teacher to the Nahuatl people of Mexico. “The end of rainy season is the time when I feel most worn out in this ministry. Days are long, literally and figuratively. … [Additionally, I am] getting ready to go on [home assignment], … notching everything up a level on the crazy scale. …That is certainly not the whole picture. But over and over again, I realize how we are cared for, protected, cherished, [and] given gifts just for the sake of His great love for us. God grant that my sense of gratitude and my obedience be in keeping with His great love and the reality that He is good.” Read more.

‘Stories from The Comprehension Checking Files’

Rick and Anji Zook minister to the Lusi people of Papua New Guinea. There are times in translating that word order and word choice are somewhat troubling. As the Zooks said, “Here is where the details come into play, in something called collocation. Collocation is a fancy way of saying words have to match and [be] used in the right context. Collocation also comes into play when a foreign speaker brings phrases or concepts from their language into another language with things like ‘I just heard some delicious singing.’ It is one of the problems that most ‘translation programs’ have, particularly when going cross culturally. [Look at] the following sentence, ‘I have never heard a green horse smoke a dozen oranges.’ While that sentence is grammatically correct, it contains three … clashes where the speaker of the sentence put things together that just don’t go together. (In an English person’s experience, you don’t hear smoking, horses aren’t green, and oranges aren’t smoked).” Pray for wisdom in the Comprehension phase of the Lusi translation. To understand collocation, read more.

Facing Fear

Jordan and Amy Husband minister among the Nahuatl people of Mexico. The Husbands said, “The concept of water baptism is not a natural fit within Nahuatl culture. Rumors circulate of large … snakes, said to live below the water’s surface. Furthermore, animistic fears come into play as well. … For them, the prospect of fully entering the water is an understandable source of fear. As the subject [of baptism] repeatedly surfaced in the book of Acts, … their understanding grew. Finally, one lady spoke up: ‘Well, I guess we’ll just have to do it, then.’ … When the last baptism was complete, … [twelve] believers had followed through.” Pray that the Word of God will continue to reach into the Nahuatl culture. Read more..

“Is this confusing?”

Paul and Chabela Keefe minister in Colombia. They write, “Tikuna. Have you ever heard of that language? It belongs to a people group that numbers around 38,000. … Their view of life consists of a mixture of manipulating the spirits, praising God and trying to appease witchdoctors. … It’s what is described as ‘syncretism’ when they mix all the ‘religions’ together into one ‘pot.’ … [Recently] we flew home after spending a work week with the missionaries living in ‘Tikuna-land.’ They are working on a language project that will enable them to write Bible lessons that will make God’s story clearly understandable to the Tikuna people using their complex language patterns.” Pray for the two ladies working on this language project. Give to global outreach.

October 06, 2019

Growing Pains in the Church

"In February, a visitor hiked into our area.” His teaching tested the church.
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Akolet Literacy Class

Adam and Julie Martin minister among the Akolet people of Papua New Guinea. “A new literacy class, taught by Namaik [an Akolet lady] and a few teenagers, [is planned]. So far there are almost 15 older elementary students signed up, and they are pumped to learn to read and write for the first time! Namaik felt this as a leading from the Lord, and it’s been neat to see God making it all take shape. Enthusiasm is so high that they would have already started, but we were short on notebooks and pencils …! Supplies will come in on our next supply flight, and the class will be off and running. Please pray for Namaik, who’s never been a head teacher before, for the teenage ‘student teachers’ as they help and for the students as they apply themselves so that they can one day study God’s Word for themselves.”

It has begun.

Chris and Maggie Hostetter minister among the Pal people of Papua New Guinea. “But it is equally awesome watching our Pal Bible teachers carefully and accurately handle God’s Word. They are teaching with passion and authority, and they are also gently but firmly helping the people throw out the filth of the old beliefs and grab hold of the truth. It is truly a privilege to be a part of what God is doing here. Pray that the teachers will teach clearly and accurately and that they will walk carefully and righteously as they continue on in God’s work. Pray for the folks who are hearing the truth for the first time. Pray that they will listen with open hearts and minds, throw out the old beliefs and fully accept God’s message for them.” Read more.

The Veil Is Torn; I Can Talk to God!

Rick and Anji Zook minister among the Lusi people of Papua New Guinea. “[It was] noted in [Tee’s wife’s] testimony… [that she was] excited about how the veil in the Temple was ripped when Jesus died. She understands (because of the teaching) that the torn curtain — torn from top to bottom by the very Hand of God Himself — means that now she has direct access to God through prayer! Of course, for a person who believes in rituals and other people being their intermediaries to God, this is a very significant thing! She no longer needs an earthly intermediary nor any kind of ‘holy being’ to intercede for her, because Jesus alone does that. Praise God for changed lives and saved souls.” Pray that God’s Word will continue to be clear to the Lusi people. Read more.

Bad News! Good news!

Joe and Kandi Depue minister to the Baniwa people of Brazil. “Kandi’s language helper, Anita, nodded her head vigorously as she listened to Galatians being taught to her in her own language. The words were meaningful to her, as she is one of the few believers in the village. She has a transformed life. Others can see the peace and confidence she has because of what God has done for her. Bad News! Zenilson, Depue’s co-worker said, ‘As I taught Galatians, pouring my heart out, I was met with blank stares and untouched hearts.’ Galatians, a book written to believers, was as foolishness to those who do not have the Holy Spirit. Good news! The believers, who have been left to fend for themselves, are doing well. Please keep praying for them.”

Iski Translation

André and Aurélie Tousch minister among the Iski people in Papua New Guinea. “The past few days have been busy with the visit of a consultant who stayed here for a week. With the help of Ranka, Leo, Dominik, Gunerke and Boni, we were able to check over 1,200 verses! That brings us to 29% of the New Testament checked! … We have finished the Gospel of Mark and the book of Jonah, and we've made good progress in Luke and Acts. We hope that early next year another consultant (or perhaps two) will be available to check other portions, including several epistles, and [to] finish the book of Acts. After that, we plan to print a new version of the Iski Bible, which will include all these new passages.” Pray for the progress on this project.

September 29, 2019

From Fire to Fines

Lightning strikes and burning fields lead to fines.
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Simba-Guaraní Work

Félix and Zoila Avendaño are involved in church planting, teaching and discipling in Simba-Guaraní in Bolivia. “We are planning a conference in [a historical Simba community] for November 21-24. This will be the first one ever held there, and it will be all in the heart language of the people. God has opened the door to this community, which had been closed for many years. We estimate that only 5% of the 600 people there have ever heard the gospel presented clearly in their own language. We covet your prayers that the Holy Spirit will be preparing hearts to understand the message and that God will supply the necessary funds to plan and organize the conference. There are many Simba-Guaraní communities that are still unreached. Please pray for more laborers to be able to reach them.”

Those Who Were Dunked

Katie Moore has been part of the Nahuatl team in Mexico since 2010. “When we first studied about the actions of the early believers in Acts, the Las Moras believers thought we should do as they had done…for the most part. ‘Do you think it is a good thing for us to spend time together, and eat together, and help each other, and share our things?’ asked my coworker after the lesson. ‘Yes. Those are good things,’ they agreed. ‘Do you think it is a good thing for us to sing, and pray, and say pretty things to God?’ he continued. ‘Yes. We should also be doing those things.’ ‘Do you think it would be good if those who are believing were dunked as a symbol of what they believe?’ he followed up. At that, everybody laughed. Then one lady got serious and said, ‘I think he really is asking us.’ Cue awkward silence.” Read more.

The Real “Food”

Greg and Hannah Lilley were visiting the Smiths and the Dinangat people of Papua New Guinea. Gary and Esther Smith have been serving in Dinangat for 16 years. “Walking to have supper with a Dinangat family in their home, Esther brought rice and canned meat, and the Dinangat family provided the veggies. The real “food” of that evening was hearing how clear their understanding of the gospel is now that it was presented to them in their own language! The Dinangat church is established now and young so evidently still in need of advice but advice more in the sense of counsel coupled with continued translation of the Bible and Bible study aids which the team is preparing for them.” Pray for the Dinangat church.

Continued Faithfulness

Gabriel and Rachel Nunez minister with the Ka’apor people in Brazil. “Thank you for keeping up with our family, as we serve among the Ka’apor people of Brazil. Our desire is to see the Ka’apor mature in their faith, equipped to teach and to evangelize. We’ve been encouraged to see the continued faithfulness of two men who have taken on the teaching during the two weekly church services. Please continue to pray for Sese and Jikiri. Pray for them as you would for your pastor. Pray they would diligently study God’s Word and grow in their own personal relationship with God. Pray that they would humbly teach the church body. Pray that they would lead their own families well and model Godly living. Because we can accomplish nothing in our own strength, we ask for you to join us in prayer. Thank you for temporarily pausing your life to pray in order to eternally impact the life of the Ka’apor people.”


Stephen and Amber Clement minister in Brazil. “At first when we returned to the states, we were enthralled with all the ‘stuff.’ We just walked around Walmart with our mouths gaping open... then I just started throwing everything ‘pretty’ into our cart. Now as I think of going back in January, I look at all the stuff in my ‘cart’ and ask myself, ‘What is this stuff going to do to my relationship with my neighbor in Brazil?’ If it is going to cause distance or friction, then I don't want it! These are my neighbors and if it means giving up my coffee pot so that, through our deep relationship, they can know Christ, so be it! People are more important than things and if ‘things’ are stopping you from helping those in need... ‘Let us throw off everything that hinders’ Hebrews 12:1. May the Lord show us what really matters and open our eyes to who our "neighbors" are!” Pray for good neighbor relations for the Clements.