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“They are getting a taste of how much better God’s Word communicates in their own heart language….”
Words, Words, Words

“He placed his teeth.” (He forbid it.) “The ones who have his liver.” (The ones he is close to; his friends.) These are expressions that Joanna Jansma and the translation team have used in their ministry to the Nagi people in the Asia-Pacific Region. She said, “These are common idioms that sound wrong just hearing the literal words until we learn what they mean! Thank you for praying for our team as we develop and check spiritual terminology for the Scriptures that we’ll notice when words are wrong.” Keep the Nagi team in your prayers.

Simbari Church Update

David and Shari Ogg minister among the Simbari people in Papua New Guinea. They said, “The Simbari church continues to grow. They continue to meet in their settlements to hear Bible teaching in their heart language, and on Sundays they are part of a larger church made of people from several different tribes using the national language, Melanesian Pidgin. Last week six of them were baptized because they wanted everyone to know that their identities are joined to Christ in his death, burial and resurrection. Pray for these six people to continue growing towards spiritual maturity.” Read the full update.  

Traveling with Joel and Andi

Joel and Andi McMartin minister in West Africa as consultants to other missionaries. Their responsibilities include much traveling. Andi said, “We are on a bad string with travel adventures. It makes me realize how blessed we were before as things have gone pretty smoothly for us with airport and flight travel, even with some of the small more local flights we end up taking. The airplane seats might be broken, but we get there and have even mostly been on time. However these past few months, every flight had issues.” Pray for their traveling safety. Read Andi’s full report.

A Bittersweet Story

Lourens and Marie Laureti minister among the Mengen people of Papua New Guinea. Lourens shared a story of one of the traveling Bible teachers from the village in which they live, a young man named Gabi. Though he suffered from seizures, Gabi still taught faithfully. He told Lourens that “the joy of sharing God’s Word and seeing people saved and growing far exceeded the shame of having these seizures.” And then while on home assignment, Lourens heard that Gabi had died.Lourens wrote, “Even though this was sad, the church rejoiced as one of the first Mengen believers entered heaven and as he is now united with the one they so dearly love, ‘E Rabgaliu,’ the One who takes us back, our Redeemer — Jesus!” Pray for the Mengen church, Gabi’s widow and the Lauretis. Read the full story.

A Part of the Family

Francois and Nadia Hattingh are part of Ethnos360’s Global Partner Integral Vision’s team in South Africa. Before that, they were ministering among the Mwinika people of Mozambique. In August, Francois’ father passed into Glory quite suddenly. Even though they had left their home in Mwinikaland, here is what Nadia said, “Very touching and significant to us was our Mwinika family’s reaction during this difficult time. They sent their prayers and support, and when our dad passed away, they responded as if he were one of their own. They gave gifts towards helping with the cost of his funeral, despite their obvious lack of material things. It touched our hearts to see how much we are loved and accepted in the Mwinika community. Knowing them will always be one of the greatest privileges of our lives!” Pray for the Hattinghs as well as for the Mwinika church. Read Nadia’s update.

For the Menya, Christmas may have been an unknown and the birth of Jesus insignificant. But not anymore.
Teach in Brazil

Joseph and Erin Suttle minister to missionaries’ children at the school for missionary children in Brazil. They wrote, “Due to the school being short staffed, Joe is now teaching apologetics class. ... He is also still teaching science and construction class. Please be praying for more teachers and helpers to be able to come soon. If you or anyone you know might be interested, check out [this link] for more info on how to volunteer for six months to a year.” Read about life in Brazil.

Mibu Church Progress

Geoffrey and Shannon Husa minister among the Mibus of Papua New Guinea. As Geoff is working on the translation of Revelation, he is encouraged with the church’s understanding of that book. Also the church is pursuing an outreach to a neighboring people group and want to have Ethnos360 missionaries to partner with them. One other blessing is that the elders were able to send a recorded message to another newer church from a different people group with encouragement and nuggets of wisdom. Continue to pray for the Mibu church.

Excited About a Water Fountain?

Jacob and Melissa Honebein are on home assignment from West Africa with their three children. Not surprisingly, there are many new and astounding things for the three to discover about America. Jacob said, “How can you help an MK [missionary kid] coming back from the field? How can you make them feel at home? By rediscovering things with them as they encounter these things for the first time.” Pray for the MKs making adjustments to passport cultures. Read the Honebeins’ comments.

The Entire Bible in Kalanguya?

Bob and Judy Ambrosius have ministered among the Kalanguya of the Philippines for a number of years, much of their emphasis being on the translation of God’s Word. They said, “The work of getting the text in a final form for printing is taking longer than we expected. And here’s why. Since the time that the Kalanguya New Testament was first translated in 1983 and even since its first revision in 2001, there have been more changes in the Kalanguya language. … We are projecting that the New Testament revision will go into next year before we can submit the whole Bible for printing.” Pray for clarity in the translation process. Read their full update.

Essential Oils and God?

Where Paul and Tina McDole minister in the Asia-Pacific Region, the people make an essential oil that is used to make medicine, using a still much like that for making moonshine. This area supplies the entire country with that oil. In the past, five sacrifices to the spirits were made to ensure a good oil production. This year the believers decided not to offer the sacrifices. Paul wrote, “Pray for Sony, Jani and Neles, who have been the first ones in this island’s history to make this important stand for Christ.” Pray for the McDoles and for the believers to stand firmly in the truth of God’s Word.

“I walked for three days to get here,” one of the attendees said, and another expressed the same. But who were these men?
New Possible Outreach for the Biem Church

Brandon and Rachel Buser, on home assignment from Papua New Guinea, mentioned that even though volcanic activity brought a planned outreach to an end, a new outreach has opened up. There is another island nearby populated by the same language group, “and for years we’ve heard rumblings that individuals from there were interested in hearing God’s talk. Just in the last months it seems that the interest has gotten much more serious. Please pray for the Biem Church as they pray that God would crystalize this interest and open doors to make this outreach happen in His perfect timing.”

A Trip to Encourage

Joel and Andi McMartin minister in a wide area of West Africa. Security concerns in one country led them to travel over to help out the family who were not able to move into their intended home in a village. Andi said, “There is still so much to learn as security concerns are becoming more and more a reality for our field, but we keep pressing forward. This trip was a start, a step on the path, and a reminder of the importance of walking the path together as part of the body of Christ.” Pray for the West African field as they deal with security issues and changed plans. Read Andi’s description of the trip.

Prai New Testament Update

Dave and Frances Jordan have been the main translators for the Prai New Testament in Thailand. They said, “The Prai New Testament is already being used on phones. Now the files have been sent to be copied in a two-volume, photocopied edition. These copies will be used by those teaching … until the Old Testament portions are finished being revised and a final typesetting is completed. This final edition [with] Old Testament portions and [the entire] New Testament combined will be sent to a Bible printer for the final printing. Meanwhile the audio version is about half finished, and small improvements found during recording can still be put into the final edition. Give praise to the Lord with us!  We are so thankful for those who have faithfully spent hours on the computer working on this, and for God's provision in every way this far. The prayers and giving of God's people are making this possible!” Here’s how you can help.

Wayumi — Are You Going?

Randy and Diana Smyth are Ethnos360 representatives, helping to mobilize people to fulfill the Great Commission. One of their avenues is through Wayumi, a vision-imparting training program in Pennsylvania. He said, “[Attendees] receive an introduction to the challenges of learning unwritten languages, deciphering unknown cultures, translating Scripture, delivering truth in contrast to an entrenched worldview, and implementing patterns of discipleship through foundational Bible teaching.” See more here.

The Second Typhoon in Two Months

. Donovan and Char Epp minister in the Philippines. Both of these typhoons were forecast to strike in the village where they lived. They evacuated to a larger town for both. Yutu slid further south, weakening as it went, missing their village. Char said, “Honestly these storms, whether they hit or not, are just exhausting. We are quite tired emotionally and physically. Yet the Lord is so good. As He continues to show us our complete reliance on Him, He gives us His peace and strength.” Pray for the Epps and the people group with whom they work. You can help with continuing disaster relief efforts. Help toward disaster relief.