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One of the most beneficial things for our culture and language learning is when we can participate with the people in an activity.
Prai Literacy Update

Dave and Fran Jordan minister among the Prai people of Thailand. One of their ministry platforms is literacy. They said, “At a bimonthly Prai leaders' meeting, the importance of literacy for the growth of the church was discussed and was made a matter of prayer. Since then folks in Boot Creek have shown unprecedented interest. The teachers' manuals ran out, so a revised edition was made and printed.  More flash cards were produced, and more practice charts made. ... Give praise for some progress towards literacy for the Prai church. Please pray for growing interest, for endurance for the learners, and for wisdom and patience for the teachers: Shy, Nok, Nene, Nute, Nit and Mali.” Read about the Prai church.

Builders Needed

All around the world, there are opportunities to help plant churches through construction. Houses need to be designed and built, offices need renovating, aviation hangars need to be put up. Allow God to use your skills as a builder or as a designer to see a thriving church for every people. See how you can be a blessing.

Praise from the Biem Church

Brandon and Rachel Buser are on home assignment from Papua New Guinea where they minister among the Biem people. Brandon wrote, “From all that we hear, the believers continue to grow. Yes, there are hurdles (unity is a big prayer point), but they continue to stand on God's Word, and the steady faithfulness seems to be yielding a harvest amongst the unbelievers in the community. Recently we were blown away to find out that several spouses of believers had made professions of faith. That may sound small, but knowing the intense pressure they receive from the culture and community to remain with the dominant local cult, it thrills us to the core that God is uniting marriages by bringing these spouses out of the darkness and into the light.” Pray for the Biem church as they reach out to their community.  

Child-like Prayers

Katie Moore is teaching literacy to the Nahuatl people of Mexico. One of her students is Andrea, a believer. Katie remembered how Andrea prayed over a meal — after Katie had already thanked the Lord. She said, “Listening to her speak casually to her father, a God she used to believe women couldn’t talk to, warmed me up more than hot soup on a cold day and was more satisfying than a good lunch after a long wait.” Read Andrea’s prayer.

Ethnos360 Aviation Calendar

The year 2019 gives us cause to celebrate and much to thank God for! It was 50 years ago in 1969 when Jim Ferguson and Forest Estelle standardized operations by establishing the official aviation program of then New Tribes Mission. All they had was a cornfield and a pole-barn hangar. Get the calendar to read the story of Ethnos360 Aviation. Sign up here.

November 11, 2018

Does God Speak My Language?

“I do not know how to pray in my language.” Will she ever be able to say “God speaks my language”?
How’s That in French?

Theo and Martha Enns continue to minister to West Africa from their home in Alabama. Theo said, “A long-term project that has been my priority these last few months has been … translating our mission’s literacy program for people groups that have not had their language in writing. ... My assignment involves seeing the training helps for these missionaries translated into French so that we can train African believers (who have been educated in French-speaking schools) to also become missionaries to these unreached language groups.” Pray for Theo’s translating of literacy principles. Help translation projects.

Guahibos Reaching Guahibos

Mark and Joyce Cain have been back in Colombia, continuing to work on the New Testament translation into the Guahibo language. Joyce writes, “How we rejoice when God uses Guahibos to reach Guahibos! Luis and his wife, Celmira, joined us in the translation work in the mid 1990s and have been serving the Lord.” God has used Luis and Celmira to reach out to other Guahibos as they travel from place to place, teaching and evangelizing. Read Luis’ testimony.

Upper Sepik Believers’ Conference

Linda Krieg ministered for many years among the Siawi people of Papua New Guinea. She wrote recently, “There will be a gathering of the believers from the various churches in the upper Sepik River area to which the Siawis will go. Also attending will be a missionary from the supply support team. ... These yearly gatherings can be a great time of encouragement for the believers, as they meet with believers from those who were once their enemies, now part of the same family -- the family of God. For hunters and gatherers, with no local stores or finances to purchase supplies, feeding the 50-100 gathered visitors can be a huge burden to the hosting village. Pray that whether there are hungry bellies or not, there will be hungry hearts, open to God’s Word and encouragement.”

Helicopters for Construction?

The blessings that Ethnos360 Aviation bring to missionaries comes in many shapes and sizes. One such blessing is when an aircraft can transport building supplies to a missionary far from roads and rivers. Pray for safety as pilots fly in supplies, sometimes in bad weather. Watch the video.

Literacy Curriculum Writing

Today, November 16, is the last day of Joyce McDaniels’ leading three teams in South America to write literacy curriculum. After training consultants in using Literacy Starter, all of them worked together to get literacy curriculum ready for three different language groups. Pray for the clear understanding of the software, for effective use of the new primers, for godly relationships and for eagerness to begin teaching the new courses. You can help.  

November 04, 2018

Why Heart Language Ministries?

“Heart language ministry is important because God is a communicator.”
New Ireland Province Church Conference

Ned and Linn Beall minister among the Tigak people of Papua New Guinea. They wrote: “Please be praying for the Tigak church as they travel to the annual New Ireland Province Church conference on Monday, November 5th. [One of the leaders] will be teaching on Romans 6 and would appreciate your prayers on his behalf. They still have some money to raise and provisions to gather before traveling to another language group to meet together with all the churches [from five people groups] in this area. It is a huge time of encouragement and teaching for the believers.” The conference runs from November 5 through 9. Read more about the Tigak ministry.

Rejoicing in Growth

Jonathan and Susan Kopf have been implementing a discipleship-toward-leadership program among the Hewas in Papua New Guinea. The leaders in training are taking lessons they have been taught and are re-teaching them to family members. Jonathan said, “As we have continued our focus on discipleship toward maturity over these last few months, excitement has been growing as the leadership trainees have been sharing stories of how their family members are interacting with the Lord. It was obvious God was working in hearts through their daily evening studies.” The result? Forty-nine believers were baptized on October 13, publicly declaring their faith in Christ’s finished work. Praise the Lord with the Kopfs and with the Hewa church. Be encouraged by the blog.

When You Can’t Go Back

The degrading security situation in West Africa and the complexities of working as part of a Global Partner team has contributed to the West African field leadership asking their personnel to temporarily hold on moving forward with ministry in parts of Burkina Faso.  Daniel and Stef Dias had just begun to minister among the B people group in West Africa. Susie Locklin and Jen Rabe have recently had their houses just about completed in the Vigué village. While pursuing unreached peoples in high-risk contexts remains an implication of God’s mandate on Global Partners, time is needed to assess the security realities and to understand how God is directing us. It has been difficult for both teams. Pray for both teams as they wait on the Lord to show them what they need to do. Read one report.

The “Tireless Teachers”

Jerry and Joyce McDaniels are the international literacy consultants for Ethnos360, with roots in Panama with the Kuna people group. They said recently, “Written materials have been called the ‘tireless teachers’ because they continue speaking even when we are not present. We received a precious email from a Kuna friend in Panama that brought out the benefits of written materials.” Lucinda, the Kuna lady, said, “The words that you taught me, I am still sharing with others. Two weeks ago, I began teaching a new group of people the foundational Bible lessons you left us. … Do you have lesson 4 that you could send me? My book is well used, and I cannot read pages 21 or 22.” Pray for ongoing literacy work. Pray for the McDaniels’ ministry.

Introducing the Hewa Elders

Jonathan and Susan Kopf are praising the Lord for how He has raised up elders for the Hewa church in Papua New Guinea. The photo above shows the five new elders: Ken, Maikol, Kifeson, Faimpat and Yanis. Join with the Hewa church in praying for the leaders as they desire to shepherd the Lord’s flock. (Note: John and Jessi George are on the Hewa team but have been temporarily in the USA for health reasons. They wish they could have been in Hewa for the recent events. Pray for them as well.)