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When God has plans for us, they are definitely for our character building, not for our personal comfort.
Asking to Be Taught!

“We have a strong call for help coming from the village closest to us,” wrote Lourens and Marie Laureti, who minister to the Mengen people of Papua New Guinea. “They have been traveling down to [the village where we live] regularly with requests for teachers to come and teach them. … But, we are not sure how and when we will be able to teach them, as we do not have enough laborers.” Pray for more laborers! Read the whole story.


Discipleship and Interns

“When I choose the group of interns who will be living and working in close quarters all summer, I do it prayerfully, knowing that I will be training them, leading them in the work, counseling them and crying with them,” wrote Nathan Allen, speaking of the summer interns at Wayumi. “I am humbled and excited every year to be part of this process.“ Pray for the Wayumi program, the interns and the staff. Read more about the interns.

Translation Continues

With an upcoming trip in April to the Philippines for a translation check, Lance and Laura Ostman are pushing ahead with the translation of 2 Chronicles. Pray they will be able to complete it before the trip.  Read the Ostmans’ full update.


“These tribal folks are born into this community, rarely venture outside the area, [and] they grow old and pass away in the community,” wrote photographer Dale Stroud. “I may never see this village again, [but] I have the images captured from our short stay there [and] ... remain hopeful that one day I will see these folks again and will meet the missionaries who led them to the feet of Jesus.” Pray for unreached people to be reached with the gospel message.  Read the full quote.

Light is going to a dark place.

“God allowed Josh to be part of seven trips to five tribes in 2017,” wrote Josh and Mel Simmons, missionaries in Papua New Guinea. One of those was to the new work  where Josh was able to help build homes for missionaries moving there. It’s great how God uses the skills He has given us to be part of of seeing His light go to a dark place. Pray for this new work. Read the full update.

The Loron church in West Africa is going through growing times as it begins to push the edge of the church into new areas.
NTM Aviation Lands on a New Name

NTM Aviation is now Ethnos360 Aviation — but their goals remain the same: to provide flight service to church planting teams wherever they need it, whenever they need it, at a cost they can afford. They want to see a thriving church in every people group, and they want to harness the power of aviation to make the job possible in the most remote locations of the world. Pray for missionary pilots around the world. Read their announcement.

What are we dwelling on?

“If you dwell on your own feelings about things, rather than dwelling on the faithfulness, the love and the mercy of God, then you are likely to have a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. ... But dwelling on the love, faithfulness and mercy of God is always safe.” David and Robin Watters shared this quote from Elisabeth Elliot in their recent update. Pray for missionaries, that their focus would remain fixed on God. Read the Watters’ full update.

Equipping Others to Carry On

“To move from the isolation of the African bush to one of the biggest, bustling cities on the continent has been one of the most profound changes we have ever faced,” wrote Francois and Nadia Hattingh. After 13 years of planting six churches among the Mwinika people of Mozambique, the Hattinghs have moved to South Africa to train others in cross-cultural ministry. Pray for the Hattinghs and their co-workers as this program is to begin in May of this year. Read what it looks like.

Who will go?

“Recently we were privileged to visit the Pacific Ocean and watch the waves pounding against the rocky Oregon shoreline,” wrote Mike and Gwen Klontz. “Just like those changing ocean waves, the places we go as missionaries, and the people who go to reach them, may be different today from years ago, but missionaries are still needed today in order to see them reached with the gospel. Who will go?” Pray for more laborers! Read the Klontzes’ update.

Make It or Break It

Holding your plans loosely and letting God direct. That’s where Payton and Grace Downing are as they wrote, “God has really begun to show us what matters and what might ‘make it or break it’ with regards to our future ministry.” Read the Downings’ full update.

January 14, 2018

Ongoing Training in Missions

Training for ministry is ongoing. Each step of the way, specific skill sets are taught, making the missionary more effective.
Trusting God with the Impossible

“If I would die for Jesus — and I like to think that I would — is there anything I ought to be afraid to do for Him?” wrote Ian Fallis. “In fact, can’t I trust Him to never ask me to do something without making it possible? … That’s why I’ve agreed to pursue a slightly different ministry this year and taken on a ministry challenge this spring.” And read his blog to see how this relates to painting his granddaughter’s fingernails. Pray for Ian — and other missionaries — as they trust God to do what initially seems impossible. Read how it started.

A Shortage of Consultants

With a shortage of consultants, Jennifer Searcy travels a lot in her role as a culture and language learning consultant. And there is no end in sight. “Please pray that the Lord will raise up co-workers with an aptitude for consulting to join the team both here in our location and in other regions where the consulting team is short-staffed,” wrote Jennifer. Read more about Jennifer’s role.

An Update on Little Rachida

“Rachida’s [eye] surgery did go as scheduled on the 12th, and they said that it went well. Thanks for bathing it in prayers!” wrote Susie Locklin, missionary in Burkina Faso. “They’re doing chemo again, and last time I talked to Awa, Rachida’s mom, she said that they were doing it for free.  What a blessing at this time when they have so many other expenses!” Pray for little Rachida and her family. Read Susie’s full update.

When those you are ministering to minister to you.

Before John and Jessi George left the tribe due to Jessi’s health issues, Emiyas came to say goodbye. “I told her I was really sorry we were leaving them and did not want to go,” Jessi wrote. “I told her I was scared that we wouldn’t be able to come back, but we were going to try our hardest to at least stay in Papua New Guinea so John could come in and out of the tribe to teach.” Emiyas’ response was not what Jessi expected: “Jessi, stop thinking on this. Think only on God. Only He knows what will happen. Will you stay here? Will you go to America? Will you live? Will you die? Only God knows these things. So think only on Him and nothing else.” Read the Georges’ full update.

God specializes in things thought impossible.

“Got any rivers you think are uncrossable? Got any mountains you can’t tunnel through? God specializes in things thought impossible; He does the things others cannot do.” After reflecting on that song, retired missionary Jack Housley wrote, “In faith and faith alone Janie and I along with many others looked to Jesus, and He supplied….” Pray for more laborers willing to do the impossible with God. Read the Housleys’ full update.