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One of the goals of seeing a thriving church for every people group is the development of leadership among the believers.
Where's the darkest place you've ever been?

Where’s the darkest place you've ever been? For pilot Jeremiah Diedrich, it's the southern edge of the western Amazon region of Brazil. "It's the deepest, darkest, hardest to reach place in that whole big jungle," he says. And he should know. He's served as an airplane pilot there for several years already.  But the 20-plus people groups still needing the gospel don't have airstrips. And new ones are becoming impossible to build. A helicopter is the answer to this problem. Pray for the provision of a helicopter to be used in Brazil. Check out the project.

Never Getting It Right

A new believer among the Menya people of Papua New Guinea says: “My family has been trying for a long time to live the right way. We thought we were doing the right thing, but we never could get it right. We didn’t know the truth. We didn’t understand what the Bible really said. Now we know and we are very happy.” Pray for the infant church among the Menya. Read more.

Heart Language vs. Trade Language

Did you know that there are Ga’dang people who have never heard the teaching of God’s Word in their own language? “It’s always been in a trade language,” wrote Chuck and Shannon Talbot. “Chuck is writing Bible lessons in Ga’dang so the people here can hear the clear message of salvation in their own language.” Pray for Chuck as he continues writing the lessons. He has written 11 of the 40-plus lessons already. Read the Talbots’ full update.

What happens in Oshkosh in July?

“Each year in July, Oshkosh, Wisconsin, hosts the largest gathering of civilian aircraft in the world,”  wrote Randy and Diana Smyth, mobilizers with Ethnos360. “At Oshkosh, we meet people who have a strong interest in aviation but may know very little about missionary aviation. … Potential missionary aviators often come by our tent intentionally to talk about qualifications, training and missions. We give them information about the unreached tribes and Ethnos360 Aviation. Please pray for the Ethnos360 Aviation team as they speak to inform, inspire, invite people to glorify God and reach the unreached.” Read more about it!

The Joy of Fellowship

“Sludging through the mud up and down treacherous mountain trails, dreary rain dripping from my brow, my cheap mobile phone barely lighting my path. It was miserable.  And it was wonderful,” wrote Chris Hostetter, missionary in Papua New Guinea. But why was he there? “Had you peeked in on me an hour earlier, you would have seen me sitting amidst a sea of men, women and children, cramming themselves into a small home in order to worship God together and hear His Word.” Pray for the church among the Pal people as they continue growing in the Lord. Read the Hostetters’ full update.

May 20, 2018

Thankful to Be Bored

What comes to mind as you think of desk work? Does the word “blessed” come to mind?
The enemy is not happy.

"God, you are stronger." That’s what one of those attending the Bible lessons said after hearing about God at work in Creation. “To be able to have front row seats as you see people actually taking in Truth and believing it is truly a special thing,” the missionary wrote. “This month has definitely had neat moments like that, but we have been acutely aware that the enemy is not happy and is at work.” Pray for missionaries working in difficult places.

What is Offgrid Tech?

“The NTM Tech Center has a new name,” wrote Robert and Terri Harmon. “From now on this growing ministry will be known as Offgrid Tech.” Whether it is solar electric systems or water purification, Offgrid Tech provides up-to-date technology options for missionaries. Pray for the Offgrid Tech team as they research the best options and provide training, enabling missionaries to set up their own systems overseas. Check out their website.

The Trenches of Culture and Language Acquisition

“Last year at this time we were still in the trenches of culture and language learning. Since then all four of us on the team have finished formal culture and language learning,” wrote Bart and Emily Allen. “And now with this translation check, we have the first portions of Scripture in the Amdu language!” Pray for the missionary team to the Amdu people of Papua New Guinea as they translate Scripture and prepare Bible lessons in order to share the Good News. Read the Allens’ full update.

When you can’t handle waiting for a coat of paint to dry….

“In the spirit of completing a task and the impatience that often drives me, this space of time between arriving in country and beginning official ministry jobs has, at times, felt like waiting for paint to dry,” wrote Kelly Helmuth. “I forget that this space is equally important to any other task. …  I now have a revised goal. It is no longer to simply become proficient in language and culture in order to begin my job. Rather it is to be fully present in this time. It is to love others well, build lasting relationships and have future opportunities to share the incredible love and work of Jesus as clearly as possible. It is giving time for the paint to dry.” Pray for Brian and Kelly Helmuth during this stage of waiting “for the paint to dry.” Read Kelly’s full update.

School Teachers on the Missionary Team

There’s an ongoing need for teachers at schools for MKs (missionary kids) across the globe. Considering that many missionaries’ children become missionaries, pastors or church leaders, teachers are not just teaching the sons and daughters of church planters, but they are also nurturing and developing tomorrow’s spiritual leaders. Pray for more teachers to fill the needs. Learn more.

Discipleship and leadership development go hand in hand.
It doesn’t stop at evangelism.

“[Francis] is clear on some points, but still seems to be having trouble putting it all together. I’ve talked to him a few times since we finished the [evangelistic] lessons, but every time I have to cover the same ground again,” wrote Joseph Osborn, missionary to the Menya people of Papua New Guinea. Ministry doesn’t stop at evangelism. Pray for Joseph as he sits time and time again with Francis, helping him understand the most important message of all.

Aviation and Church Planting

“After spending seven weeks in the USA for both flight and maintenance training with the Robinson R66 helicopter,  we are back in the Philippines, working with our team to get the R66 up and running in our region,” wrote Brian and Bailey Pruett. “It is going really well so far, and it is already clear that the extra payload and passenger capacity of this helicopter are going to make a big difference in the church planting, translation and discipleship efforts that we are supporting.” Pray for safety for the many flights flown each month. Read the Pruetts’ full update.

Little Rachida needs your prayers.

Many have been praying for Rachida, a young African girl with hereditary retinoblastoma. After surgery to remove the diseased eye, things were looking better than they had in a long time, but now the cancer has metastasized to her brain. “Her mom has been in tears since the visit to the eye doctor recently,” wrote Susie Lockin. “Pray for grace and also for the Body of Christ to surround them with love at this hard point. [Pray] that somehow, in the brokenness and pain, Jesus can still be making Himself known to a family who hasn’t chosen Him yet.” Read the full update.

What difference does a helicopter make?

Ethnos360 Aviation decided to trust God to provide an R66 helicopter for Brazil. With its ability to land in small places, a helicopter is the only practical way to reach the remaining isolated people groups in that country. Would you consider joining us in prayer to ask God for an R66 helicopter for Brazil? Check out the project.

Literacy Benefits the Church

“As you have likely picked up on from my updates so far this year, God has been moving me mostly in the direction of literacy,” wrote Darcy Berglund. “More specifically, [I will be] working together with His local churches here to see the benefit of literacy efforts in order to see our churches grow stronger. Some churches are already seeing the need and are getting excited about the future possibilities.” Pray for Darcy as she refocuses from Bible translation to literacy. Read Darcy’s latest update.