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When missionaries determine what people group to work, they don’t just throw a dart at a map. First, they pray. Then, they research.
When the Beach Acts as a Balm

Chandler and Jamie Sharpe are in the process of learning the culture of Tanzania as well as the Swahili language. Concerning one Sunday recently, Jamie said, “We decided to go to the beach. … We knew that seeing God’s vast creation would be like balm. [We know] there is a need here, and language is our bridge to that very great need. That is why we need to keep pressing on. That is why we are on this crazy roller coaster where some days we are up and others, down. It’s not about us and our comfort, but rather about Jesus and His glory among the Nations.” Pray for missionaries who are learning new cultures and languages. Read a six-year-old’s gentle reminder.

Growing Pains

Ralf and Elli Schlegel returned to visit the Dinangat people group in Papua New Guinea.  They said, “The first weeks back in here were a bit overwhelming to be honest because we were bombarded with many hard things like suffering marriages, believers that are not coming to church, believers that don’t read God’s Word, gossip in the church and leaders that are apparently not looking well after their ‘sheep.’” But God showed His mercy while they were there by showing them how He has been working in the growing church. Pray for the Schlegels and the Dinangat church. Read their account of the visit.

Lusi Bible Teacher Training

Rick and Anji Zook and their Mouk co-workers are preparing to train the Lusi believers in Bible teaching skills. Thirty years ago, Rick’s dad Mark began training the Mouk; now it’s the Mouk believers’ turn to train the Lusi believers. There are some cross-cultural complications, so they did a “Bible Teacher Training Session” for the Lusi. Pray for good understanding of Biblical leadership for all involved. Read about the session.

The Next Place?

Joel and Andi McMartin wear many different hats of responsibilities in West Africa. One of those is determining where the mission should send teams to reach new people groups. One of those trips took him to the northern part of the country. Andi said, “The people group they were looking into was a large people group who has been pretty resistant to change. It is a different type of work for us as an organization since they are less isolated and more spread out, but at the same there is a great need among them. ... However the goal of this was to just get a small picture and to meet with contacts that are already working there to hear more about their work and the need.” Pray for Joel’s team as they figure out their next steps. Read about the trip.

17 bikes, 67 guests, one sweet fellowship

Albert and Lynne Castelijn minister among the Banwaon people of the Philippines. The Banwaon church are continuing to show their desire to grow and mature. Lynne said, “[Some] weeks ago, with minimal help from us, the people here organized 17 motorbikes carrying 67 Banwaon believers to travel across part of the island for a fellowship weekend with the believers from a different people group. The Higaunon church has been functioning independently longer than the Banwaon church, and much can be learned from them. ... Our folk came back after that weekend so fired up and encouraged. True, rich fellowship. Found in our unity in Christ.” Pray for the Banwaon church -- its growth and its outreaches. Read about the Banwaon church.

Sandwiching a language group leads to an evangelistic outreach -- a God-directed blessing.
A Mug from the Fire

Last week we shared about the burning down of the Schafers’ house among the Cora. Shelly’s brother Chad had made a mug for them back in 2016 — and it survived the fire. Craig said, “I do know that when Chad made this mug, he eventually put it in a kiln and ‘fired’ it. From what I read on the internet, when you are firing pottery like this, the kiln will get up to at least 2000 degrees Fahrenheit or hotter. So [to answer] my question of ‘Why did this piece survive the fire,’ [it’s] because it had already gone through another fire. It has already passed through the heat; therefore, it was able to take more heat, more fire. As I looked at this mug that my brother-in-law had made for me, God was telling me, ‘That is what I am doing with you.’ … That is what God does with us. He allows us to go through the heat. Not to destroy us, not to hurt us, but to make us stronger.” Keep the Schafers in your prayers.

People Group Assessment

Joel and Andi McMartin have numerous ministries that they must juggle in West Africa. Andi said, “One of the tasks we have is to decide where we will work as an organization.  We are looking for people groups with the least access to the gospel. This research takes time and so we try to keep ahead of it so that we have options for new places people can work by the time they are ready to be allocated.” Joel has been on two such trips recently. Pray for the McMartins as they do this research. Read about one trip Joel made.

Just Beginning to Serve

Ben and Linsey Orth have begun to minister at Numonohi Christian Academy in Papua New Guinea. Ben said, “Our first week at the school went really well! It was wonderful to meet our students as well as learn what their parents do in missions. I think there are students from at least five other mission agencies (Wycliffe Bible Translators, Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship and others) and some fun ‘accents’ in class as we have students from a variety of countries as well as nationals in our classrooms. We are grateful to God that our kids are transitioning well. They have begun to make friends and are enjoying activities such as rip-sticking in the gym, sleepovers, school classes and meeting nationals and missionary kids.” Pray for the Orths as they minister to missionary kids. Check out your teaching opportunities.  

So Many, Many Projects!

The mission still maintains a school on the Amazon in Brazil. Joseph and Erin Suttle minister there, taking care of projects around the property. They had a group of 17 from the Netherlands that went to give them much-appreciated help. Click here to find out the many ways that you can help missionaries with your skills. Check out Suttles’ pictures.

La’eyen’s Story

Jeff and Stacy Hunt have ministered among the Manjúi people in Paraguay for a number of years. Jeff wrote, “[A couple of weeks ago,] La’eyen told his story in church. He was an orphan, and he reminded the Manjúi people that in the past orphans were not allowed to live. In his case he had been kept alive as an infant by being fed honey which he sucked from dried cactus fiber. He explained that it shouldn’t have happened that he was spared. ...  As La’eyen held the Bible up for the Manjúi church to see, he said that It was the reason that God kept him alive! God wanted him to spread God’s message to those who have yet to hear! Today La’eyen is teaching a small group of Manjúi on the edge of the village where he lives.” Pray for the Hunts and for La’eyen. Give to the Manjúi church building project.

Usually, we only hear about the results, but now we get to see them up front and personal!
House Destroyed by Fire

“The LORD gave, and the LORD hath taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD.” (Job 1:21)

“The LORD gave, and the LORD hath taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD.” (Job 1:21)


Craig and Shelly Schafer are ministering among the Cora people group in the Asia-Pacific Region. Last week their house in the tribe was burned down while the Schafers were in town. They lost everything in the fire. Pray for the family as they go through this time of uncertainty. Pray for the Schafer children as they lost all that they owned and held dear. Shelly said, “And in all this, we are His children, held in His hand, and absolutely nothing can touch us without His allowing it! We are holding so tightly to our Creator and Sustainer.” Send them a note of encouragement.

Heart Language

“When we travel to other countries and are confronted by unimaginable realities there of suffering, poverty and spiritual need, our hearts are moved with compassion. And while compassion is a reasonable beginning, is compassion alone enough? Conversations of the heart simply aren’t best suited to using a translator. Which of us would long to share our deepest grief, our nagging doubts, our sinful choices using the ‘telephone game’ mode of communication?” (Casie Falls, Ethnos360 Bible Institute) Read her full commentary on heart language.

Praises from the Asia-Pacific Region

Darcy Berglund has been busy in the Asia-Pacific Region with multiple areas of ministry, mostly in literacy and translation. She shared these praises:

  1. New Embaloh literacy program has gotten off to a great start!

  2. Punan translation check beginning of over 1,000 verses!

  3. 15 solar-powered audio players delivered with the New Testament installed for listening groups in Semandang!

  4. Successful audio recording of Gerai Scriptures!

Read Darcy’s update.

Change of Plans

Tom and Beth Carlton have been ministering in Chihuahua, Mexico, and had planned to move to Mexico City for new ministry. But as Tom said, “we were asked if we would be willing to remain in Chihuahua to fill some administrative needs. ... We will have the privilege of coordinating Mexico’s consultant committee. This committee facilitates each tribal work receiving strategic help in the areas of language study, literacy, Bible curriculum development, church planting, Bible translation and homeschooling coordination.” This is just part of their new job description. Pray for the Carltons as they take this new ministry on. Read the full report.

The Trouble with Visas

Depending on the country, paperwork to remain in country can take up a good deal of a missionary’s time. And whether it is in Latin America, Africa or Asia, there are times that tug at our hearts, wondering why it can’t go faster. Jordan and Amy Husband experienced that lately as they returned to Mexico to begin their ministry among the Nahuatl people -- and it had to do with Amy’s changing her name when she got married! Pray for missionaries as they wade through paperwork in order to stay in their countries of ministry. Read the Husbands’ update.