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Though he has suffered hardships, Martin did not stop making God’s name known to the neighboring Lusi people.
Scripture Translation Is a Process

Scripture translation is a process. Part of the process is going over rough drafts with the native speakers. Heidi Bamford is working on the rough draft of the book of Ephesians. Pray for the translation process among the Isnag people of the Philippines. Read the Bamfords’ latest update.

The men broke down and wept.

David Ogg has spent the past two months doing a comprehension check on over 4,000 verses with two Simbari Bible teachers. This constant immersion in God’s Word has deeply impacted these Simbari men. David and Shari Ogg wrote, “On the last day [of the comprehension check], they broke down and wept. When they regained their composure, they expressed to us their deep gratitude to the Lord for sending the good news of salvation to their people.” Pray for the Simbari Church. Read the Oggs’ full update.

Language learning is not without its moments.

“Language learning is not without its moments,” wrote Tobi Magill. “Moments of pleasure when you’re able to communicate your heart. Moments of frustration when you just don’t have the words. Moments of confusion when you really can’t hear the difference between what you’re saying and what your language helper is saying. And moments of laughter when you really mess it up!” Pray for Tobi as she continues learning Tok Pisin in Papua New Guinea.  Read Tobi’s full update.

Speaking into People’s Lives

“Before I have the right, or even the ability to speak, I have a lot of ‘regular life’ to do first. ... Before I can speak into their lives, I have to live their lives with them. Yes, it’s a slow, sometimes painful, sometimes yucky process, but it’s also a beautiful example that I get to live out with my new family and friends here,” wrote Susie Locklin, missionary in Burkina Faso. Pray for Susie as she does life with the villagers. Read Susie’s full update.

Higher Levels of Language for Effective Ministry

“While in Chihuahua, Bill spent a couple weeks teaching several missionaries how to learn the higher levels of language they need for effective ministry,” wrote Bill and Donna Davis. “One couple will soon use Spanish to train Mexican missionaries in a Bible school. The other couple will use the techniques Bill taught them as they work to become fluent in Nahuatl, the language of an unreached people group. As part of the process, Bill was also training one of our Ethnos360 language learning consultants in Mexico. There will probably be some follow-up trips to Mexico to continue this kind of training.” Pray for future training. Read the Davis’ full update.

December 31, 2017

And the Corn Speaks

God has a ‘recipe’ all planned out, and the result will be oh-so-unimaginably good.
Transitioning Overseas as a Family

Missionary training covers a variety of subjects, including a “Families and Education” class. This month during these classes, Terri Harmon spoke on the education options for missionary families, homeschooling overseas, and what it takes to transition as a family into a new culture. She enjoys sharing from her personal experiences and encouraging these young families as they make their own journey into missions. Pray for those in missionary training. Read the Harmons’ update.

Next year will the Nahuatls celebrate Christ’s birth?

Foundational Bible teaching continues among the Nahuatl people of Mexico, and soon the missionaries will teach the gospel message. Pray for hearts prepared to receive God’s gift of salvation. Pray that next Christmas the Nahuatl people will be celebrating the birth of their Savior. Read more about the Nahuatl people.

It’s not the foreign missionary he was flying in.

When NTM Aviation pilot, Brian Pruett, landed on the third of four helipads for the Tala-Andig tribe, it wasn’t foreign missionaries he was flying in. It was Tala-Andig missionaries. “I had never met the people in this outreach until today,” said Brian. “What an amazing thing to be thanked by the tear-filled eyes of a Tala-Andig man who is now the missionary.” Pray for NTM Aviation and for all the missionaries — foreign and national — that they serve. Read more about Brian Pruett and NTM Aviation.

Opportunities Abound in Missions

God's unconditional, unfathomable love is reaching out to all the people of the world. And He loves us enough to give us opportunities to be part of bringing His eternal, abundant life to the world's unreached people groups. Thank you for being a part of turning the world upside down through your prayers. As we enter the new year, please pray for more laborers to take the gospel to the still unreached peoples of the world. Would you ask God if there’s an opportunity for you?  See if there are opportunities tailor-fitted for you.

A Timeline of God’s Faithfulness

“By unflinching determination we hazard our lives and gamble all for Christ until we have reached the last tribe regardless of where that tribe might be.” That was the vision upon which Ethnos360 was founded in 1942 as New Tribes Mission. The pioneer missionaries’ passion was to reach people groups with no access to the gospel. And today, though we live in a changing world with changing methodology, our vision remains the same. Partner with us in prayer to see all people groups reached for Christ. Watch a timeline of God’s faithfulness.

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of my Savior. But not everyone can say that.
Seth Recovering from an Angle Grinder Injury

Do you remember praying for Seth Callahan when his hand collided with the jury-rigged grinder? Seth recently sent an update. He wrote, “It was hard to get a straight answer from the surgeon, but it sounds like he judged my injury to be somewhere between a paper cut and an amputation on the wound-severity scale. It’s a very vague scale, apparently. … Two surgeries later … and I’m now good to go, my hand strapped securely inside a clunky protective mummy-wrap that falls somewhere between a splint and a cast.” Pray for a full recovery. Read Seth’s humorous account of a not-so-humorous situation.

Literacy now. Bible teaching in the New Year!

“The Allan and Hatton families both recently passed their last language and culture check in the Amdu people group [of Papua New Guinea],” wrote Aaron and Erika Weatherl. “They are teaching literacy classes now and also preparing Bible lessons in order to start teaching in the beginning of the new year. Pray for strength, wisdom, accuracy and prepared hearts.” Read the Weatherls’ full update.

Where There Is No Plumber

Missionaries wear many hats, often because there’s no professional upon whom to call. Jonathan and Heidi Bamford are very aware of that fact! “In addition to preparing Bible lessons and working on translation,” Jonathan wrote, “I’m hoping that by the end of next week, I’ll have completed fixing the plumbing in our co-worker’s house and, hopefully, will have fixed a problem with a weak house post and an eroding river bank.” Pray for missionaries in their various roles. Read the Bamfords’ full update.

NTM Aviation Lands on a New Name

“In keeping with the goals and vision we share with Ethnos360 and its affiliates, NTM Aviation’s new name is Ethnos360 Aviation!” wrote Wonita Werley, missionary with Ethnos360 Aviation. “From those humble beginnings in 1969 using a Piper Pacer on the airstrip carved out of a cornfield to the current state-of-the-art Kodiaks and helicopters, God is using Ethnos360 Aviation to facilitate the work of church planting.” Pray for Ethnos360 Aviation as they continue to provide flight service to support church planting. Read more about it!

Find Out What Life is Like for Remote People Groups

Have you ever wondered what life is like for remote people who have no access to a Bible or Christian? Have you wondered what skills and gifts are needed on the mission field — or if being involved in missions is what God has for you? And what about “support teams”? What are they? Those are the types of questions that the team at Wayumi answers. Wayumi is educational. It’s also an adventure in tribal missions without ever leaving the USA. Pray for the Wayumi team to communicate missions clearly and effectively. Read why the the Smyths think you should go to Wayumi.