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October 4 was our official anniversary [in Paraguay], and we just wanted to share some highlights in pictures of our first year.
Foreign Concepts

Ned and Linn Beall minister among the Tigaks of Papua New Guinea. They said, “We are sure thankful for the time you spend in prayer on our behalf. It is very easy to become discouraged when you see apathy among the believers. Sometimes it feels like they don’t want to sit and talk about what God is doing in their lives!  We continually pray … that they would learn to spend daily time with the Lord. This is such a foreign concept to them.” But the church is growing and maturing. Pray for the Bealls and for the Tigak church. Read about the Tigak church.

Adding Three More Languages

With the need for literate believers in each people group, there are three different teams meeting in Latin America to produce literacy materials for the groups with whom they work. Joyce McDaniels has trained some consultants last week, and now they will go to work with the members of the teams reaching three language groups to produce literacy materials. Pray for the clear presentation of the software, for creative ideas for primers and for godly relationships. See how you can be a part.

Counting Your Blessings

You have been presented with Joel and Andi McMartins’ travels and prayer requests over the past months. As Andi said, “Sometimes on a journey it is good to look back and see what God has done.” It is encouraging to see how God has orchestrated life’s circumstances to His glory. Please continue to pray for the McMartins as they travel, as they deal with life in West Africa and as security concerns seem to be popping up. Read Andi’s account of blessings.

Women’s Retreat

Andi McMartin travels much throughout West Africa in her ministry as culture and language consultant. Having missed several ladies’ retreats over the years, she didn’t want to miss this year’s. But it was canceled. The ladies from the church decided to meet together anyway. The fellowship, games and food were all so encouraging. Pray for the churches of Africa to stand strong. Read about the retreat.

When God Changes the Flight Plan

Josh and Candy Dalton have ministered for over nine years in the Philippines with Ethnos360 Aviation. Making the transition from “bush planes” to helicopters and moving the flight center from one island to another were just the beginnings of the changes in the Daltons’ lives. One of the biggest changes for Josh is that he won’t be flying anymore due to his new dual role in the Philippines. Pray for them as they make these adjustments, trusting in the Lord’s direction in the new flight plan in their lives. Read about their new direction.


October 21, 2018

Tech by Text

“I had never experienced Dave’s expertise and systematic guidance in the way so many of our missionaries do — from long distance!”
Literacy Consultants in Training

Jerry and Joyce McDaniels are the international literacy coordinators for Ethnos360. Joyce will be heading to Latin America to do some consultant training from October 24-27. There is quite a varied group – in languages, ages, levels of training and ministries; but they are completely united in their desire to see God’s Word accessible to the world. Pray that Joyce will clearly communicate not just the technical aspects of literacy ministry and the software (Literacy Starter), but also a growing passion for God’s Word. (Note: Jerry has recently had back surgery, necessitating his staying behind in Florida for therapy.) Read more about training in literacy.

Layers upon Layers

Payton and Grace Downing are experiencing their first home assignment from the Asia-Pacific Region. Reverse culture shock for the parents and culture shock for their small son make for “quite a cocktail of emotions,” Grace said. “So, it’s layers upon layers of emotions, details, expectations, and preparation. Pray that we would remind ourselves of how we fit into His Narrative as we walk through all of these new experiences.” Read Grace’s thoughts.

One Thousand New Words

Eric and Cherie Daum have begun the journey of culture and language acquisition in Asia-Pacific. They said, “Learning language is not as simple as just understanding the vocabulary, if anything that is the easy part of language learning. The grammar and sentence structure of each language can be vastly different.” Pray for the Daums as they navigate the route through language, culture and relationships. Connect with them here.

The Need to Read

Michael and Amy Hutteman are ministering among the Lauje of the Asia-Pacific Region. They understand the necessity of literate believers. Michael said, “We hope to make God’s Word available to more Lauje speakers through a revised literacy program. Many Lauje learned to read and write as a result of the materials and training given by our predecessors here. Now we are finding a need to reinvigorate that program with new life for the many, many Lauje that still cannot read. That’s why our team will spend three weeks (October 22 - November 10) with a group of consultants creating the primers and manuals. Pray for creative minds that can withstand the long days of heavy thinking [during the weeks with the consultants]. And pray, too, for Lauje men, women and children to deeply desire to read God’s Word in the language they know best and to desire to teach others.” Listen to Lauje Scripture.

The Missing Fingertip

Jared and Carol Kresge minister in the Asia-Pacific Region through aviation. In the hours that followed an accident to their son, Carol said, “Our minds were filled with doubts, wondering what was the wisest course of action in this situation that required fast response.  Visions of infection, further trauma, a life-long “disability” that could hinder Ivan’s participation in certain activities like playing guitar, sports…all this consumed my thoughts as we drove and prayed and tried ineffectively to contact the hospital we were headed for.” After the wound began to heal, Carol mused, “God is urging me gently to let go, surrender, and trust that He’s got this thing we call life.” Pray for the stresses that accompany life overseas. Read Carol’s thoughts.

God’s Word has lasting impact when people hear it in their own language, hold it in their hands and read it.
Disaster Relief

Ethnos360 has been instrumental in helping get aid to different places after disasters like super typhoons and earthquakes in the past. Now we need your help again as our aviation branch (Ethnos360 Aviation) has been and will continue flying relief supplies to damaged areas of both countries. Help Ethnos360 continue its relief flights.

Of Mud, Motorcycles and Merriment

Often we fret about our plans being “messed up” and wonder how we’ll “get back on track.” Joel and Andi McMartin travel often in their ministries in West Africa. Andi had quite a harrowing trip to a village in Liberia to do some culture and language consulting. Torrential rains, washed out bridges and thick, gluey mud all led to a change in her plans of getting home on time. Pray for missionaries and the McMartins especially as travel isn’t always as easy as it “should be.” Read Andi’s full account of water and mud.

Of Mud, Motorcycles and Miracles -- The Sequel

Andi McMartin was able to look back at her trip to Liberia and see it through God’s eyes. She said, “The family I visited have been without their teammates for a few months now, so they have been quite isolated in their village. They came out for our conference, but ended up sick the whole time. They are studying one of the most difficult languages we work with, and they are managing this while caring for their four young kids. It is a heavy weight they are carrying, and I know at times it is hard to press on.” Andi recognized the importance of her visit and even the extra days she spent there. Pray for Andi as she lifts up this family. Her post shows her heart and the wonder of God’s grace. Read her blog.

Literacy, Chatting and Standing for Truth

As Katie Moore continues with literacy classes among the Nahuatl ladies in Mexico, she has been challenged by the chatter (“It is extremely fast-paced, with several commentaries going at the same time,” Katie mentioned). But when the conversation turned to the changing culture of the youth, Andrea, a new believer spoke up. She said, “Actually, there is a new teaching here now. A teaching that is not what the [ancestors] said, because they didn’t know. They didn’t know the truth, but now it is being taught here…about God and what He says is right.” Pray for Katie with her class and for courage for Andrea. Read the whole story.

Of Signatures and Fingerprints

Jordan and Amy Husband are part of the team to reach the Nahuatl people group on Mexico. Paperwork has been a hurdle for them in getting their residency visas. As they were doing unrelated paperwork, they were asked, “Will you be doing signatures and fingerprints today?” That meant that, even though they hadn’t been informed, their visas were approved. Jordan said, “With that visit to Immigration, the odyssey of our visa applications has finally come to a close … with a little of God’s wonderful humor thrown in to brighten up the revelation of its conclusion!” Pray for the Jordans as they continue their ministry in Mexico. Read the ending to the saga.