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The Wana missionaries are going through the whole culture and language acquisition process – only with all the updated techniques.
Want to Buy a Vowel?

Susie Locklin continues her studies of linguistics, hoping to help herself and others learn the Viemo language of West Africa. In the process of learning about how to graph vowel sounds, she came up with the two charts shown above. Pray for Susie as she prepares to break down the Viemo language in order to become fluent and share the gospel with them in West Africa. Read the full vowel report.

Eyes and Ears

Dan and Casie Falls went over to West Africa to participate in their conference. Dan said, “The high price that some of our missionaries are willing to pay in order to build deep relationships just astounded us. People were willing and even eager to spend and be spent for the gospel. And all the while they view it as a privilege, not a cross to bear! … We kept hearing that the translated Word of God is impacting communities even in the absence of missionaries; and sustains the hearts and minds of those facing tremendous social pressure. … What we saw and heard in West Africa convinces us of the importance of Bible translation, literacy, and Bible teaching in the heart language.” Pray for the Falls as they minister at the Ethnos360 Bible Institute, helping to prepare people to go to the unreached. Read about their trip.

A Resource, a Friend, a Listening Ear

Tessa Blackstad is in Papua New Guinea, ministering as the home-school consultant for the field. She will be that resource, friend and listening ear to many parents in their quest to see their children educated well. Remember to pray for Tessa as she travels to visit these homes and families. Pray for wisdom, for safety and for great relationships. Consider being part of the education team. Send Tessa a note of encouragement.

Global Focus Week

Ethnos360 is going to be one of the sponsors at Liberty University’s Global Focus Week (GFW) in October. A series of questions will be posed for the students to consider, but I think we all should look at them. “How far will you go? How far can you go? What are your limits? What’s holding you back? What if God’s will for you is on the other side?” Pray for the team as they present these questions and challenges to the students at Liberty University. Read about Global Focus Week.

A Menya Praise

Wes Chappell watched as the Menya church was born. One of the new believers is Walter. Wes said, “Walter’s testimonies are so much fun to listen to. He has no religious background, so his terminology is so clear and down to earth. Tonight he said, ‘My family was pushing me to go to church. So I went once and heard what they had to say. When they listed their “laws,” I laughed and said, “I will break most of those before I get home this afternoon. If that is what you have to do to get to heaven, then I am hell bound for sure. I’m not going to waste my time trying to obey laws I know I can’t keep.” So that is how I lived for years. Just recently in the teaching, we learned the law shows us we are dirty, but can’t make us clean. .... Jesus never broke any laws, He never sinned. He went to the cross and paid for all my sin and said “it’s finished.” I don’t want laws, I want Jesus!’” Pray for Walter.

The Law is illustrated by the cultural story of an accidental death and restitution.
Praises from the Asia-Pacific Region

Darcy Berglund has ministered in the Asia-Pacific Region in both translation and literacy. You have prayed for her ministries. She recently wrote, “Celebrate with us the completion of 14 Embaloh literacy booklets and a Phase One lessons teacher’s curriculum. The Embaloh church has several studies of these lessons in progress currently. Celebrate the completion of the Gerai audio Bible recording project! The team is still hanging around for the final proof-checking just in case they are needed to re-record some part of a verse. The team was amazing!” Keep Darcy in your prayers as she continues to work in literacy development. Read her update here.

Choose Joy

“Today is hard.” Chuck and Shannon Talbot, who minister in the Philippines, voiced that phrase as they contemplated all the things that are different “today” when compared to, say, a year ago. Their children are growing up, teammates have had to leave … things are not the same. Shannon said, “When everything weighs heavy on my mind and heart, I find it easy to think that it could be worse. ... But the Lord reminded me last night ... that I need to choose joy no matter the circumstances.” Pray for the Talbots today, please. Read about how to choose joy.

Mexico, Here I Am

Audrey Holmes is on her way to Mexico to minister at Binimea, the mission’s school for its MKs (missionary kids). She will be helping to mold her students to be more Christlike and in so doing will be helping to shape the world. Pray for Audrey as she faces new people, new cultures and new students. Send her a note to let her know you are praying for her. If you are a teacher, would you consider the blessing of being a part of an educational team as an associate?

Past, Present, Future or Eternity?

Matt and Karissa Long, who minister at the highland center in Papua New Guinea, are very aware that their perspective can shape their lives.  Karissa said, “I do want to grow in treasuring what’s right in front of me, but I don’t think that’s fully the answer either. So if I shouldn’t live in the past, the present or the future, then where should I live? I want to live with the eternal future in focus, not my immediate future, but eternity.” Pray for the Longs as they wait on the Lord for His direction. Read Karissa’s perspective.

What Is Digital Whiplash?

“I’m a jungle grapevine being by-passed on the super speedy information highway,” said Rick Zook. He and his wife, Anji, have been living in a world that indeed has been by-passed by technological advances. But no more! Thanks to some co-workers from the IT department, they are now hooked up to satellite internet. Instead of minutes or hours to send an email, Rick said, “At the push of a button, that email is gone in five seconds. That’s amazing.”

Praise the Lord with the Zooks for technology, enabling them to minister more effectively. Read about the internet blessing.

Can you imagine? You’re expecting about 30 people to show up and 150 show up instead!
Stretching Her Mind

Susie Locklin is taking some time this summer to get more training with SIL at the University of North Dakota to prepare her for her ministry in West Africa. Aside from “learning boring things in grad school,” Susie said that there are some fun things. Pray for her as she has an intense summer of learning. Read about those fun things.

What’s Your Worldview?

Bill and Donna Davis, International language and linguistics consultant for Ethnos360, said that one’s worldview is “their assumptions about reality — what they believe is true about the universe; what they believe about themselves and about God (or the gods), about morality, about the origin of everything and about their final destiny. God’s worldview — His version of reality as revealed in His Word — is the only one that is 100% true. … Why don’t we just give them the simple message of God’s truth? Because everything they hear will be interpreted in light of their worldview.” Pray for missionaries learning worldviews in order to teach truth to them. Read Bill’s excellent view of worldviews and how it impacts the hearers.

Standing in the Gap

As this was being written, there were teachers finishing their orientation and training course in order to go overseas to teach in schools for missionaries’ children. Ben and Linsey Orth will be heading to Papua New Guinea to work at Numonohi Christian Academy. They will be standing in the gaps as other teachers are on home assignment or filling in where there was a lack of teachers. Pray for the Orths today. Send them a note to encourage them. Would you consider being a teacher overseas?



Teamwork with the Inapang Church

Paul and Ellen Swenson and their family and Derek and Chantal Chen with their family are joining Promise Vaughan to fulfill a promise made to the Tanguat people. They will be working alongside the Inapang church in a purposeful partnership to reach the Tanguat people, a people group beside the Inapang. The two new families will begin building their houses in August. Pray for the team as they begin their ministry. Read about the team’s plans.

Medical Ministry Where Leprosy Still Exists

Dr. P. Dalam and six of his colleagues, all believers from the Asia-Pacific Region, had volunteered to bring medical relief to the Taliabo people group. Talk about not ordinary days -- the small island on which they ministered for three days was known for its leprosy and other skin diseases, so very unlike their normal medical facilities in the city. God answered their need for medical attention in a mighty way by uniting this ministry of national Christian volunteer doctors with Ethnos360 Aviation’s flight service. Together, they provided health care to hundreds of villagers. The wife of one of the pilots said, “It’s thrilling to see the Body of Christ work together to bring glory to God’s name, serving one another with the talents and resources He has provided each one of us.” Pray for Ethnos360 Aviation’s outreaches. Read more about the medical relief trip.