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Missionaries Dean and Nellie Goddard and Mike and Trisha Goddard are involved in mobilizing Paraguayan churches to be involved in tribal missions. They recently held a seminar to receive input from area pastors. Pray for the mobilization team as they plan and carry out the next forum with other pastors in the area.
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While one group of Manobos was calling upon their spirits, a group of teenagers were singing praises to God. Praise God that some Manobos are no longer in darkness but are trusting in Christ. Pray that outreaches to other villages will bring more to the Savior.
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October 23, 2008

Peace amid the pain

The Dinangats are grieving the death of a young boy, Max, but the family has peace because the 9-year-old trusted in Christ. Please pray that Max's parents, Bommy and Wiregupe, will continue to find comfort in Christ.
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