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Wednesday, Feb 26:
A Different Rhythm
Jerry and Joyce McDaniels minister as international literacy coordinators focusing on people around the world being able to read and understand God’s Word in their own language. “This year is proving to be one with a different rhythm than the last years. And it’s a welcome and exciting change for us! This year is a gift to invest in two important projects which we would like to ask you to be praying. First the revision of the literacy manual. This book is used in the missionary training centers and on the fields. It covers the ways that literacy supports church development as well as the step-by-step procedure from entering a community to equipping local literacy teachers. [The second project is developing training videos.] These will be a [good] resource for consultants and the training centers with 17 videos covering different topics. In the end it will save us time [by not having to write emails] to answer questions. Please pray for wisdom in the details of this second big project.” Read more.
Tuesday, Feb 25:
The Greatest Story Ever Told Continues...
Mike and Jessica Peschka minister among the Ga'dang people of the Philippines and hope to move into the village after their Tagalog study is complete. “For the past month, Dennis Easton has been teaching Bible lessons three times a week -- every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday night. Every night there is a large turnout of kids, some faithful few, and others who are curious and come more sporadically. The teaching consists of 44 lessons, covering major stories and themes from Genesis to Revelation. It will take a few months to go through all the lessons and isn't a quick process. There are so many important, foundational truths that need to be taught for there to be a clear understanding of the gospel. We trust that God is at work and that He will be the one to stir the hearts of the Ga'dang to know Him. Pray with us for the salvation of the Ga'dang people!”
Monday, Feb 24:
Eight New Church Buildings!
Albert and Lynne Castelijn minister among the Banwaon people of the Philippines. “Recently Albert came home from the weekly Banwaon church leaders’ meeting with a big grin on his face. ‘The guys were just telling me about another church building at one of the outreaches nine miles from here. Yuna hiked over there last week to help finish building it, and it’s complete. That makes eight new church buildings in the last year at the various outreaches!’ We love that the Banwaon church is growing and [that] the leadership and believers are maturing. Although we provide the tin roofing for each of these churches (thanks to our faithful support team and special gifts), everything else is planned and sourced by Banwaon believers. The wood is donated. Chainsaw operators give of their time and skills. Collections are taken to pay for the fuel, cement and nails. Guys who are carpenters, believers from the main church in [the] village– many of whom were trained working on the high school building the last few years – hike over to help build when materials are ready. This is just one of many encouraging things we see God doing as He continues to bring the Banwaon church to maturity.” Pray for the growth of the churches there.
Sunday, Feb 23:
What HE Plans...
Jared and Diana Jantz minister in the USA at Ethnos360 Bible Institute. “I wonder what HE has planned for me … and you … in this new year of 2020. Will our hands be open to accept whatever HE has for us or will we hold tight to what we want or what we think is best for ourselves? During preparations for this new semester, I found myself being laser focused on making sure that I stayed in the correct folder marked 2020! Can you believe that? 2020? It’s cool to pray for each student as we pull up their file to make sure that all of their information is current and accurate. I often wonder what kind of year they will have, and I pray that whatever it is … that they… and I … will accept HIS plan with open hands.” Follow their blog.
Saturday, Feb 22:
Acts, Ephesians and Ruth!
Jamie and Char Hunt minister among a people group in Paraguay. “The time is almost here when Greg, our mission translation consultant, makes his annual trek to Paraguay. This will be the fourth time checking the Scriptures! In 2017, Genesis was checked, in 2018 it was Exodus, and then the Gospel of Mark in 2019. This year there are three books ready for the February 2020 check: Acts, Ephesians and Ruth. Please pray for the logistics involved for the upcoming check. Pray also for good health for the duration of the check. Pray for God's abundant wisdom for each person helping in this check: Greg, the translation helpers (Joel and Eliodoro) and for the two of us. These checks are always a high point in the translation process, a culmination, of sorts, of a year’s worth of work.”
Friday, Feb 21:
Home Sweet "Other" Home!

Tim and Andrea Ullum minister teaching and writing lessons for the Kendawangan people in Asia Pacific. “We normally work in two different Asia Pacific languages at any given time, and the brain is required to do lots of processing and trying to keep up and constantly trying to recall the right word to express what you mean. So, to be ‘home’ and not have to constantly be doing that just gives a big Ahhhhhhhh, sigh of ease! Back in our other ‘home,’ ministry has continued. Our partners were able to do a final print of several projects that our team has been working on over the years. Three big projects that finally got printed are the Gospel of Mark, the book of Genesis and an evangelism tool called The Lamb. We are praying these resources will be a blessing to the believers and create opportunities for the spread of the gospel among more Kendawangan people. Read more.

Thursday, Feb 20:
Three Months Seems like Plenty of Time
Donovan and Charla Epp minister among the Agta people of the Philippines. “Despite just arriving, our time in the Philippines will be short as our home assignment will start in April of 2020. SO… this gives us three months back here in the Philippines. Three months seems like plenty of time to pack up and prepare for our home assignment, but lots is happening in these months. We want to finish up our test group of Agta going through the literacy program, teaching them to read and write in their own language. Bible teaching and discipleship will continue in the village, as time with people will be a priority. Another one of our priorities is to have teaching materials ready to put in the hands of the Agta. Pray for a successful first group of students. Pray that all 6 would ‘graduate’ our first literacy test group. We are also excited to have a team coming to fix the roof and windows of our storm shelter in the community. The roof has been bent up from multiple typhoons and is starting to rust out. This team coming will not only be a huge encouragement for us but also for the community. Then we have our annual conference as a mission group. To finish off our last weeks in country, Don’s twin brother Darnell and his family are coming for a visit. We’ve dreamed about this visit for 16 years, and now it’s about to happen. It couldn’t come at a better time.” Read more.
Wednesday, Feb 19:
Practical Access
From Ethnos360 Aviation: “It’s been a rough year for our aging Ethnos360 Aviation helicopter (it’s 40 years old),” say Nathan and Elizabeth Claasen. “And while we’re affectionately grateful for the many years of service it’s given, we’re praying that God will provide additional and newer helicopters to meet the current and growing needs of the many church planting teams here in Papua New Guinea.” Nathan and Elizabeth Claasen and their co-workers work with the isolated Pal people group on the top of a mountain ridge. Their only practical access to the location is by helicopter. So, when the helicopter is down for frequent maintenance, they are without service. Do you have a heart for unreached people groups? Pray for God to provide helicopters for Papua New Guinea. Watch the video.
Tuesday, Feb 18:
Village News
Kathryn Kreiger ministers as a language consultant in the Asia-Pacific region. “We've heard from a co-worker that some exciting events have taken place recently amongst the greater ‘B’ people group. As you may remember, the ‘B’ live in multiple villages in [the] west … and east as well in the neighboring country to the north. Our goal in learning the ‘B’ language and culture is to be able to share the gospel with them and translate the Bible into their language -- and of course, we desire the gospel to spread beyond the village that we are living in into all the other ‘B’ villages as well! But historically, communication between the different villages has been very … infrequent due to the mountains and rivers that separate them. However, this past November, the villages in the north sent an invitation down to the villages in [the] west and east asking them to come up and visit. That visit happened in December, and all parties involved were very excited about the prospect of having better communication in the future and even building a greater presence with the government as a recognized [people] so that they won't have to be under the authority of other larger neighboring [people groups]! Also, the folks in the delegation representing the village told the folks in the north about what our team is doing in their village, and that news was very well received! So much to praise the Lord for! It's yet to be seen all the amazing implications these new developments could have regarding the spread of the gospel among the ‘B’ people. But one thing is for sure: God is at work, and He is building his church! Please continue to pray for our team and the ‘B’ people.”
Monday, Feb 17:
Tagbanwa Youth Conference
Jody and Barbara Crain ministered among the Tagbanwa people of the Philippines. Now Jody is a church planting/culture and language acquisition consultant in the United States. “Amazing, unbelievable, incredible are a few of the adjectives that immediately came to mind when we saw the young people the Lord brought together for the Annual Tagbanwa Youth Conference the end of December. Expectations of a typical youth conference with three to four hundred youths attending took a major turn about one week before the conference. We received an alarmed message from the organizers shouting, ’HELP! We need more food!!!’ God graciously provided through many of you, making it possible for the 1,126 attendees to travel to the conference and experience the teaching of the Word of God! Nearly half of these precious folks heard the wonderful gospel for the first time. AND... we began distribution of the brand new Tagbanwa Bibles that many of you helped with the reprinting. Hundreds of copies were dispersed to the youth and church leaders. For some, these are the first copies of Scripture in their villages. Praise the Lord.” Pray for the Tagbanwa church. See pictures.
Sunday, Feb 16:
Email Report from Si... Outreach
Chris and Angie Walker minister as a Bible translator and literacy worker/ resource center coordinator with the Mibu people of Papua New Guinea. “Here's an update, among the people in Si... (village) last week when we finished the (Bible) lesson, 62 men and women were in tears as they accepted Jesus as Savior. They realized they were sinners destined to go to hell when all along they were thinking they were good. That being said, there is a man named Kips. This man at three different times tried to attack the Bible teachers. But he continued to stay around during the (Bible) lessons right up until they were finished, and then he too began to cry. He was filled with great sadness for what he was doing to the Bible teachers and [said] that he too was believing in Jesus. Thank you for your faithful prayers and encouragement. This will be especially needed as Chris takes yet another trip [in among the] Mibu [people] this week. Despite the challenges, we see God so clearly at work. May this be an encouragement to you in your walk with Him.”
Saturday, Feb 15:
Working on Teaching Materials
Dan and Judy Burke minister among the Chimane people of Bolivia. “I, Judy, have been busy formatting the chronological Bible lessons that I have been working on. It gets complicated working in a multilingual format. First, I sit down at the computer and write the lessons in the Chimane language; that is my target audience. Then, I write up a back-to-English version of the lessons and send them to another missionary who translates the English version into Spanish. When I get the Spanish version back, I plug it into a matching format alongside the Chimane. In this series of lesson books, the left-hand pages are Spanish, and the right-hand pages are Chimane. All this makes for challenging formatting, but the idea is to help the Chimanes along in the transition to the Spanish language that … is already in process. Also, the Chimane demographics are becoming more and more mixed with non-Chimane speakers, meaning that there is a pretty good chance that a non-Chimane-speaking person will [come across] the books. There is a tremendous need in the Spanish-speaking world, too, for basic Bible teaching. We are praying that these lessons will be able to address this need as well.”
Friday, Feb 14:
Growing Participator Approach Seminar
Richard and Carmen Gappmayr minister in the Philippines. “Our ministry here … is still ongoing. Richard continues to coach co-workers of other organizations as well as our own co-workers in the people groups. Currently there are not so many of our own folks in culture and language learning in a people group and that has freed Richard up to take on other opportunities. With regard to that, he will have the chance to teach a Growing Participator Approach (GPA) seminar in connection with a mission’s course that will prepare missionaries to go overseas. One such course will be in Southeast Africa in February and the other one in South Asia in March. It is a great opportunity to prepare other brothers and sisters in the Lord for missionary service from different countries to different countries. His part in the overall training program will be a one-week GPA seminar. Pray for the GPA seminars Richard is conducting ... that he might address the needs of the co-workers that are getting ready to serve the Lord cross-culturally.”
Thursday, Feb 13:
Block Teaching
Ed and Jeanne Casteel minister to the Wana people of Asia Pacific. “We started a training program for our Wana churches which is [called] ‘block teaching’ that will be carried out in two separate locations for a week in each village each month. Many of the subjects are subjects taught at our Mission Training Center which we felt would be beneficial to bring to our churches. Some of the subjects we will teach this year are a mature church model, church and mission history, Bible lesson development, teamwork, family, and computer training. We will be bringing in missionary teachers from different places to help with this teaching. I personally will be involved in teaching Bible lesson development. We really appreciate your prayers for this as we desire to see new people trained for both serving the Lord in their own cultural context and cross culturally.” Pray for this training.
Wednesday, Feb 12:
History of Missions in Brazil
Richard and Adauta Eger minister in Brazil as programmer and in the mobilization department. “Today is a mark in the history of missions in Brazil. On this date, Sunday, 26 January 2020, the first helicopter in Brazil dedicated to missionary service was consecrated in a simple ceremony at the Municipal Airport of Anápolis, near the national offices of NTM of Brazil. This project was several years under development. A Brazilian missionary has waited three years for a visa for him to go to the USA for training with Ethnos360 Aviation in preparation for the day a helicopter could be purchased. Now, just a few days ago, when it was arriving, the visa came for his training. In his talk at the dedication service, he said that he is a missionary dedicated to planting churches among indigenous people groups, that just happens to be a pilot. The helicopter will serve seven locations. If we had enough missionaries, another ten locations could be served. We pray for the Lord of the Harvest to send more qualified missionaries to reach indigenous people.” Read more.
Tuesday, Feb 11:
A new village being built
Grant and Marianne Bayfield minister among the Manobo people group in the Philippines. “Big news from the mountains near us! The road construction has continued while we were gone, and as a result, five remote villages decided to come together and form a new mega-village, with about 130 houses so far. What’s more, … want to hear the Bible teaching that was given to our people! This is a great opportunity, because they are a prime target for cults, and some have already tried to make inroads there. But the people keep telling them that they are waiting for the teaching from the village [where we live]. The people in the mountains have been watching, and they want to know what made that difference! For this, we’re praying for three things. First, Bible teachers need to be trained, so they can do this with us – we don’t want to make it just another missionary outreach. Second, we are low on missionary personnel – we need more missionaries, both Filipino and foreign, to address the ever-widening opportunities. Our people aren’t yet ready to do it all themselves, and planting churches as a team is always ideal and prevents burn-out. Third, [our co-worker] has been invited to help them form the village, and he needs the Lord’s wisdom for the many logistical issues. But it’s a great way to show them that we care about them, and that even though we are taking time training teachers first, we will eventually bring them the gospel. So, thank you for standing with us by praying for this opportunity!”
Monday, Feb 10:
Bible Lessons in Glarro
Aaron and Amy Speitelsbach minister among the Glarro people of Liberia. “Most of last year, Aaron concentrated on making Bible lessons in the Glarro language. We were hoping to get lots of lessons done so that we could start teaching them soon. But that did not happen. Writing Bible lessons turned out to be much more complex than expected. While Aaron did make drafts on 13 lessons, only a few are at the final stage and ready to be taught. First, Aaron makes a draft of the lesson [in Glarro], which is translated into English so that our consultant can give us input about the content. Then Aaron goes over it with Patrick [his translation helper] to correct the Glarro. They go over it a second time to make renderings that are better understood. After that, Amy reads the lesson to someone else and has him retell the lesson in natural Glarro. A recording of that is transcribed and then used by Aaron and Patrick to improve the lesson. We then email the lesson to our coworkers to get input from them as well. Once more changes are made to the lesson, and it is then read by Amy to a couple of people. She will ask them questions to make sure the lesson is understood. Miscommunications are made clearer, and then the lesson is declared ready for teaching.” Pray for God’s leading throughout the process of making Bible lessons in Glarro.
Sunday, Feb 09:
Working with the Wano in Asia Pacific
Tim and Rebecca Ingles are involved in church planting among the Wano people of Asia Pacific. “It’s always a hard day when Wano men hike a few days from their village to ask us to send people to them so that they can understand God’s Word for themselves, and we have to tell them that there isn’t anyone we can send. We, along with the Wano Bible teachers, continue to pray and talk about getting the gospel out to more parts of the Wano people group, but we don’t yet have any fully trained teachers that aren’t already filling critical roles. Please join us in praying for more Wano believers to grow in their faith and take on the role of Bible teaching and be willing to go to other parts of the Wano territory to share the gospel.”
Saturday, Feb 08:
New Opportunities, New Locations

Richard and Carmen Gappmayr minister in the Philippines. “First of all, we would like to share some exciting events with you. Our co-workers are in the middle of teaching the Ga’dang people group chronologically through the Bible. It is particularly exciting for us, since Richard had several years of involvement with co-workers in that group through culture and language coaching and consulting. It is exciting for us to know that these people will hear the Good News of Jesus Christ for the first time in their own language. They have heard about God, Jesus and the Bible before, but mainly through a local spiritualist church. So, we pray that the true gospel might have its victory there.”

Friday, Feb 07:
Understanding Language

Randy Steel is a language consultant in Paraguay. “Language is complicated. Every language has specific rules and patterns for such things as implicit and explicit information, proper word order, ways things are joined in a sentence or thought, how thoughts are connected, how you tell a story, when to mention what and how often, etc. It is always interesting to me that I more easily and quickly understand English books translated into Spanish compared to something written by a native Spanish-speaking author. Why? Because many times, translated books, while translating the words and ideas, still tend to express things according to English patterns. With this in mind, in the middle of November, we held a Discourse Analysis Workshop in Spanish for a number of our coworkers that are in language study, or will begin shortly, in the Mbya, Sanapaná and Nivaclé languages. To communicate properly, we need to understand how each language expresses these ideas. Otherwise understanding (ours and theirs) will be hindered, and the gospel and Word of God are too important to be shared in a haphazard, careless way. Pray for continued wisdom for Laurie and me in our various ministries.”

Thursday, Feb 06:
God Is Building His Church Among the Prai

Dave and Fran Jordan minister among the Prai people of Thailand. “Please continue to pray for the printing of the Prai Bibles. It is easy to be on pins and needles waiting for the proofs from the printer to arrive and news of a delivery date in time for the March 1 celebration. January 22, we did receive proofs from the printer! Before leaving for home assignment (March 31), we are hoping to see elders appointed for the church. Pray for the men God is preparing to take on this responsibility. There is more interest in hearing the gospel in [other locations]. In the midst of our very fallen world, we continue to thank the Lord for his plan to provide an eternal home where all is pure and perfect.” Pray that those interested will continue to listen and put their trust in Christ.

Wednesday, Feb 05:
Three Helicopters for PNG

From Ethnos360 Aviation: “When are you coming?” People groups in Papua New Guinea are asking for missionaries to come and help them. Our one 40-year-old helicopter can barely keep up with the 15 groups it already serves, not to mention the three groups a year we would like to add. We need two R66 helicopters immediately and another shortly after that to meet the growing needs. Do you have a heart for unreached people groups? Pray for God to provide helicopters for Papua New Guinea. You can help with this need.

Tuesday, Feb 04:
Why Do Christians Meet?

Grant and Marianne Bayfield minister by planting a church in the Manobo people group in the Philippines. “Our neighbors, whom Grant taught through to the gospel just before we left, have been waiting for us to get back and in the meantime are enjoying fellowship with those in this village who trusted Christ long before [they did]. Last night, Grant began the next phase of Bible teaching with them, so they can understand why Christians meet like we do and what are the essential parts of meeting together, as well as elements of our personal spiritual life. This phase will take them back to Genesis and point out the blessings of life and a restored relationship with God, which come from coming to God in His way. Grant is planning to have the older Christians be a part of this and use it as practice for becoming Bible teachers.” Pray for these older Christians.

Monday, Feb 03:
New Ayoré Bible

Nathan and Kaylee Kelm minister at the Bolivian training center. “About thirty-five years ago, the New Testament was first printed in the Ayoré language. Since then, the Ethnos360 translators have continued working on translating the Old Testament. A new version was just published, with an updated New Testament plus more than 50% of the Old Testament. Let's pray that God will continue to use His Word to build up the Ayoré church.”

Sunday, Feb 02:
Teaching Missionary Kids

Barbara Lee ministers as an education consultant in Asia Pacific. “We currently have about 60 families with about 180 missionary kids serving throughout this island nation. Each family is in a different phase of ministry — some just starting out and some having been here for many years. Each phase of ministry has its unique joys and challenges. As I communicate with our families, I hear exciting reports of progress in learning a language, Scripture translation and new and growing believers. I also hear the struggles and challenges and see how discouraging some of these can be. There are also unique joys and challenges in raising children overseas. Please join me in praying for the families I serve -- and the people they are here to serve as well. It is a team effort! Pray that I would have wisdom and discernment in how to best help, encourage and support these families as they educate their children.” See how you can serve using your teaching skills in missions.

Jumpstarting the New Year
Saturday, Feb 01:
Jumpstarting the New Year

Phil Koop is the Executive Director of Ethnos360 Aviation. “So, Ethnos360 Aviation is feeling very thankful! Project to fund the helicopter and hangar in the Philippines – PAID! Project to fund the Brazil helicopter and hangar – PAID! We stand amazed at all God has done. And He has chosen to work through you! Your gifts and prayers mean that church planters in the Philippines and Brazil can be assured of reliable helicopter flights in 2020 and beyond. And talk about a jumpstart to the year! For some teams in Brazil, the helicopter will bring the first flight service they’ve ever had. They’ll be trading years of bumpy roads, treacherous rivers and arduous trails for mere minutes in the Robinson R66. The savings in time and energy will be astounding.” Read more.

Friday, Jan 31:
Working Well Together

Bruce ministers as translator and language consultant in South America. “Over the last month, two families have been able to spend time with my coworker, and they were able to work on Ruth, Esther and some Psalms. Now the two families are on their way back home, so we would appreciate prayer for them as they travel. I have been working on the book of Isaiah and making progress, but it is [quite a] long book. I am hoping to have an initial draft ready for the end of March, as I am scheduled to travel down on March 25th to work on it with my … co-translator. We are also planning to meet together with a group of believers, but we haven’t exactly nailed down plans for that time yet. We would appreciate prayer for those plans and the time.” See how you can help with the translation.

Thursday, Jan 30:
Literacy Teaching Program

Ed and Jeanne Casteel minister to the Wana people of Asia Pacific. “We have some exciting things to share as this new year has kicked off. Last year we were able to revise our literacy teaching program, and we just finished our first literacy class! Even though we have government grade schools in many of our Wana villages, there are still a number of people, especially middle-aged and older people, who cannot read or write. This first class was a group of middle-aged ladies who were being taught by trained Wana ladies who are a part of our missionary team. During the literacy course … one of the ladies pulled out a copy of her Wana New Testament and said, ‘I cannot read it yet but want to keep coming to the literacy class so that I will be able to read and understand it.’ Our plans are to start literacy classes in three other villages in [the] very near future (total of four villages), so will appreciate your prayers for our literacy team.”