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The First Step in Church Planting
Three hundred people group assessments are vital for the strategic placement of missionaries. Each assessment funded -- at an average cost of $4,500 each -- advances God's work. Please partner with us to see even one more people group assessment completed, so more tribes can be reached and more lives can be transformed.
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$1,292,616 still needed
Bible teaching illustrations

Have an impact in people groups around the world with a gift to this project. Your gift will help people from a variety of cultures who speak a variety of different languages grasp important concepts from the Bible because of the illustrations they will see.

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$142,834 still needed
Guahibo lesson revision

Your gift will help make biblical truths clearer, strengthening believers.

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$4,298 still needed
Missionary Care Fund

Trained, experienced missionaries will be better able to return to and carry out their ministries effectively because of your gifts to the Missionary Care Fund. You will be helping them continue to take the Gospel with those who have never heard.
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$111,685 still needed
Global Outreach

Your gifts provide vital services for heart language ministries around the world.

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This Project Has An Ongoing Need
Culture and Language Software

It takes three to five years for a missionary to gain fluency in a people group's culture and language. Specialized software greatly aids and speeds this process of cataloging, organizing and reviewing audio and video recordings, photos and notes.

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$160,037 still needed

ECFA Accredited

Ethnos360 is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charity. Contributions are made with the understanding that Ethnos360 has complete control and administration over the use of the donated funds. All contributions designated for specific projects will be applied to those projects. An administration fee of up to 5 percent may be assessed. In the event that we receive more contributions than can be wisely applied to that project, those funds will be used to meet a similar pressing need.