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Spend two weeks on an encounter trip to learn, serve and experience ministry among unreached people groups.

Through an encounter trip, you will explore long-term missionary work and consider your future involvement. You will visit an indigenous people group, hear from missionaries on the field and see what it takes to bring the gospel to the very ends of the earth.

Learn about current field realities

Hear from experienced missionaries

Rub shoulders with men and women in various ministry roles and hear about the challenges and obstacles missionaries face.

Explore long-term missionary work

Learn about the ministry needs and the long-term efforts necessary for taking god’s gospel to the ends of the earth.

Serve the mission field

Serve the long-term missionary efforts happening in-country. Take time to support and encourage the work of a local ministry already taking place. Any service project taken on will have been chosen by the long-term missionaries currently serving in the ministry and is designed to assist the continuing efforts within the local community.

Experience current field realities

Visit an indigenous people group

Every team will spend time in a local people group and will experience first-hand the realities of ministry at the edge of the gospel.

Consider your future involvement

We want you to walk away with a clear understanding of what it means to live a life committed to Jesus. The gospel has been entrusted to the church. How will you make disciples of all nations?


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