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An Ethnos360 Wayumi Forum

People today are coming to America from every corner of the globe. Do you know how to reach them?

Many are gathering as unique ethnic groups right outside the doors of our churches. Often they have had little, if any, exposure to God’s Word and the Good News of the Lord Jesus. Communicating the truth of the gospel effectively to these communities right in our backyard is a huge challenge.

For almost 75 years Ethnos360 has been helping churches reach over 250 diverse ethnic groups around the world, and God has taught us much about communicating His truth cross-culturally. Ethnos360 is offering a forum at the Wayumi campus for churches who desire to reach out to immigrant communities in their backyard. At this forum you will:

  • Explore ideas for developing relationships necessary to have an open door for sharing Christ.
  • Learn how language and culture impact effective communication.
  • Discover effective means for communicating God’s Word to a community with little or no contact with the Bible.

Join us for the “Cross-Cultural Ministry in Your Backyard” forum on September 28-30, 2018, at the Ethnos360 Wayumi Campus in Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania, as we discuss how to reach the diverse ethnic groups that God has put on our doorstep.

Basic Information

Dates:Cancelled  September 28-30, 2018 – the forum will begin the evening of September 28nd and end the morning of September 30th.

Location: Ethnos360 Wayumi Campus – 241 Old Forge Hill Rd, Jersey Shore, PA 17740

Contact Information:

Accommodations: The Wayumi campus will provide lodging and meals during the forum.

Cost: covers lodging, meals and forum materials.

Early Registration $99 ends August 20th

Regular Registration $119 end September 1st


  • Greg Sanford and Steve Sanford: Both Greg and Steve have extensive experience in cross-cultural communication. Greg spent years working with the Yanomamo people of South America. Likewise, in South America Steve worked with the Joti people. Ministering among these respective people groups, their teams studied and learned the cultures and languages of these peoples, translated God’s Word into their languages and preached the Good News to them. Extensive discipleship of believers followed, leading them toward maturity.

Cross-Cultural Ministry Forum Sessions will include:

  • Serving Immigrant Communities: Explore ways in which the church can serve immigrant communities and demonstrate the love of God to them. Only by demonstrating that love and acceptance will we be able to engage with members of these communities and share the truth of God’s Word and what Christ has done for us.
  • Developing Cross-Cultural Relationships: Most people will not get involved in a serious discussion regarding God and His truth unless they have developed an honest friendship first, especially for those of a different culture or language. Learn how to develop effective friendships and relationships cross-culturally.
  • Strategies in Second Language Communication: Most immigrant populations struggle in learning English, not only to speak it but also to understand its nuances. This session’s goal is to effectively communicate God’s truth in that environment by communicating clearly through English to those who speak English as a second language.
  • Cultural Adaptation for Clear Communication: Every ethnic group has its own cultural worldview. All communication is filtered through this cultural viewpoint. The goal of this session is to communicate God’s truth clearly while minimizing miscommunication because of misunderstanding or misinterpreting another culture.
  • Foundational Teaching: Many of the new immigrant populations arriving in America have very little true exposure to Christianity or God’s Word. To communicate God’s Word correctly, we must teach at a foundational level, taking nothing for granted. This session will discuss strategies for teaching God’s truth to people with no biblical knowledge and background in order to be as effective as possible in reaching cross-culturally.