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Mar 19, 2020 | Bible translator, Ethnos360 Magazine, Bruce Enemark, Featured Article, Latin America, Mexico, Tepehuan People,
Scattered throughout the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains of Mexico live the Northern Tepehuan people. Though they live in the rugged canyons and hills of the mountain range, we will focus on one town nestled in the mountains — a place we will call BG. It is here that the Tepehuan New Testament dedication took place last November. But it is Important that we go back and see the “road” that was traveled in order to be able to witness this event.
Dec 29, 2019 | Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Asia-Pacific region, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Elseng People, Kaje People, Pai Tavy Tera People, Tepehuan People, Wantakia People, Emily Kopf, Mission News, Prayer
In a few days, a new year will begin. But as Ethnos360 missionaries have shared, a new year isn’t the only exciting new thing happening.
“Your prayers targeted toward the Tepehuan people are making a difference,” wrote missionary Kevin Case.
Aug 23, 2015 | Bible translation, Mission News, Prayer, Ian Fallis, Latin America, Mexico, Tepehuan People,
Bible translation is certainly technical, but it’s a God-sized task and your prayers are vital.
Dec 05, 2013 | Dena McMaster, Latin America, Mexico, Mission News, Prayer, Tepehuan People,
Sixty people came to serve the residents of a Southern Tepehuan village.
Aug 07, 2009 | Dena McMaster, Mexico, Mission News, Prayer, Tepehuan People,
The New Testament in the Tepehuan language is moving closer to completion, as Juan and Cleotilde and Kevin Case work together.