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The Missionary Training Center began preparing its first class in Fall 2006, but its origins date to when Ethnos360 was founded in 1942 as New Tribes Mission.

From the very beginning, Ethnos360 has recognized the need to properly prepare missionaries for their ministries. A training program began in 1943, and in 1945 the mission opened its first training camp for missionaries. This eventually became a one-year missions course, and was taught at several locations across the USA.

In 1955, language and linguistics became an additional one-year course of study, following the missions course, and in 1967 the Language and Linguistic Institute relocated to a new home on the Lake of the Ozarks near Camdenton, Missouri.

This property became the ideal place to consolidate, streamline and update Ethnos360's missionary training program as a three-semester course in 2006. Today the campus is the home of the Missionary Training Center and is a four-semester course.