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Historical Reviews

Jesus had many things to say about His love and care of children and Ethnos360, founded in 1942 as New Tribes Mission, desires to give that same place of honor to the children of our members and also to those children in the ministries we undertake. Sadly, there were times in our history when individuals took advantage of situations and the vulnerability of children to commit acts of abuse. Read more here.

Since the mid-1990s the mission has worked to build and improve child safety procedures. Today, Ethnos360 trains all members in the area of child safety and is committed to ongoing vigilance and awareness.                        

Believing that we are responsible to our members and their children, to our ministry partners, to the laws of the countries in which we minister and ultimately to God, Ethnos360 will continue to review our policies and safety procedures to better safeguard children.


IHART is a process, commissioned by Ethnos360, using independent investigators to thoroughly review the historical allegations of abuse that have arisen. As this process has moved forward, it has become clear that the task is both complicated and time-consuming. Nevertheless, Ethnos360 remains committed to facilitating the investigation of these historical allegations.

Our original goals for this process have not changed. These are: to be certain that there is no current member of Ethnos360 who has sexually abused children; to give victims an avenue to tell their story; to offer a means for counseling for any victims who desire that; and to learn from the past to make our organization as safe as possible for all children.

Theresa Lynn Sidebotham of Telios Law PLLC is the IHART coordinator. Ms. Sidebotham has a strong background in missions. She grew up on the mission field herself, in an urban environment in the Asia-Pacific region. She has experienced home school, international school, mission boarding school, U.S. private Christian school and public school. As she and her husband spent time in the military and on the mission field, two of their four children were born overseas. She understands abuse issues and protecting children, as she both personally experienced an environment where child sexual abuse was endemic, and had to protect her own children in a similar environment.

For the bulk of her practice, Ms. Sidebotham works with numerous ministries, helping to put in place child safety policies, screening, and training, and advising on child safety issues and investigations. She also advises on organizational/HR policies and conducts other investigations into alleged misconduct, such as for sexual harassment.

Ms. Sidebotham is working to make sure that IHART provides thorough investigations, good avenues of communication, uses current best practice standards and ensures the privacy of those who have entrusted their stories to IHART.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are common questions about the historical investigations which were commissioned by Ethnos360/New Tribes Mission. We wanted to share this information to help bring clarity regarding these topics: Counseling Funds, IHART, Donor Funds/Investigations, and Name Change.

Counseling Funds


Donor Funds & Investigations

Name Change


Theresa Lynn Sidebotham is the coordinator of the IHART process.

Ms. Sidebotham created the website,, which provides updates on current investigative reviews, information regarding the process, and a private login page for those directly involved in a particular investigation. Anyone involved with a current investigation, who does not yet have access to the particular page for their situation, is encouraged to send an email to to request a login invitation.

Anyone who has information that could be helpful to the IHART investigative process please contact Ms. Sidebotham and her team at or by phone at 407.304.8476.