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It’s Finally Here: The Word Reaches the Mountains of the Tepehuan

Scattered throughout the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains of Mexico live the Northern Tepehuan people. Though they live in the rugged canyons and hills of the mountain range, we will focus on one town nestled in the mountains — a place we will call BG. It is here that the Tepehuan New Testament dedication took place last November. But it is Important that we go back and see the “road” that was traveled in order to be able to witness this event.

New Believers in Kaje

Praise the Lord as we celebrate the new church among the Kaje of Papua New Guinea. As one new believer exclaimed, “Jesus. My faith is in Jesus!”

From Our CEO

Thank you to all of you who have been praying for God to move in mighty ways across the globe. He is indeed able to “move mountains, open doors and radically change hearts.”

Ethnos360 Blog


on Jul 08
The day has come. We are moved out of the tribe and settled into a house on one of our mission’s centers. Eight long years crawled slowly by while living and working in the Pal tribe, but now it seems as though those years sped by in a flash. There were struggles, hardships, and many […]

A Man’s Heart Plans…

on Jul 08
The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps. Proverbs 16:9 At the beginning of this year our plan was to remain in Guinea for another 18 months or so before returning to the U.S. for our home assignment. We were making good progress in Bible translation and other aspects of […]

God Remains Faithful

on Jul 07
We hope you are doing well. We mentioned in our last update how in the wake of COVID-19 our support raising has been affected and our plans have been thrown into the hands of shutdown governments. The United States stopped processing passport applications a week after we submitted for Hosanna’s passport and Papua New Guinea […]

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