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Mission News

The Disciples Become the Disciplers

Imagine Mark and Joyce Cain’s joy at seeing those they discipled becoming the disciplers.

Discipleship Done Well

Plan A should have worked. But getting chased out by guerrillas can put a damper on your aspirations. That’s how it felt as the missionaries watched Plan A evaporate, not knowing when they would see their precious Guahibo brothers and sisters in Christ again.

The Importance of the Book

Vital — as in life-giving — is a great word for the importance of God’s Word in a church. Two years ago, when I made my first visit to Africa...

Ethnos360 Blog

Encouragement Is Part of Discipleship in South Asia

on Mar 22
The wonders of Nepal. The breathtaking vistas of the Himalayas. No, I’ve never been, but Larry and Jill Goring were just over there to encourage the believers in Nepal. I want to let Jill tell you about their trip. From the third floor terrace of ‘our’ guest house I have a 360 degree view of […]

News from Papua New Guinea

on Mar 21
Menya:  How far would you walk to hear God’s Word in you own language?  Across the room to turn on the radio?  Grab one of your many Bibles?  Or simply reach for your smartphone?  The Menya people of Papua New Guinea are finally getting a chance to hear God’s talk in their heart language and […]

The Sights from our Travels

on Mar 20
This is the last post about our recent trips.  We have a slight break from traveling for a few weeks so we will are enjoying getting caught up in other areas of our life and ministry.  Joel preaches this Sunday and then Easter is just around the corner, so it will be good to be […]

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