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Mission News

The Benefit of Missions

Pastor Ben Hazen believes that when people see that God’s plan from the beginning was to reach the world, they find a sense of purpose, and the church benefits. Read how Community Baptist Church of Montoursville, Pennsylvania, benefited by its understanding of missions.

Wayumi Is a Bridge

“The average person doesn’t know what their role [in missions] is. Wayumi is a great first step.” —Pastor Ben Hazen

From Our CEO

Paul had an incredible dream team on whom he leaned heavily for his ministry. Building teams and networking didn’t seem to be new to him.

Ethnos360 Blog

God em i no longlong

on Sep 20
We had just gotten back from the medical clinic. They had run some more tests on Matt and told us that we needed to get to Australia as soon as possible. I told my friend, a PNG citizen, about what was going on. She sought to encourage me by telling me, “God em i no […]

Milling Trip 2: Day 18

on Sep 20
Well, the “milling” part of our milling trip is now officially over as our second large chainsaw is now refusing to work. It started yesterday when my only reward for laboring constantly at the pull cord was a resounding backfire, which at least was entertaining for the spectators involved. All is not lost though! We […]

I’m leaving on a jet plane!

on Sep 20
Yup, that picture above is going to be me in a few days!  After I finish packing my suitcase and taking care of a few more odds and ends, I’ll be off.  Thanks for all your prayers for my plans – this week I have been able to buy airplane tickets, get some security stuff […]

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Are you thinking about serving God among unreached peoples? You'll find more information and answers to your questions. A variety of ways to serve and places your skills and talents can be used. As well as opportunities to learn more, to prepare you for the challenges ahead.

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God's unconditional, unfathomable love is reaching out to all the people of the world. He loves you too — enough to give you opportunities to be part of bringing His eternal, abundant life to the world's unreached people groups. Get involved right now!

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Prayer is the foundation

Want a significant role on God's team for reaching the unreached? Pray. Read brief stories to help you understand complex issues in missions and church planting -- and to meet the men and women involved in that. Timely, daily prayer requests enable you to make informed intercession.


Use your resources for God's glory

Your gift to God's work -- large or small -- is appreciated. You can also help others be blessed by taking part (Ephesians 4:17-19).