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When a Shaman Attends Bible Teaching ...

Shamans sometimes attended the teaching, hoping to find more ways to manipulate the spirit world, but this time it was different.

When You’re Not a Native Speaker

“Not only am I not a native speaker, I am not a native thinker in this culture, either.”

The Believers ‘Took It upon Themselves’

The Akolet believers are beginning to take responsibility for the church upon themselves.

Ethnos360 Blog

An awesome sad Sunday

on Mar 19
There has been so much going on in our neck of the woods in the past few weeks that we thought it was time to show you what we’ve been up to. First of all, when we flew back to the tribe in February, Jason and Tami Hughes and their three kids came with us! […]

Commentary of Romans in Loron

on Mar 19
We had an encouraging couple of months in our village in Ivory Coast. We have now returned to Northern Ireland. Since coming home we have worked on making the final adjustments to the new commentary on the book of Romans in the Loron language. It’s called Nyelye a Nanpɩkɛ a gʋʋn – The Righteousness of […]

March On!

on Mar 19
March is upon us, and I read through Psalm 118 this morning.  I am reminded to keep on “marching!”  Whatever we experience, God’s mercy endures forever!  His grace and power are great.  And His mercy endures forever! We often find ourselves thinking, “How would I ever make it without the LORD!”  Many thousands of people […]

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