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Mission News

Making Foreign Biblical Concepts Clear

What makes the Scripture understandable to you?

Literacy Was God’s Idea

Why is literacy such a big deal? Because God communicated His Word to man through the written word.

The Pastor Prays for the Missionaries

“Lord, teach me to pray for him the way he prays [for us].”

Ethnos360 Blog

A Night for Seniors …

on Nov 13
    Senior Banquet is such a neat event that is highly anticipated at the BI.  It’s so fun to visit with our students over dinner and dessert. Later in the evening, the seniors have opportunity to share what they have learned in their two years here and also what the next steps may be […]

Lesson Evaluation Update

on Nov 12
Thank you so much for praying for our team during our recent Bible lesson evaluation.  Here’s a little update about how that time went and how the Lord answered prayer.  And we’ll include some new prayer requests at the end too.    Our consultants Aaron and Brandon (both on their first-time visit to Amdu) arrived safely, […]

Batteries, Translation Check and Bible Lessons

on Nov 11
***This update was sent out by email back in September, but we are just posting it on our blog now that we are out in town. The benefit is that we can now add pictures!*** We have to play a little catch-up here!!  Hopefully none of you have been holding your breath while waiting to […]

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