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Mission News

God Loves the People of the World

Your partnership with Ethnos360 demonstrates God's love. Through heart language ministries, people see that God cares enough to communicate clearly with them.

I Can’t Believe He Read the Whole Thing

God desires to speak to people’s hearts. Let’s work together to make that happen.

Growing Pains in the Church

"In February, a visitor hiked into our area.” His teaching tested the church.

Ethnos360 Blog

A Circuit of Travel

on Oct 16
We had the privilege of hosting a church planting consultant on our field. He is a man who has helped a lot of our works and we always value his input when he comes. Our job was to help him get around to as many works as possible in the time frame he was here. […]

On the Right Track

on Oct 14
So, I’ve spent a lot of time recently thinking about my personality type and what that means I need to be able to function well. I’m an introvert, I need alone time. I’m an ISF(or T)J and organizational structure, continuity and security are all valued. I’m Gold, so I like set routines and organized ways […]

The Water System

on Oct 13
After 15 years, many major components of the water system at our headquarters’ support center have exceeded their expected lifespan. This vital system filters out iron, softens and chlorinates to disinfect the water and make it safe to drink. This system not only serves our support missionaries living at this center– 75 houses, a school, […]

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Are you thinking about serving God among unreached peoples? You'll find more information and answers to your questions. A variety of ways to serve and places your skills and talents can be used. As well as opportunities to learn more, to prepare you for the challenges ahead.

Find Your Fit

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A Thriving Church for Every People

God's unconditional, unfathomable love is reaching out to all the people of the world. He loves you too — enough to give you opportunities to be part of bringing His eternal, abundant life to the world's unreached people groups. Get involved right now!

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Prayer is the foundation

Want a significant role on God's team for reaching the unreached? Pray. Read brief stories to help you understand complex issues in missions and church planting -- and to meet the men and women involved in that. Timely, daily prayer requests enable you to make informed intercession.


Use your resources for God's glory

Your gift to God's work -- large or small -- is appreciated. You can also help others be blessed by taking part (Ephesians 4:17-19).