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Global Outreach

Gifts of any size help ensure strong, effective support for missionaries bringing the gospel to unreached peoples.

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This Project Has An Ongoing Need
Culture and Language Software

It takes three to five years for a missionary to gain fluency in a people group's culture and language. Specialized software greatly aids and speeds this process of cataloging, organizing and reviewing audio and video recordings, photos and notes.

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$170,581 still needed
Training Center: Multi-purpose building outfitting

Your gift will complete the interior of the multi-purpose building and outfit it so it can serve the training center, Ethnos360 and the community, playing a key role in impacting a lost world for Christ.

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$1,176,495 still needed
Translating Scriptures, literacy materials and Bible lessons into a previously unwritten  language costs $35 a verse.
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This Project Has An Ongoing Need
Missionary Flight Sponsorship

Your gift to sponsor missionary flights will make air service more available to more than 200 missionaries planting churches among more than 130 people groups. And because the use of aircraft will be more effective, efficient and affordable, missionary teams will be able to begin work among even more people.

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This Project Has An Ongoing Need
National Missionary Training

Equipping believers across the globe for God's Great Commission team.

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$5,405 still needed

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