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More than 2,000 of the world's people groups are unreached. 

What's it like to meet those people?  What's it like to reach those people?

Wayumi totem pole

WAYUMI  /wī yo͞o mē/

One cultural aspect of the Yanomamo people is something called Wayumi (pronounced why/you/me).  It involves leaving their woods or home, to go to another place for a period of time and for a specific purpose.  In their language, it would be similar to us saying we are going on holiday, vacation, a business trip, etc.  When you come to Wayumi, not only are you coming to a place, but you're also going on...

... An adventure in cross-cultural missions in Central Pennsylvania.


On your Wayumi adventure:

  • Explore what the Bible says about reaching all peoples
  • Experience learning another language
  • Connect with your guides — all veteran church planters

Wayumi - Explore missions

  • Wayumi Retreat (3 days) for everyone: This is our basic program for 25+ participants which gives a bird’s eye view of missions.  If you do not have a group of 25 participants, we will work with you to combine smaller groups and individuals to meet the 25-participant minimum.  
  • Wayumi Course (7 days) for college age or above, groups or individuals: You'll get a college level intensive missions course and some hands-on experience with this program.
  • Wayumi Expedition (6 days) for 9th-12th grade: Take your youth group on a missions trip and summer camp combined without leaving the USA.  If you do not have a group of 25 participants, we will work with you to combine smaller youth groups to meet the 25-participant minimum.
  • Wayumi Quest (3 days) for 7th-12th grade: A missions focused retreat for youth groups and Christian schools.  A group of 25 or more is needed to book a Wayumi Quest.  
  • Wayumi Adventure (1 day) for 1st-6th grade: A field trip for elementary students.  Students learn all about the Amazon Rain Forest.  And here’s the cool part... the Adventure Guides know all about the Amazon Rain Forest first hand.  They lived there!
  • Wayumi Church Leaders Retreat (3 days) for Church Leaders: Come get a taste of Wayumi and find out how it could benefit your church during a mid-week COMPLIMENTARY retreat!

    You'll see and feel what it takes to make disciples of every people group — and how you can take part. Set out on your adventure on our 100-acre campus in scenic central Pennsylvania.

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