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“One hundred years from now, no one's going to remember my name. No one's gonna remember I was here. But … a tribal church will have a Bible in their language. … They will still have a growing church, because that doesn't die and that doesn't go away. And they won't remember me and it won't matter. But they'll know God.”

- Amber Adams, teacher at Numonohi Christian Academy, Papua New Guinea, on why she teaches at a school for children of missionaries.

As a teacher of missionary children, you impact the world. Here’s how:

Reach the lost

God is radically changing lives among unreached people groups through the ministry of Ethnos360, and educators play a key role by providing quality education to children of missionaries.

Impact children for Christ

As a teacher or administrator in a mission school, you help children grow academically, socially and spiritually.

Cross-cultural opportunities

While all instruction is in English, your students are likely to come from a variety of nationalities. In addition, many schools offer opportunities to serve in the community.

Build a legacy

Many missionaries’ children become missionaries, pastors or church leaders. So you are nurturing and developing tomorrow’s spiritual leaders.

Amber with Students

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Job Type: Education Elementary teaching, Education Secondary teaching   Region: Latin America   Country: Mexico   Duration: 1 Year  
There is an ongoing need for Spanish teachers at both the elementary and secondary levels teaching all ages and abilities from beginners to advanced. View More
Job Type: Education Elementary teaching, Education Secondary teaching   Region: Africa   Country: Senegal, West Africa  
The purpose of Bourofaye Christian School is to provide an excellent Christ-centered education which will equip students to live out a biblical worldview in all areas to the glory of God. The purpose of Ethnos360 is to assist the local church to plant churches among least reached people groups. View More

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Use Your Teaching Skills in Missions

Use Your Teaching Skills in Missions

John and Amber Adams are teachers at Numonohi Christian Academy in Papua New Guinea. John teaches history, French and social studies, while Amber teaches second grade. We discussed their motivation for teaching missionary children on the other side of the world. Following are a few highlights from our interview.
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Dividing the Work, Multiplying the Effort

Dividing the Work, Multiplying the Effort

How does a missionary family living on a remote island care for the education and socialization needs of their four daughters? … Not by themselves.
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Pouring lives into missionary children

Pouring lives into missionary children

Patrick and Dawn Eggleton try to be sure they get the best education possible.
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