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“One hundred years from now, no one's going to remember my name. No one's gonna remember I was here. But … a tribal church will have a Bible in their language. … They will still have a growing church, because that doesn't die and that doesn't go away. And they won't remember me and it won't matter. But they'll know God.”

- Amber Adams, teacher at Numonohi Christian Academy, Papua New Guinea, on why she teaches at a school for children of missionaries.

As a teacher of missionary children, you impact the world. Here’s how:

Reach the lost

God is radically changing lives among unreached people groups through the ministry of Ethnos360, and educators play a key role by providing quality education to children of missionaries.

Impact children for Christ

As a teacher or administrator in a mission school, you help children grow academically, socially and spiritually.

Cross-cultural opportunities

While all instruction is in English, your students are likely to come from a variety of nationalities. In addition, many schools offer opportunities to serve in the community.

Build a legacy

Many missionaries’ children become missionaries, pastors or church leaders. So you are nurturing and developing tomorrow’s spiritual leaders.

Amber with Students

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