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Looking for an opportunity to turn the world upside down? 

You've come to the right place. Be part of the legacy of the church from the first century -- help bring God's light to the dark places of the world.

Equipped to be effective.

You'll be part of a dedicated, skilled team. Trained well -- pre-field, on-field and on-the-job. Linking your church to churches overseas, establishing churches.

Challenged to excellence.

God deserves your best, and we'll help you offer that to Him. Yes, it's often difficult, or frightening. You're not going to let that stop you. Let's link arms with each other and with God, and do this.

Fear Not

If you tell God you’ll follow Him anywhere, anytime, people may think you’re courageous, but inside, you may be a little scared. It’s normal to have fears, questions and concerns about becoming a missionary, but be assured — God says “fear not.”

Overcome your fears

Why choose Ethnos360?

The vast majority of missionaries serve through sending organizations. How can you and your church choose among them? Here are some reasons you might choose Ethnos360.

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Planting a church among an unreached people group is tough. That's why Ethnos360 provides ongoing training that equips you for each challenge you will face. 

Bible Institute

As one of about 200 students on campus in Waukesha, Wisconsin, you’ll be part of a close community filled with friends, sports and fun.

Learn About EBI

Missionary Training

Ethnos360’s training program will equip you to be a part of the team prepared to meet the challenges of planting churches among unreached people groups in remote locations.

Become A Missionary

Find the type of service right for you

From volunteering, to using your professional skills, to church planting and evangelism, to aviation, to internships and mission trips, your opportunity to make a difference in the lives of unreached people is right around the corner.

Volunteer in the USA

Help here makes a world of difference. You help support Ethnos360’s worldwide efforts right here in the U.S. by using your skills on the church-planting team.

Volunteering with Ethnos360 could range from a few hours a week to full-time service. View volunteer opportunities to serve in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, or even work online.

Use your professional skill set

Use your experience to help expand the reach of the Gospel to every tribe.  Many positions are available including: business and administration, communications, construction and maintenance, education and teaching, health care, technology and more.  

Openings are available around  the world - from the USA, Canada, UK, to many of the countries where we serve.  

Typically you can begin with our Skilled Associates Program, which seeks to match your occupational skills and spiritual gifts with specific ministry roles. The length of service is six months to four years, with an option to continue on per leadership decision. Learn more about the Skilled Associate Program.

Alternately, you may use your skills as a Career member, which starts with foundational Bible teaching, discipleship and specialized training to prepare you for long-term missionary service. Learn more about becoming a career missionary.

Evangelism, Church Planting and Bible Translation

Starting with Ethnos360's training, you'll be equipped with the tools you need for cross-cultural ministry.  Sent by your church overseas, you'll next learn the national culture and language of the country before moving to a remote village. As you learn the language and culture of an unreached people group, you'll be building relationships and demonstrating the love of Christ. Ideally, you'll work as a church-planting team with three couples or singles in roles such as Bible translation, literacy, teaching and discipleship. 

Ready to see God use you to transform people's lives? Learn more about becoming a church planter

YembiYembi: Unto the Nations (Documentary)


Pilots, maintenance specialists, avionics technicians and many non-aviation professionals enable the spread of the gospel to people who wouldn’t otherwise hear. Ethnos360 Aviation serves by providing safe, efficient and cost-effective missionary aviation support to Ethnos360’s church planting teams.

Short-Term Trips

Ready to get your feet wet?

Ethnos360 offers a variety of ways to experience the world of cross-cultural missions. From youth, family and adult retreats to college-level missions courses and internships, our short-term trips offer opportunities both in the US and abroad, as near as Pennsylvania, or as far away as the jungles of Papua New Guinea.

Find out more about our Short-Term Trips