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Tuesday, Feb 27:

Outreach Literacy Classes

Paul and Ellen Swenson minister among the Tanguat people of Papua New Guinea. Since the church’s most recent baptisms at the end of 2023, the Tanguat church has been busy with various ministries including literacy and Bible classes, a creation-to-Christ Bible study and a new outreach literacy class.

“Pray that the folks who said they will come [to the outreach literacy class] will indeed come and that the church here can make them feel welcome. Pray also that the Lord would help them with their fears. Many are not coming because they are busy giving their money to ‘pastors’ who promise them instant wealth by following their rules. A ‘church’ of this type has popped up in the area in which we hope to do outreach starting next year. Pray for hearts there to see the scams for what they are and to be ready to hear God’s Word. [Pray] that they would realize hearing God’s Word is of much more value than money-making schemes.”

Monday, Feb 26:

Believing Neighbors for the Dinangat?

Summer Zimmer, communications manager for New Tribes Mission Papua New Guinea (NTM-PNG), asks for prayer for the Dinangat people and their neighbors the Uruwa people. “The Dinangat people, isolated in the ... mountains of Papua New Guinea, can feel like they’re the only believers in existence because of the distance between them and other PNG churches. It is important for newly planted churches to connect with other churches in their general area. ... This enables them not only to learn and grow as believers in relationship with others but [to] increase their confidence that they are not the only small group of people in the world who believe in the truth of the gospel.”

Last year the Brendle, Thek and Weaver families committed to being the missionaries to the Uruwa people group. “Currently, the team is working on shuttling in all the materials needed to build their future homes. Pray for safety and for the relationships they will build during this process. While Uruwa is still a two-day hike from Dinangat, pray that there will eventually be a thriving church there and that as believers they can build one another up.”

Friday, Feb 23:

Ministering to MKs in Brazil

Sara Heist, serving as a teacher in West Brazil, ministers to missionary kids (MKs) at the MK school EIPQQ. While she was in the USA for Christmas break, Sara was able to purchase materials that will help her better understand how to teach her students with learning differences. “Praise God for provision of the diagnostic tests we needed. ... Pray for wisdom in addressing the deficits the diagnostic tests show in students.

“Pray for provision for the remaining expenses for the special education program.” If you would like to give to the EIPQQ special education program to help provide a quality education for MKs in West Brazil, use the link below. Designate the funds for “PQQSH – PQQ School Curr Resource.” Give to MKs education

Thursday, Feb 22:

Culture and Language Acquisition in the Philippines

Martha Beitzel has recently moved to the Philippines, and Martha and her co-workers, the Knoxes, have started language learning. “Praise God that things that were once hard have become easy, things that were once impossible have become possible and things that were once scary have become familiar.

“Ask God to help the Knoxes and me as we study language and culture. Ask Him to guide our days, to give us strength and insight and to fill us with love and humility toward those we are learning from. Pray that the Knoxes and I would have good health so we can continue progressing through language.”

Wednesday, Feb 21:

Standing with the Church in Difficulties

Katie Moore ministers among the Nahuatl people of Mexico. The Nahuatl believers face pressures and persecution from their unbelieving family, friends and community. Many also face hardships due to poverty. “Please pray for Queen [a Nahuatl believer] and her family as they try to honor God in challenging situations. Pray for another believer in Las Moras who is feeling discouraged in her faith and worn down by daily struggles. Pray for the youth to remain strong as they face mocking and persecution. Pray for our team to model a true faith and stand side-by-side with the church in difficulties.”

Tuesday, Feb 20:

Two New Outreaches in Papua New Guinea

Ben and Nikki Buckner serve in Papua New Guinea. “We would like to ask you to please be praying for two outreaches that have started [recently]. Ronald and Chris are leading a study in [one village] which has already shown promise of having more people attend than expected. Also, David and Bosco have started an outreach in [a different, smaller village]. Please be praying for these men to have God’s wisdom as to how to best communicate His Truth and that God’s Spirit will use that truth to convict those who hear and lead them to repentance and salvation.”

Pray that the rainy season would not keep people away but that many would come to the outreach times and hear Truth. Pray that new believers would attend and be discipled in sharing the Good News with others.

Monday, Feb 19:

God’s Faithfulness to Ethnos360 Aviation

Imie and Amy Mark serve with Ethnos360 Aviation in Papua New Guinea (PNG). “[Praise God for His] faithfulness to our aviation organization, not simply seeing us through our ... audits, but granting us success we dared not dream would have been possible both in the extensions of our operating certificates and the Christ-centered conversations we were able to have with the audit team. ... We have two R66 helicopters in operation now with the third scheduled to roll off the factory assembly line later this year. ... Two new Kodiak pilot families just arrived on the field, and one of our long-time maintenance families was able to return.”

Praise the Lord for the work He is doing through the aviation team in PNG. Pray for the Mark family as they look to transition from PNG to the Ethnos360 Aviation headquarters in Arizona, USA, in 2026.

Friday, Feb 16:

Three Thousand Lamogai Bibles

Dave and Nancy Brunn, now serving from the USA, previously served in Papua New Guinea for more than 20 years working on translating the Bible for the Lamogai people. “Praise God with us for His wondrous provision! He has graciously supplied all the funds needed to print the Lamogai Bibles and ship them to Papua New Guinea (PNG).

“We plan to print 3,000 copies to make sure there are plenty of Bibles to meet the needs of the 18 Lamogai churches over the next several years.

“One of the last important steps is a final read-through of the text of the entire Bible by younger Lamogai adults. ... We want to make sure the newly printed Lamogai Bibles are as up to date as possible.” Pray that God would grant the translation team wisdom as they conduct the final read-through.

Thursday, Feb 15:

Access to the Bible in Text and Audio Format

Jevon and Danica Rich minister among the M people of Brazil. “What a difference it makes to have Genesis, Exodus 1-20 and the Gospel of John in the M language! While the translators forge ahead working on other books of the Bible and training new translators, Jevon and I have focused our efforts on engaging the people around us with the books that are already available. ... Genesis and John audio recordings are finished and available accompanying the text on the M Bible app.”

Praise the Lord that the M people have portions of the Bible available to them in text and audio format. Pray that God would continue to provide tools and resources for the M Bible translation. Pray that Jevon and Danica would continue to become more proficient in the M language as they faithfully minister to the M people.

Wednesday, Feb 14:

Temptations of the World

Paul and Tina McDole minister in the Asia-Pacific region. Paul has been ministering to his friend Sami and Sami’s wife, May, in their home, teaching them the Bible from Genesis to Christ. “Praise God May believed and is now active in our church. ... Sami has heard the gospel but has not yet decided to believe.”

Sami is sick and faces pressure from men in the region. “They believe that sick people are guilty. The guilty need to confess their faults, offer sacrifices and praise their fathers. They told him it is fine to take medicine, join a religion and pray, but you cannot stop praying to your ancestors.

“The Creator of all is the only One to be worshipped, and Sami needs to decide which side he is on in the spiritual battle around us.

“Thanks for praying for Sami and May. Please pray for the church here as we grow and learn how best to respond to the pressures and temptations in the world around us.”

Tuesday, Feb 13:

Guest House Ministry

Torre and Narah Meissner serve at the missionary guest house for the field of Mexico that is located in Texas. This past year Narah was able to attend a conference on trauma. The conference equipped Narah to better minister to people who come through the guest house. “This weekend of training has already been a help and resource within our ministry as I feel better equipped to walk alongside others who are going through hard times, and I have the knowledge of where to direct them in God's Word.”

“Please continue to pray for the relationships we develop and build with the missionaries who stay at the guest house. We are in prayer that God would show us how we can best minister to their spiritual and relational needs while they stay here.”

Monday, Feb 12:

Seventy New Believers

Jack and Suzie Russell, currently working itinerantly, minister to the Simba people of Bolivia. Recently Simba ministers taught two three-day Bible conferences at different villages. Over 450 Simba people attended each conference. “They were asking so many questions and were under conviction that their traditional beliefs about God were not true. What a crisis for them! There has been a lot of foundational teaching in these two locations — all in the Simba language. In the end there were at least 70 more people who solidly expressed faith in Christ! Praise the Lord! On the December 31, two of the Simba ministers baptized 32 more believers.”

Because the conference attendees are “spread out far and wide,” meeting with the new believers is a challenge. Pray for the Simba ministers who visit the people regularly. “Pray that they will continue to keep their eyes on Jesus and press on.”

Friday, Feb 09:

Building Relationships and Teaching the Bible

Richard and Wendy minister among the PK people of Southeast Asia Mainland. Richard has been teaching Bible lessons to several people in the village. “Pray for Richard as he prepares the lessons for teaching. ... Pray for these families, that they will grow in their understanding of who God is and that salvation comes through faith alone.”

They have moved to a different part of the village to be near their new co-workers Sara and Angie who have finished language study and will begin learning the PK language and culture. “Our ‘new’ house is ... in a much better location for interacting with the community. Pray that we would build close relationships with the people in our new neighborhood.”

This year Richard and Wendy will be digging into Bible translation. “Pray for us as we go forward with this very important job. Pray for members of the community to give us the help we need.”

Thursday, Feb 08:

Evangelistic Courses

Grant and Marianne Bayfield minister in the Philippines. “The ladies are now 11 weeks into their evangelistic course, and although the teachers have much to learn, they are gradually giving the gospel to other ladies in the village. Some of these ladies have never heard the gospel before!

“The men are only a few weeks into their course, and we have at least eight attendees who have never heard the gospel lessons before, including some of the [tuberculosis] patients from remote villages. Please pray for consistent attendance for both hearers and teachers (Satan has a lot of ways to distract us from what’s important!) and for the teachers to continue to improve in engaging their hearers and not just reading the lessons.” Watch a video.

Wednesday, Feb 07:

Lots of Projects in Mexico

Matt and Starr Arnold, currently living in the USA, serve with Ethnos México. Matt is director of the consultant team in Mexico. He has many ministry opportunities for the first quarter of 2024. “I will be teaching classes at the Ethnos360 Training Center from February 9 to March 1. Thanks for prayers for energy, passion for the material and the ability to communicate well.”

Pray for Matt as he works on developing Bible lessons for people from Mexico who come from animistic backgrounds and developing teaching materials for the Tepehuan people group.

Tuesday, Feb 06:

Ecclesiastes and Jeremiah for the Higaunon People

Ron and Michelle Jennings minister among the Higaunon people of the Philippines. Their co-workers Lance and Laura Ostman will join them for translation work. “During their time here, we are hoping to get Ecclesiastes and Jeremiah finalized with our Higaunon checkers. [It will] probably take a couple of weeks but spread out with breaks between, so just a few days at a time to give our checker’s brain a rest. Like us, our main checker Tadha' is getting older, and I am sure his memory is not as good as it used to be. He has also had his fair share of sickness over the past six months. So please pray with us that he will be up to the task as the checking process takes a lot of memory work on his part.”

Pray for good health and endurance for the translation team as they continue translating God’s Word into the Higaunon language.

Monday, Feb 05:

Progress on the Tigak New Testament

Ned and Linn Beall, who serve from the USA and Papua New Guinea (PNG), minister among the Tigak people group of PNG. Ned serves as a translator and translation consultant. The Tigak New Testament was completed in 2019. The Bealls will soon be returning to PNG to do a translation check on portions of the Old Testament. “[Ned] has quite a bit of Old Testament to check while we are in Papua New Guinea. Please pray that he would have all the Tigak helpers he needs to complete the checks that are needed.”

Friday, Feb 02:

The Documentation Problem

Gene and Carol Trudeau minister among the Manubu’ people of the Philippines. “Some [Manubu’] believers have resorted to at least temporarily becoming members of churches with different doctrines which have authority to issue marriage and baptismal or dedication certificates [necessary documents for their children to register for school or graduate from high school or college]. The answers to these problems are not easy to find. So, please pray as we work with the Manubu’ to try to find the best solution to this problem.”

The Trudeaus want to prepare Bible lessons for the young people who are moving away from their families and homes to attend school. “Please pray for the Manubu' young people [who are] believers — that they would not yield to the temptations of the world.”

Thursday, Feb 01:

Hebrews Translation Check

Adam and Julie Martin, currently serving from the USA, minister among the Akolet people of Papua New Guinea. The book of Hebrews has been translated into the Akolet language. The Martins hoped to meet together with their Akolet translation helpers to have the book checked and approved for printing in January, but the translation check has now been pushed to early spring. “Once Hebrews has been checked, another 3.77% of the Akolet New Testament will be officially completed.

“Would you pray for us for this check to come together, that the time of reconnecting with more dear Akolet friends would be mutually encouraging, that God would enable Hebrews to be ready for printing and that this wonderful book would be a blessing to the Akolet believers?”

Wednesday, Jan 31:

Growth Amid Tragedy

Seth and Kaitlyn Sanford minister among the Konomala people group of Papua New Guinea. Recently a young man in the Konomala church named Totirip died in a tragic accident, and his parents Anita and Keti faced pressure from their community to act in anger and demand “justice.”

“In the end, Satan’s focused attempts to paralyze the church were a brilliant failure. Keti and Anita are stronger than ever in their weakness. The church is closer together and more confident than ever in Jesus and the good life available in Him.

“It’s certainly not because of anyone’s great strength or ability … but because of Jesus. In the midst of pain and tragedy, He is better.

“Pray that we keep growing together as a church. ... Pray for Keti and Anita as they are still grieving the loss of Totirip. Pray that the church would continue loving them well.”