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Friday, Jun 21:

Teaching, Teaching, Teaching

Joe and Kandi Depue minister among the Baniwa people of Brazil. In April, Joe and two Baniwa believers, Erasto and Abraham, travelled to a village down river to teach from the Bible. “This provided such an excellent opportunity to disciple and feed these two believers who desperately needed to be taught again.”

Pray for Erasto and Abraham to have a clear understanding of God’s Word as they teach their families and community. Pray for the Depues as they ask God for “wisdom of when to teach and to what kind of group.” Pray for a group of young moms who are being taught by Kandi and “seem to be getting it.” Pray for “wisdom of how many and what responsibilities we should take on this next school year.”

Thursday, Jun 20:

The Homes of Ethnos360 Needs You

The Homes of Ethnos360 exists to provide attractive, affordable, efficient and economical housing for retired Ethnos360 missionaries. It takes a team of people to best honor, serve and be a blessing to those who gave their lives to the spread of the gospel. Pray that the Lord would direct more laborers to serve at The Homes. Volunteers and career missionaries are needed to fill roles in food preparation, housekeeping, nursing/personal care, building maintenance, welding, plumbing, auto mechanics and more. More information about volunteer and career opportunities at The Homes.

Wednesday, Jun 19:

Bible Translation in West Africa

Lív serves as a Bible translator for a people group in West Africa. On June 20, a translation consultant will begin the final check of the book of Exodus. “Please pray for health and stamina for us and the language helpers for the long days. Pray that the Lord gives wisdom and insight so that we can make the necessary changes. Pray also that all the practical things will fall into place and go smoothly. I am also going through and correcting the draft of the book of Judges that the young translator has done. Pray for wisdom and that we will be able to finish it before the check of Exodus so that he can start taping it in July.”

Tuesday, Jun 18:

Bible Lessons for the Chimane

Dan and Judy Burke minister among the Chimane people of Bolivia. “We are halfway through our first cycle of discipleship courses. … The 21 men in Class 5 have studied through the 60+ chronological Bible lessons. … [T]hey also finished up Dan’s book on faith … [W]hat a joy it was to hear each man give clear testimony that he believes that Christ died in his place on the cross and [that] he is trusting in the finished work of Christ for salvation.”

Pray for the women in Class 5 as they study the life of Abraham and for Class 6 as they begin chronological Bible lessons. “What a privilege to be a part in this work seeing Chimane people being taught, coming to believe and growing in their faith.”

Monday, Jun 17:

[Eager] to Hear God’s Talk

Scott and Natasha Flaugher, currently on home assignment, minister among the Elsengg people of Asia Pacific. “[As] we continue plugging away at the [Bible] lessons, there is light at the end of the tunnel! However, we have a tall stack of drafted lessons that haven’t been comprehension checked yet. Please pray that we will be able to coordinate checking these drafts with a native Elsengg speaker.”

The Flaughers are encouraged to hear that an Elsengg man was asking about their return to Asia Pacific and “[eager] to hear God’s talk!” In September, the Flaughers plan to return to Asia Pacific for another year and a half of ministry among the Elsengg. “Would you join us in praying for God’s provision to make this happen? We are nearing the culmination of our years of ministry among the Elsengg. We can’t wait to see what God will do!”

Friday, Jun 14:

Training Missionaries in Asia Pacific

Paul and Tina McDole minister among the Buru people of Asia Pacific. “We are praising God for our co-workers … Rocky, Mise and Fatia!” They are Buru believers who have gone through the Bible and missions training school and are now serving in church ministry and sharing God’s Word in local unbelievers’ homes. “We still have four Buru students who are at the Bible and missions training school. They have just finished the Bible training and are beginning the missions training. … The Bible and missions training school needs prayer now. This school year they are not accepting students because there is no room to house them. Please pray for the funds needed to finish building more student housing.”

To give to this project, click here. Scroll to “Give Where Most Needed.” Designate the funds “for IND FF – PPMMP Projects ST7.”

Thursday, Jun 13:

Progress in the Punan Translation

Rachel Searcy is translating the Bible for the Punan people of Asia Pacific. Her father, David Searcy, who formerly ministered among the Punan, reports that “Rachel finished the final check session with the mission consultant. They completed Ephesians; 1, 2 and 3 John; Colossians; Jude; Philemon; Proverbs; Jonah; and 200 verses of Psalms. … Here is the current status of what is yet to be done: Matthew is ready for [a] consultant check. Romans is comprehension checked and needs a back-to-English (BTE) [written check]. Second Corinthians, Hebrews, 1 and 2 Peter need comprehension checking and BTE [checking].”

Praise the Lord for the progress made in the Punan translation. Pray for Rachel and the Punan translation team as they diligently work to complete this project.

Wednesday, Jun 12:

More of God’s Word for Biem

Brandon and Rachel Buser minister among the Biem people of Papua New Guinea. Six Biem believers made a long journey to join the Busers and consultant Greg Melendes for a translation check. “We checked nearly 1,400 verses of New Testament translation in nine days.” The translation team battled long days and illnesses, “and through it all God poured out His grace. At the end of it we saw 11 books of the Biem New Testament completed and got to enjoy the power of the Word as it convicted and encouraged each of us.” Praise the Lord for the progress made in the Biem Bible translation.

Tuesday, Jun 11:

Manobo Church Ministries

Grant and Marianne Bayfield minister among the Manobo people of the Philippines. As tuberculosis (TB) patients undergo a six-month treatment plan, Manobo believers from the local church teach the patients and other newcomers Bible lessons. “[Pray for] our new TB patients whom we are taking care of, that they would heal, and that they would continue to listen to the Bible lessons and learn and put their trust in the Lord Jesus. Also, [pray] for the ones who have headed home, that God would bring the truths they learned back to their minds.”

Pray for a group of high school students in the church who are leading a kids’ program in the local church and an outreach church. Pray for Bible teachers who are learning how to be good learners and communicators. Pray for Grant as he drafts Bible stories in the Manobo language.

Monday, Jun 10:

Outreaches, Outreaches and More Outreaches

Ben and Nikki Buckner minister among the Nakanai people of Papua New Guinea. Ben and several leaders of the Nakanai church are currently leading outreaches in four different Nakanai villages. Pray that God would grant the Bible teachers wisdom and good communication skills as they teach and disciple and overcome cultural obstacles. Pray for a woman named Claudia as she challenges cultural norms to attend Bible study. Pray that God would use her testimony “to create an interest and a hunger in the lives of her family and neighbors to hear this study of the Bible for themselves.” The door has been closed for an outreach opportunity in one Nakanai village. Pray that if it is His will, God would open the door again.

Friday, Jun 07:

Sekadau Bible Dedication

Paul and Bella Gervasi minister among the Sekadau people of Asia Pacific. The Sekadau church recently celebrated a Bible dedication. Praise God for a time of celebration and fellowship among the Sekadau church family, guests from various countries, and current and former teammates. “We just want to thank God that the dedication went well and that He was glorified. Pray for the church … that they will be of one heart and mind as they serve the Lord together.”

Pray for the Gervasis as they continue to revise Sekadau Bible lessons, prepare to leave the Sekadau church and ask God for wisdom in deciding where to serve Him next.

Thursday, Jun 06:

Experiencing Hunger

Bobby and Sandy Jank minister among the Yanomamö people of Latin America. “Many Yanomamö are experiencing hunger these days. Pray that God will allow them to find what they need to feed their families and that their gardens will begin to produce again! Praise God, many Yanomamö are also experiencing a spiritual hunger for better understanding of God’s Word and how to apply it to their lives! Please pray God will give us wisdom to meet these spiritual needs.”

The Janks and the Yanomamö people are now able to communicate with each other remotely through the Internet. This brings new possibilities and new challenges. “Please pray for wisdom and God’s provision as we work to get more Internet systems out to the Yanomamö villages. There are many decisions to be made.”

Wednesday, Jun 05:

The Door Is Open

André and Aurélie Tousch minister among the Iski people of Papua New Guinea. “[An Iski church,] the M church, has started a literacy program in the neighboring S village, across the river. In 2019 during the outreach in village M, a few people from S came to the meetings, so we visited them regularly in their village to chat with them and talk about the gospel. But after a few weeks, we had to stop going to this village because the majority of the population was opposed to the teaching. There had even been death threats against a Christian lady in this village.

“What joy to see that even among the leaders of this community, now many want to hear the gospel, and Christians are free to come to their village! The literacy program is a prelude to the outreach that is expected to begin later this year.” Praise God for this opening to share the gospel with the people of village S. Pray for the M church as they teach literacy and prepare for this upcoming outreach.

Tuesday, Jun 04:

God Is Working Through the Malaumanda Church

An updated translation of the New Testament for the Malaumanda people of Papua New Guinea (PNG) has been printed and shipped to PNG and will soon be flown into Malaumanda. Their first Bible dedication was held in 2014, and a new Bible dedication is planned for June 4, 2024 (today). Praise God that the Malaumanda church has ready access to God’s Word, is thriving and is reaching other villages with the gospel.

Monday, Jun 03:

Nukak Literacy Primers Update

Colin and Megan Rogers minister among the Nukak people of Colombia. In April, we prayed that God would provide the funds necessary for the team to create literacy primers for the Nukak people. “Through the generosity of a great group of donors, we reached and passed our fundraising goals for the primer project! The Nukak team should have plenty of funds to finish the project, and some extra for reaching further literacy goals afterward. Please join us in praising God for His provision!

“Our three-week literacy primer workshop will be from June 17 to July 5. Please pray for us as we continue to prepare, and especially during those weeks, that the Lord would help us make great progress!”

Friday, May 31:

Pastor Ordination and Believers’ Baptisms

Merrill and Teresa Dyck minister among the P2 people of Latin America. The P2 church has had men functioning as elders for many years now, but different circumstances have prevented the men from being officially ordained as elders before the church. Recently the national team came to the P2 church for a visit. “Our team presented the five pastors before the church body, and there was unanimous agreement among them. … These five fellows … were officially ordained before the local body of Christ.

“After the ordination, the five pastors were going over their responsibilities as shepherds. … There were quite a few who were wanting to be baptized. And so, the following day, after teaching on baptism once again, many of the believers and those who wanted to be baptized hiked to a lake 35 minutes away. And there they baptized 23 believers.” Praise God for the growth and maturity shown by the P2 church.

Thursday, May 30:

10,000 Radios for the P1 People

Tim Walker ministers to the P1 people of Latin America via radios. Tim cannot minister among the P1 people physically, but their radios allow the P1 people to listen to broadcasted Bible teachings and music by Tim and recorded readings of the New Testament, all in the P1 language. “We estimate there could be up to 100,000 P1 [people]. There are at least 11,000 believers and over 200 churches that we know of. ... The Lord is working powerfully and in high volume of numbers as the P1 people have an incredible hunger to know God. The church is growing rapidly, both numerically and in spiritual maturity. The radios are having a huge impact on this!”

Praise God for the impact these radios have had among the P1 people. Pray that many more would come to know Him through the hearing of His Word.

Wednesday, May 29:

Egis-Egis Camp

Elise Long ministers among the Palawano people of the Philippines. “Over 200 Palawanos gathered for our Egis-Egis Camp (riverside camp)! ... What a joy to see five guys [from village M] lead the discussion groups after the messages, preached by Palawanos, Reshal and Jeboy! Groups of men, women, youth and children all engaged as they discussed ‘Loving Family.’” Praise the Lord for this time of fellowship and growth.

During the camp, “a very difficult family issue arose,” but the situation was handled in a godly way. “Please pray for the emerging leaders of the M church as they navigate their role in these kinds of issues and as they interact with the people group leaders and traditional justice systems. These systems are not always congruent with biblical truths.”

Tuesday, May 28:

Teaching in the Philippines

Sue-Melissa Guillaume serves in the Philippines as an elementary science teacher at Faith Academy, the school for missionary kids (MKs). “Please ... keep our students in your prayers. Pray that the Lord would comfort them, for wisdom for us teachers as we come alongside these students and for parents knowing how to love their kids well while doing ministry. We currently have a group of students who are really struggling emotionally, [particularly one nine-year-old student,] ... so please join us in prayer for the hearts of our students.

“Along those lines, next school year we are in need of some major roles to be filled. We really need classroom teachers, people who have a passion for teaching children and reaching their hearts for Christ.” Pray that the Lord would lead missionary teachers to the MK school in the Philippines.

Find opportunities for serving as a missionary teacher.

Monday, May 27:

Relaunching a Training Program in West Africa

Dan and Casie serve with the International Ministries Team in assisting West Africa in equipping church planters. “The training team in West Africa has worked hard to provide Bible and cross-cultural church planting training for Africans and other French-speaking servants of the church. They would like to launch this program in October, but there is still much to do. Pray that they will know how best to spend their time and energy.”