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Monday, Jul 15:

Teaching on the Ten Commandments

Aaron and Amy, along with co-workers Guy and Keyla, minister among the G people of West Africa. Because of a recent event involving the village where they live and a neighboring village, Bible lessons were put on break for three weeks. Recently, Aaron and Guy were able to start teaching again. “We taught on the Ten Commandments, and the lesson was well followed. A couple times the whole group got really quiet. I believe it was because they realized that they will not be able to make themselves acceptable to God by simply being better than others.”

Pray that the weather and the situation with the neighboring village would not prevent the Bible lessons from continuing. Pray that God would be working in the hearts of the G people.

Friday, Jul 12:

Establishing an Alphabet

Rhett and Stacie Stous minister among the Kovol people of Papua New Guinea. Two years ago, they began establishing an alphabet in the Kovol language. They have been able to involve the Kovol people in this process, hoping the people will take ownership in their literacy. Praise the Lord, this project is now finished.

Pray for wisdom for Rhett as he processes language data in the USA. Pray that this time of diligent preparation will help the team “be able to present the gospel in a way that is thought provoking and compelling, not vague and able to be blended with their preexisting beliefs.”

Thursday, Jul 11:

A Divinely Appointed Windstorm

Gary and Esther Smith serve in support roles in Papua New Guinea. They formerly ministered among the Dinangat people and were recently able to go back for a visit. They learned that a “former outreach church group” has started an outreach in a different Dinangat village. A windstorm had driven the church out of their homes and to this new village, and the believers began sharing God’s Message with these new friends. The Smiths are encouraged that the church “just saw the need and went for it.”

Praise God for the way He orchestrated this interaction. Pray that many in this village would hear the gospel and believe.

Wednesday, Jul 10:

Taking Initiative

Ron and Michelle Jennings minister among the Higaunon people of the Philippines. Recently, the Jennings were encouraged to hear that the church had organized a seminar for the teenage children of their Bible teachers. The Jennings were also encouraged by the ladies of the Higaunon church who “have been putting money aside every week, as much as they can afford.” The ladies used this money to surprise a church leader with a motorbike that will aid in church ministry in remote locations.

Praise the Lord that the Higaunon church is taking initiative in caring for each other and for others. Pray that God would continue to bless the church through their obedience to Him.

Tuesday, Jul 09:

Interest in Hearing the Gospel

Doug Schermerhorn, now retired, ministered among the Emberá people of Panama and continues to be involved in developing teaching materials. “I have regular contact with some of the Emberá believers in Panama. My good friend Limber made a two-week evangelistic trip to Colombia and reports that there was much interest in hearing the gospel. He left some of the new Kulumi [audio] players there. Pray that as people listen to the message, they would trust Christ for salvation. Limber hopes to return to Colombia in November to teach for a longer period. … Pray that we would know if and how many more Kulumi audio players could be used effectively there.”

Monday, Jul 08:

A New Airstrip Among the Saluan

Jared and Carol Kresge serve in aviation in Asia Pacific. A new airstrip has been built in village K, a new outreach area among the Saluan people. “This is one of the highs of missionary aviation: seeing local missionaries initiate work on a new airstrip to enable them to reach other people groups more efficiently with the gospel.” Before the team built this new airstrip, the nearest airstrip to village K was an arduous 18-mile hike. Now they can fly there in less than 10 minutes. The Kresges are “thankful to be a part of such a significant step in the furtherance of the gospel among unreached people” and ask that we “take a moment to pray for the message of God's grace to go forward without hindrance among the people of village K.”

Friday, Jul 05:

A New Team in Papua New Guinea

Jezekiel and Anna Van Der Decker serve in Papua New Guinea. “Team formation has been one of our constant prayer requests over the past couple of years since first moving to Papua New Guinea – that God would give clarity and direction in forming a church planting team with other missionaries. Praise the Lord for answering prayers! We are so blessed that God is leading us to form a church planting team with the Doerr family (with four kids) from the US and the Islamaj family (with two kids) from Germany! Please pray for unity and direction as we trust the Lord with many upcoming decisions as a team.” Pray for the team as they make decisions and preparations to live among a people group in a remote location. Pray that they would trust the Lord to provide for their needs. Pray for unity among the team.

Thursday, Jul 04:

Much to Be Done in Mozambique

Matt and Debi Zook minister among the Lolo and Kokola people of Mozambique. “The Lolo team … is preparing for a consultant check of 2 Chronicles in July. The Kokola team … is preparing for a consultant check of the rest Numbers in August.” Pray that these checks will bring the Bible translations closer to completion.

“Debi keeps busy running the homeschool in the mornings, faithfully meeting with women each weekday afternoon, and teaching Bible lessons to children each Saturday morning. Pray for good fruit in all her endeavors.” On weekdays, the team teaches literacy classes and classes for Bible readers. “Pray with us for the salvation of the students.”

Wednesday, Jul 03:

Presenting the Gospel to Children

Colton and Tanja Twigg serve in Paraguay. “We … continue to serve out in our church plant [through our local church]. Most Sundays, it is the children who are the faithful ones and average anywhere from 10 to 20 kids per week. We are so thankful to the Lord for these lives we get to reach for Him. Please pray for the hearts of these children as they hear the gospel presented to them, that they come to saving faith in Christ. Please pray that we would see more interest from their parents. Pray that the Holy Spirit would stir these parents to come and hear the gospel as well.”

Tuesday, Jul 02:

Bible Lessons Begin

Cole and Hannah Hinderager minster among the Northern Isnag people of the Philippines. Earlier this month, they began walking through the Bible chronologically with the Northern Isnag people. Lessons take place three times a week and will continue from June through September. “Pray for many neighbors to attend … [and be] committed to hearing God’s whole story. Pray for the clear gospel to be understood. Pray for Cole as he teaches in Isnag. Pray for us both as we spend time with our friends gauging what’s being understood and clarifying misunderstandings. Pray for our kids to see God’s power at work. Pray God’s name is glorified."

Monday, Jul 01:

Yanomamö Hunger Relief

Bobby and Sandy Jank minister among the Yanomamö people of Latin America. Earlier this month, we prayed for the Yanomamö people as they are experiencing hunger due to a food shortage. Please continue to pray. If the funds can be raised, the fuel obtained and the necessary permissions granted, a national pilot can fly food into the village. “This time of scarcity should be coming to an end in five or six months as some of the more hardy crops will bounce back with all the rain. And after that, the things they planted this year should take over. So even just this one flight could make this whole situation much better.”

To give towards this pressing need, use theGive where most needed page. Designate the funds “for Yanomamo Church Plant Project YANOPROY - SADI Latin America.”

Friday, Jun 28:

Missionaries for the Kuripaco People

Misael and Celia Rodríguez serve in West Brazil. They formerly ministered among the Baniwa people, but they have recently been given permission by field leadership to start preparations to relocate among the Kuripaco people. “We’ve been told that the Kuripaco have not had any kind of missionary work among them for almost 20 years. Even though the logistics of getting to them are very challenging, we feel that God would have us go forward by faith.” Pray for the Rodríguezes as they endeavor to establish friendships, plan survey work and obtain permission from authorities to live among the Kuripaco.

Thursday, Jun 27:

Lovingly in Control

Andy and Chrissy Shaub minister among the Awa people of Ecuador. They are currently translating the book of Joshua. Pray for Awa translation helpers to be consistently available to help with translation. Awa translation worker S stopped translation work after her son was injured. “For the Awa, when something bad happens, you think about what you may have done in the past weeks or months that broke taboos or was spiritually dangerous.” Pray that God would restore S’s relationship with the Shaubs. Pray for the Awa believers to “see God as lovingly in control.”

Wednesday, Jun 26:

Building and Maintaining an Airstrip

Jeremy and Renee Walker minister among the Awyu people of Asia Pacific. “There has been a lot accomplished in the past few months to move ministry forward. … [W]e made significant progress on [our co-workers] the Hilapoks’ house. … We also have officially bought a tractor! … We are grateful for the funds we have received for the purchase of the tractor, but we still lack the complete funds for shipping and a mower attachment to maintain the airstrip once it is finished.”

Pray that God would provide the remaining funds for this project so the team can build and maintain the airstrip crucial to their ministry among the Awyu.

To give to this project, click here. Scroll to “Give Where Most Needed.” Designate the funds “for Team Awyu — Asia Pacific TAWY.”

Tuesday, Jun 25:

Standing Upon Their Faith

Jim and Judy Burdett, serving from the USA, minister to the Dom people of Papua New Guinea. Jim is currently writing lessons on the book of Hebrews for the Dom people. The Dom New Testament has been updated and is ready to be reprinted. Pray for progress in the lessons and the printing process.

Meanwhile, Dom church leaders Gena, Bapka and Kapia are “busy about the Lord’s work, speaking at conferences and outreaches.” Pray for the leaders and their families. A church of a false religion has moved into the area and is enticing the Dom people to attend their church by offering to pay their children’s school fees. Pray that the Dom people will “stand upon their faith and walk in the Spirit.”

Monday, Jun 24:

Flooding, Loss and Sickness

Jason and Nisae Williamson minister among the Iski people of Papua New Guinea. The Iski people have faced many trials lately. Flooding has destroyed their gardens, eliminating “everything they depended on eating for the following few months.” The flooding also destroyed homes and caused an increase in malaria and other illnesses. Meanwhile, “the local clinic has been out of medical supplies to treat those afflicted. Despite all of this, the church leaders have not lost their trust and hope in God’s provision. … [T]hey said they are still joyful, trusting God, and thankful for the little food He’s provided for them.” Pray that God would provide for the needs of the Iski people and that they would continue to give thanks to Him through these trials.

To give towards meeting the Iski’s needs, click here. Scroll to “Give Where Most Needed.” Designate the funds “for PNG 472025 Iski Ministry.”

Friday, Jun 21:

Teaching, Teaching, Teaching

Joe and Kandi Depue minister among the Baniwa people of Brazil. In April, Joe and two Baniwa believers, Erasto and Abraham, travelled to a village down river to teach from the Bible. “This provided such an excellent opportunity to disciple and feed these two believers who desperately needed to be taught again.”

Pray for Erasto and Abraham to have a clear understanding of God’s Word as they teach their families and community. Pray for the Depues as they ask God for “wisdom of when to teach and to what kind of group.” Pray for a group of young moms who are being taught by Kandi and “seem to be getting it.” Pray for “wisdom of how many and what responsibilities we should take on this next school year.”

Thursday, Jun 20:

The Homes of Ethnos360 Needs You

The Homes of Ethnos360 exists to provide attractive, affordable, efficient and economical housing for retired Ethnos360 missionaries. It takes a team of people to best honor, serve and be a blessing to those who gave their lives to the spread of the gospel. Pray that the Lord would direct more laborers to serve at The Homes. Volunteers and career missionaries are needed to fill roles in food preparation, housekeeping, nursing/personal care, building maintenance, welding, plumbing, auto mechanics and more. More information about volunteer and career opportunities at The Homes.

Wednesday, Jun 19:

Bible Translation in West Africa

Lív serves as a Bible translator for a people group in West Africa. On June 20, a translation consultant will begin the final check of the book of Exodus. “Please pray for health and stamina for us and the language helpers for the long days. Pray that the Lord gives wisdom and insight so that we can make the necessary changes. Pray also that all the practical things will fall into place and go smoothly. I am also going through and correcting the draft of the book of Judges that the young translator has done. Pray for wisdom and that we will be able to finish it before the check of Exodus so that he can start taping it in July.”

Tuesday, Jun 18:

Bible Lessons for the Chimane

Dan and Judy Burke minister among the Chimane people of Bolivia. “We are halfway through our first cycle of discipleship courses. … The 21 men in Class 5 have studied through the 60+ chronological Bible lessons. … [T]hey also finished up Dan’s book on faith … [W]hat a joy it was to hear each man give clear testimony that he believes that Christ died in his place on the cross and [that] he is trusting in the finished work of Christ for salvation.”

Pray for the women in Class 5 as they study the life of Abraham and for Class 6 as they begin chronological Bible lessons. “What a privilege to be a part in this work seeing Chimane people being taught, coming to believe and growing in their faith.”