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Friday, Jan 27:

Ethnos360 Training

Pray for volunteers or be the answer to that prayer. The missionary training center (called Ethnos360 Training) equips men and women to join the Ethnos360 church planting teams in Latin America, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region. Type of work: building maintenance, landscaping, construction-related work, masonry, heavy equipment users and electrical.

Facilities: There are air-conditioned guest facilities and an RV park with hook-ups. The Missionary Training Center is outside Camdenton in central Missouri.

Find out more about volunteering.

Watch a Video.

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Thursday, Jan 26:

Ethnos360's Retirement Center

Pray for volunteers or be the answer to that prayer. The Homes of Ethnos360 serves the needs of missionaries who have retired from works around the world. Volunteers are needed for building maintenance, handyman repairs, carpentry, wiring, painting, plumbing, concrete work, grounds and landscaping, auto mechanics, welding and fabrication, and cleaning and sewing.

Our Assisted Living Facility often has opportunities for food preparation, housekeeping and hair dressing. We desire to match people having specific skills with corresponding projects, yet we ask that all volunteers be willing to be flexible.

The Homes of Ethnos360 does not provide housing for volunteers, but those with Recreation Vehicles can schedule to stay in our RV park for free, with full hookups, and a clubhouse with restrooms, showers, laundry, and a large area for potlucks, games and breaks. Learn about volunteering.

Wednesday, Jan 25:

Ethnos360 Aviation

ray for volunteers or be the answer to that prayer. Ethnos360 Aviation has a facility in McNeal, Arizona, that serves as the international headquarters for Ethnos360 Aviation worldwide. Teamwork and commitment are highly valued as we serve personnel with our global fleet. Use your skills on the team as we are involved in administration, flight training and aircraft maintenance training along with the maintenance of our facility. Type of work: building and facilities maintenance and repairs, carpentry, wiring, painting, plumbing and concrete work.

The facilities are houses and mobile homes, offices, maintenance facilities and aircraft hangers, 20 RV hookups with full service and laundry facilities. We are located 20 miles north of the Mexican border, about two hours southeast of Tucson in the Sulphur Springs Valley. Tombstone and the O.K. Corral are about 30 miles away. Some 35 miles away are Bisbee and the Copper Queen mine. The former home of the Apache people group and their chiefs (such as Geronimo and Cochise) -- the Chiricahua National Monument, featuring the Wonderland of Rocks -- is approximately 60 miles away. Learn about volunteering.

Tuesday, Jan 24:

The Bible Printed and Electronic App Formatted

Nathan and Becky minister itinerantly in Southeast Asia Mainland. “About 15 years ago the completed L Bible was dedicated and presented to the L Church. It was a joyous occasion of celebration as the believers and followers of Jesus finally held the complete Bible in their hands, written in their heart language. Over the next weeks that followed, I heard a comment from a pastor who said, ‘I have studied and read my [trade language] Bible for many years. The verses I have memorized are in [that] language, and I cannot read the L Bible as quickly. But if I don’t understand a verse or passage in the [first] Bible, I can read it in my heart language, and then I understand.’ In more recent years, the P Bible (New Testament and Old Testament portions) has also been completed, and other Bible translation projects are ongoing. Now the L and P Bibles are available for download as an App on phones and tablets. Many young people are downloading these apps and reading the Bible in their heart language. They can carry it with them wherever they go. Please pray for the Bible translation projects that are still in progress. The translation teams need much wisdom as they carry the responsibility of translating the Word of God accurately and clearly.”

Monday, Jan 23:

Romans Teaching in Amdu

Benjamin and Missy Hatton minister among the Amdu people of Papua New Guinea. “Since we have been in America, our co-workers Bart and Emily Allen have continued to minister to the Amdu believers. Bart has been teaching through the book of Romans.

“One of the ways that the believers express how God's Word is impacting them is to say, ‘God's Word is really carving me up inside!’ This is the word used for shaping a piece of wood. It's the concept found in Romans 8:29 where it says we are being conformed to the image of Christ. We're delighted to hear these little details about our brothers and sisters and their growth in Jesus.

“Other meetings are happening regularly to help young believers get established, and Bart is planning another evangelistic outreach this spring. This outreach is going to be a shared effort with those believers who are most established in their understanding of the gospel. Pray for wisdom and grace as they learn and grow together.”

Friday, Jan 20:

New Printing Done

The Palmers minister among the K people of Asia Pacific. “Please be praying for the upcoming K outreach. People from up and down the K valley and neighboring valleys also have been invited by the K believers.

“Just like the initial teaching we did back in 2015, this will be focused on foundational, chronological teaching that starts at Creation and moves all the way through to the resurrection of Christ. Teaching is set to start later this month and go through March.

“In anticipation of that, we've taken the opportunity to get a new printing done on OT and NT portions, and it looks so much better than what we had before! I'm so thankful for Craig's work in arranging all of this with the printer and handling the shipping logistics.”

Thursday, Jan 19:

The Work

Daniel and Ashlee Christie minister among the Mamusi people of Papua New Guinea. “I fortunately was able to fly out to a location that the mission will soon be assisting. The people groups name is Mamusi. The Mamusi had a missionary living with them and teaching them back in the 1990s. Seeds of faith were planted, but a church was not established. Soon after, on the other side of the mountain range, a church was established with the Ata people group. The Ata quickly became a healthy, mature church and began sending their own missionaries over the mountains to the Mamusi. The Ata and the Mamusi speak different languages, but help came from those who knew both languages due to intermarriage.

“The Mamusi have been asking the mission to send a missionary to them for years. They hunger for the entirety of the Scriptures in their own language. Chris and Ingrid, [another couple], are heading into a small village of the Mamusi to help with Scripture translations, literacy and discipleship training.

“Two citizen workers, Brody, [a co-worker], and I went in with Chris to lay out the location that his house would be. With the help of the villagers, we poured footer pads, planted posts and cemented the posts in place.

“I have never been to a more remote location. I have never seen a group of people with less. I have also never met a group of people so generous, kind and faithful.

“A crew of men from Ata volunteered to carry two chainsaws and an Alaskan mill across the mountains to mill all the lumber for Chris and Ingrid's home.

“Our group was flown in by a Kodiak, but the plane was unable to come get us out. It was a two-day hike out on the roughest terrain I have ever seen. I forced our group to take a day's break in the middle. I was not sure that I could make it without resting. The men who carried the saws across the mountains for free did it in one day. I'm so impressed. Pray that we will learn the language quickly.”

Wednesday, Jan 18:

"A machete was my pencil"

David and Vanessa Maynard minister among the Isnag people of the Philippines. “We completed our first-ever seminar for training Bible teachers at the end of October. It was a three-day course that Devis and I created to help believers design their own Bible teaching.

“The morning of the seminar, Nando met me on the path and asked if there was any way he could join. He was embarrassed to ask because he'd never had the chance to finish his elementary education.

“‘Growing up, my parents needed me in the fields, and so a machete was my pencil. But I heard that some of Jesus' disciples also didn't have much schooling, and I was hoping I could be like them,’ he said. ‘Of course, grandfather! We would love to have you join us,’ I replied.

“According to my partners, Nando was someone who used to mock the other believers in the village. That was until a few years ago, when he became one himself. Other people in the village have noticed the change the gospel has had on his heart as well.

“Being a slow reader isn't a problem when you partner with others (Nando in blue). Each table worked as a group to combine their strengths to make a better lesson than any person could by themselves.

“Eleven believers finished our Level 1 Teaching Seminar. More people want to take this course, and Devis and I are in the process of making the next level. Vanessa did all the behind-the-scenes work by making shirts and certificates and by providing food for all the attendees. Pray that the Isnag believers grow in using their giftings.”

Tuesday, Jan 17:

A Look Ahead

Paul and Tina McDole minister among the B people of Asia Pacific. “Our future ministry seems to be continuing to disciple church leaders here among the B people and surrounding areas. Many of the men here among the B people work far from home, so we have found it difficult to meet often. We think it may be easier to gather at the dormitory, so we plan on meeting there for a few days of intensive study each month. In February of 2023, we plan on going back to [the village] where they recently received God’s Word in their own language. Our coworkers and Tina and I plan on spending a month there to help with some teaching on basic Inductive Bible Study and with church leadership function.” Pray that this teaching will be received well.

Monday, Jan 16:

New Believers are Rejoicing

Chad and Martha Earl minister among the Maliyali people of Papua New Guinea. “Christ's light has dawned in Maliyali, and new believers are rejoicing. Their joy is contagious! I just finished telling a friend what joy we get from hearing of their happiness found in Christ! She wanted to sit with me and ask questions about God's Word. At the end she said, ‘I used to think I was good and that I wouldn't go to hell. I tried to be happy ... but my happiness was empty of taste - I was sitting in darkness. But now I see God's True Words, and my happiness is ON TOP! I'm so thankful for you guys bringing God's talk.’ Wow! Humbling. I told her, ‘We were all so scared and wondering “What is God going to do? Will you guys believe Him? Will you understand this talk?” Our faith was so small! Now we are the ones who have big happiness! We received joy when He brought us back to Himself, and now we have even more joy watching HIS light come to Maliyali!’

“Now we are full swing into the second phase of Bible teaching: review of the Old Testament lessons in light of Christ's work. Pray this teaching strengthens the new believers and draws hardened hearts to [God]. Please pray for the new believers to continue coming to teaching in order to be strengthened by God's Word. Also pray for continued unity on our team. Satan wants nothing more than to thwart the gospel coming to Maliyali. Pray we are aware of his schemes.” Watch a video.

Friday, Jan 13:

Culture and Language Training Course

Brian and Brooke Johnson minister in Mexico. “A huge prayer request for us right now: Lord willing, we are planning to serve as table leaders for a culture and language training course in South Asia in March. It is the same course that we helped with in 2018 and attended in 2016. This is a huge opportunity for us. If we are able to go, we will have the chance to help train Christian workers who serve in many countries where regular/traditional missionaries can’t go. We can help train others and at the same time get further training ourselves as coaches in culture and language learning.

“This is huge to us especially right now as we are neck-deep in learning culture and language again, coaching our kids and also preparing once again to coach other missionaries. Lord willing, that is the ministry that we will move into here when our time in formal Spanish study is completed. The Lord is providing many new workers for Mexico who need to learn Spanish, and our leaders have asked us to consider helping this need by working as culture and language coaches. This training course will be very different for us because unlike the previous two courses, we plan to attend without our kids. Please pray for Brooke’s parents as they care for the kids while we are gone.

“As we coach our kids and coach ourselves, it has really stretched us and helped us to look at language acquisition in different ways — and we are really excited to be able to help others with what we have learned!”

Thursday, Jan 12:


Tim and Robin Walker minister in South America. “We have scheduled a P conference along the border for January. I will fly from here and be there for about two weeks. Reports from E say there may be about 500 coming. They will have to [hang] their hammocks along the river. The Lord is impressing on my heart to have the theme of the conference titled ‘The Unity of the Body of Christ’ as there has been brewing division and sects creeping into the P nation now for some time. I have invited everyone and would like to give delegates from every group … a turn to speak. Pray for unity. The more I grow in the Lord, the less picky I seem to become about where people are in their faith. Somehow that makes sense. There has to be a lot of room for people's individuality and stages of growth.”

Wednesday, Jan 11:

A Glance at What God is At Work Doing

Joel and Andi minister in West Africa. “On one of our last trips, we visited a team that is working on lesson preparations. It has been a slow process as it is a very challenging language. When we visited, the team was pretty discouraged. Yet since the last visit of one of our church planting consultants, they had begun working on lessons three nights a week with a group of men, including some of the religious leaders in the area. In the course of this, it became clear that one of these men had become a believer. When we visited, it was so clear how God was at work, and even if the progress on lessons was slower than they would like, they already had one person who understood God's message and believed. Sometimes in the daily grind of life, we need to step back and take a look at what God is at work doing.”

Tuesday, Jan 10:

How Can You Use Your Skills in Missions?

Bill and Katie Streeter minister in IT support in Papua New Guinea. They mention that the church planting team bears similarities to the Body of Christ. “When one part of the support team is lacking, the whole body suffers. 1 Corinthians 12:17-18 says, ‘If the whole body were an eye, where would the sense of hearing be? If the whole body were an ear, where would the sense of smell be? But in fact, God has placed the parts in the body, every one of them, just as he wanted them to be.’ Support staff is critical to the church planting effort! I may not even be here now had our medical team not been here to take quick action on my behalf. Have you ever wondered how you can use the skills God has given you to share the gospel with people who have never heard?”

See the support opportunities in PNG.

Here are some more opportunities to serve:

Monday, Jan 09:

Support Teams Need People

Bill and Katie Streeter minister in IT support in Papua New Guinea. “Support teams need people. I’ve had the pleasure to work directly with several church planters. One had a new computer to get running so their Bible translation work could continue. I also had the privilege to share with our latest group of new church planting families how our IT department can help them as they move into a remote location. Another church planter needed help building a Bible app for mobile devices so the Tigak church leaders could have another study tool.” Watch the Tigak Bible dedication.