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Friday, Jul 30:

Time for Sunday School

Tim and Rebecca Ingles minister among the Wano people in Asia Pacific. “We arrived back in Wanoland last week after our quick trip to town. We are very thankful that we were able to get the girls’ braces adjusted … when we did because things have recently shut down again. At this point we cannot travel off our island without being fully vaccinated and having a negative PCR test. So, it looks like we will be here … for the time being. We have been talking with the Bible teachers in P village twice a week, and things are going very well there. People gathered from all around the greater area, so they have a large crowd meeting six days a week for the chronological Bible teaching. They told us that there are about 40 little kids between 2 and 7 years old, and because they are causing distraction during the teaching time, the wives of the Bible teachers want to start up a Sunday school class there in P village. So, we have been busy preparing the materials to send them … along with medicine and other needed supplies. We are excited that these little ones will be able to hear teaching catered to them while their parents can focus on learning themselves. Please keep praying for the ongoing teaching there in P village.”

Thursday, Jul 29:

"Do Not Follow That Teaching."

Ed and Jeanne Casteel minister among the Wana people of Asia Pacific. “Years ago, when we first started to teach the gospel to the Wana people, there was one clan in particular that strongly rejected the gospel. This particular clan was instrumental in inviting us to come to live and work with the Wana, but when they found out that we did not come to bring them material wealth, they wanted nothing to do with us or the gospel we were teaching. They, in fact, rejected the gospel so strongly that they moved from the village to a different village with strong instructions to their family not to follow the missionary’s teaching. ‘Pa’a nTene’ (the father Tenay) was part of this clan. Tenay was just a young teenage lad when we first moved into Wana and was one of our language helpers. However, when his father and uncles decided to leave the village, he, of course, was forced to leave as well. One of his uncles rejected the gospel so strongly that his dying words were ‘Do not follow that teaching.’ To my knowledge none of the generation in that particular clan ever accepted the Lord, and they have since passed away into a Christless eternity. Needless to say, Tenay’s parents’ and uncle’s strong objection to the gospel had a great impact on him, his wife and kids. However, Tenay was very curious about the gospel and a number of years ago started to ask to be taught the gospel. He was very cautious and very noncommittal for a long time; however, we knew that a battle was taking place in his heart. After many years of listening to the gospel message, Tenay finally decided to put his faith and trust in Jesus as his Savior. His wife is still holding out, but some of his kids and one of their spouses have also recently trusted Christ. Tenay is just one example of others in that generation whose parents rejected the gospel. Of course, it is great to see the Holy Spirit’s work in their lives and to see this generation start to soften toward the gospel and many coming to know Him as Savior.”

Wednesday, Jul 28:

Bible Study and Fellowship

Dave and Fran Jordan minister among the P people of Southeast Asia Mainland. “With the COVID surge in April and increased restrictions going on, life has seemed a bit slower. If even one case of COVID is found — usually someone coming home from Bangkok area — there are lockdowns. Our district still has not had a case, although adjacent districts have. It is wonderful to see how God uses changes for new opportunities. Although the Christians in our village cannot go … for Sunday worship as before, we have had good times meeting together in a small group of about 15 to 20 next door at the coffee-roasting facility's roofed-over outdoor space. With college opening and [other] training delayed, a couple more young adults have joined our weekly Bible study on Romans. It has been a delight to have six to eight studying together and also having fellowship. Dave has been teaching through Ephesians in the village on Sundays and continues to meet with the church elders each week. This will be changed to every other week. One of his projects is writing a parenting course that can be taught in the churches. Converting older files and editing files of teaching curriculum, song books and literacy materials is ongoing. We are working toward the goal of leaving all the church resources in the hands of the P. Our greatest resource, God's Word, has become more available than ever. The P New Testament is now available on the YouVersion app. The organization, Faith Comes by Hearing, has added the P New Testament to their app. … What a blessing! Isn't the body of Christ amazing?”

Tuesday, Jul 27:

Progress Report

Jamie and Char Hunt minister among the Nivaclé people of Paraguay. “In May, our mission's translation consultant once again graciously made the long trek to Paraguay. After many days of rigorous checks to ensure accuracy and comprehension, three more books of the Bible have been approved for printing and distribution: Esther, Galatians and Philippians. Each book provides its own challenges. For Char, the elaborate decorations for the banquet scene in Esther which describe articles unknown to the Nivaclé as well as the diverse terms for the different leadership hierarchy of the Medes and the Persians were a challenge. Galatians was by far the most difficult book to date that Jamie has translated into Nivaclé. The theological terms, the metaphors such as ‘crucified with Christ’ and ‘putting on Christ,’ the delicate subject of circumcision and the comparison of the slave woman and the free were some tough concepts. BUT GOD, being rich in mercy, gave the wisdom needed. This point in the process gives an excellent place to give a progress report. Nine books of the Bible have been completed: Genesis, Exodus, Ruth, Esther, Mark, Acts, Galatians, Ephesians and Philippians. Twenty-two percent of the Bible is now complete: 26 percent of the New Testament is complete, 9 percent of the Old Testament is complete. Praise God! Thus far hath the Lord helped us ... each word, each verse, each chapter, each book is all a work of His grace. To give toward the ongoing printing of the Nivaclé Bible: There is an account set up at Ethnos360 for a tax-deductible donation toward this project. Make checks payable to ‘Ethnos360’ with a note for ‘Nivaclé Translation.’”

Monday, Jul 26:

Malaumandan Baptism

Eric and Judith Hedeen minister among the Malaumanda people of Papua New Guinea. “On Sunday morning we met as a whole church at around 9 a.m. It was a clear, sunny morning and a great day to go to the river. The whole church walked down to the river together where we had a time of singing and prayer before we started the baptisms. When we first arrived, it only looked like six people would be baptized, but in the end 13 went into the river. It was great to be able to hear their testimonies and see their obedience to Christ.” Pray for the growth of the Malaumandan believers.

Friday, Jul 23:


Wayne and Patsy Gibson minister among the Piapoco people in Colombia. “We have … been burdened for the Piapoco ladies in another sector, where we had to discontinue the teaching there last year due to Covid. Happily, surprised at the interest from these new ladies, Susana, Maria Elena, [other co-workers] and I began teaching the foundational lessons once again. While Susana is gone upriver, Nelly and Yadida are helping to teach also. As mentioned before, there is also much interest among the Piapocos from across the border to hear the foundational gospel lessons. A group of about 12 will be arriving to be taught, and some will be trained to teach others. The Teaching Team here is preparing accommodations to host this group. We look forward to letting you know the results of this ministry. Pray for this outreach.”

Thursday, Jul 22:

Parenting and Sanctification

Rachel Chapman ministers among the Nahuatl people in Mexico. “In the last few months, the believers have come to us with questions about parenting and sanctification — basically the age-old dilemma of ‘not doing what I want to do and doing what I don’t want to do.’ So, when Pete and Liesl Hypki visited recently, we met on Sundays and Thursdays to study together what the Bible says about sanctification and raising and training children. This gave us a chance to talk openly as a group and realize that we all struggle with living a life worthy of the gospel. And the believers encouraged each other with parenting stories and practical ideas. Also, the believers are starting to take more responsibilities during our church service. For a while now, they have taken turns giving the review from the previous week’s study. And just recently, several have helped lead worship, prayer time and directed the Bible study! We see God giving them boldness and confidence to speak out in front of others. It’s so exciting. Pray for unbelievers to be attracted to Jesus from what they see in the lives of the Nahuatl believers and us missionaries and have a desire to know the True God.”

Wednesday, Jul 21:


André and Aurélie Tousch are missionaries in Papua New Guinea, sent by SIM France. In PNG, they work with New Tribes Mission Papua New Guinea. “You may remember that at the beginning of 2020 (before our stay in France last year) our team had checked with a consultant the translation of several passages of Scriptures in the Iski language. We had reached a total of 50% of the New Testament translated, which is a major milestone in a translation project! However, there was still a lot of proofreading, corrections and verifications to be done before we could publish these portions. Since our return to the village at the beginning of the year, one of our priorities has therefore been to carry out the last checks with Iski friends to complete this project. Then, during our last month in France, André was able to finish inputting all these modifications in the Bible translation software and work on the layout of this book and order the proofs for verification. We've reached the last steps of the project. Two hundred books are going to be printed this week in the United States, and our colleagues, the Williamsons, will be able to bring them with them to PNG at the end of the month. The book is also available as an Android App so that it can be read on smartphones or tablets. Only a few of our Iski friends have smartphones, but we can expect that in the future these tools will be more and more widespread.”

Tuesday, Jul 20:

The Lord Works in the Lives of His People

Wayne and Patsy Gibson minister among the Piapoco people in Colombia. “The Lord works in the lives of His people among the Piapocos. More and more, we hear of Christian leaders reaching out to their own people in nearby villages, presenting the gospel and affirming believers in the Word. Reinaldo, one of the leaders, was asked to teach other leaders upriver on the lessons from Acts for two weeks. He and Susana took most of their kids with them and arrived there fine. About 39 people are attending the teaching sessions, and it is going very well. Pray for them. The Kids Bible Club will be ending by early July. Before, when the Gospel was presented, about 34 kids expressed faith in the Lord. Now with the follow up lessons for believers, several attend that are unsaved. However, the gospel is presented at the end of each lesson, so please pray that these unsaved children will understand and come to know the Lord.”

Monday, Jul 19:

Bringing Back God's Talk!

Jason and Nisae Williamson minister among the Iski people of Papua New Guinea. “We are so thrilled at what God has accomplished over these last few years in the Iski ministry. One of those highlights is the translation of much of the Iski New Testament along with some Old Testament portions. Recently our co-worker was able to format all of our completed portions (50% of the NT) and have it printed here in the [US]. We will be buying extra baggage and taking 200 books back with us to hand out to the Iski believers. This book will be their Bible for the next few years until the whole Iski New Testament is finished. This book will get a lot of use over the next 3-5 years! The cost of each book is approximately $20.”

Friday, Jul 16:

Ministry and Prayer Part 2

John and Asmara Anyan minister to the Swahili speaking refugee community in Clarkston, Georgia. “For the summer, we changed and expanded our tutoring ministry as the kids are home from school. We still meet weekly as a big group and teach Bible stories as well as engage the kids in fun learning activities, like planting seeds and visiting a farm. We also have several students paired up with one tutor for the summer, and they meet three times a week to work on specific skills that the particular student struggles with, such as reading or writing. Please pray that Jesus would change the hearts and lives of the kids in our neighborhood, many of whom come from broken families. Our roommate Rachel and I (Asmara) are planning on starting a women’s chronological Bible Study here in the apartment complex, using the materials our teammates in Tanzania just finished translating! It is quite intimidating to think of leading a Bible study in Swahili, but we see the huge need for Biblical literacy and foundations. Please pray for wisdom as we are planning and preparing.”

Thursday, Jul 15:

Ministry and Prayer Part 1

John and Asmara Anyan minister to the Swahili speaking refugee community in Clarkston, Georgia. “We continue to lead the all-refugee Sunday school class at our local church. It has been a challenging but also such a rewarding experience teaching between 20-35 English-language learners between the ages of six and 15 (with some little toddlers sneaking in every week). We have been teaching them the Bible chronologically, and it has been a privilege to see many of the kids hear these stories for the first time and get to know God for the first time. Right now, we are covering the Ten Commandments, and last week all 25 kids were absolutely quiet as the truth sank in that we are all sinners and cannot keep the Law of God! Please pray the Lord would open many hearts to regeneration and faith in that group of precious children. John and our roommate Rachel have been teaching English twice a week to a faithful group of three Swahili speakers from our neighborhood. It has been a great way to be a blessing to our community (so many refugee adults have been here for years and never learned English) as well as to build relationships with some of the adults here. Please pray for relationships to flow into discipleship.”

Wednesday, Jul 14:

Puinave/Spanish Bible Class

Larry and Sarah Richardson minister among the Puinave people of Colombia. “I (Sarah) am excited to share that I have had a new opportunity with several young Puinaves. They initially asked me to teach them to read in their family’s traditional language, which they do not themselves speak well, having grown up in a majority Spanish environment. What began as a literacy class quickly evolved into a Puinave/Spanish Bible class. Thankfully, that is where their real interest lies. They are young in the Lord — just recently baptized — and have been eager to read God’s Word (in Puinave) and discuss it in both languages.” Pray for the young Puinave believers to grow in the Lord.

Tuesday, Jul 13:

Translation is Progressing

Penny Warner ministers as translator/discipler among the J people in West Africa. “Translation is progressing. I did send Hebrews to the consultant. We then turned to getting Joshua 1-11, 23, 24 ready for comprehension checking. He finished the first comprehension check of those chapters; [we have] two more checks to go. 2 Corinthians has three chapters to finish the third comprehension check. The helper went to the mines about 20 miles from here. We don’t know when he will be back. James, 2 Peter, Philemon [and] 2 and 3 John are all ready for comprehension checking. Depending on our helper and the rains and field work, we may be able to see one check of each of those epistles done before the end of the month. Please pray for that; even more would be wonderful. That leaves 1 John and Colossians needing a bit more work before they are ready for comprehension check. Then … at the end [we will work on] Matthew. I can usually see some progress at the end of every workday. The helper we had chosen for the consultant check is the fellow who left 2 Corinthians undone and went to the mines. Please pray that he will be back and will still be willing to help with the check. It is critical to have a good helper for the check.”

Monday, Jul 12:

Wisdom to Make a Clear Translation

Liv Poulsen ministers in West Africa. “I have been working on [translating] the gospel of Luke lately. It has gone well, and I am thankful for that. Pray for the helpers that I have used for the comprehension checks, that the Lord uses what they have heard to draw them to Himself. Two of the helpers used to come to the Bible teaching, but then stopped. They have heard the gospel. … Pray that the Lord provides the right helpers for the different steps of the translation. I hope to be able to use [the skills of] a young man from the village for the taping of Matthew. Pray that this will be possible. … Pray for the young believer translating the Old Testament. He is working on Exodus at the moment. Pray that the Lord provides him with a wife. No one wants to give him their daughter, since he is a believer, and they are making life very difficult for him. But the Lord is sustaining him through it all.”

Friday, Jul 09:

Home Assignment 2020

Donovan and Charla Epp minister among the D-A people of the Philippines. “At the moment we are in the season of Home Assignment. ... We hope to begin to share in churches what the Lord is doing in the lives of the Agta. How He continues to build His church as the Agta believers continue to grow and mature. We are thankful beyond words for the opportunity to bring His Word and gospel message to the Agta. And now we are again asking Him to meet us here, to help especially our kids to adjust to a North American life, to know God in a different and new way as they trust in Him in all the uncertainty. With no co-workers living in the village, the Agta seem as remote as when we first went to reach them. The only difference now is that the Agta believers now have access to God the way we do. Buk would often say, ‘We are all the same before God,’ as visitors from around the world would visit the village. With no news on the Agta, we continue to pray for the growing Agta church. Pray with us that they would grow strong in the Lord. We pray that the believers would gather together, read God’s word, pray and remember what Jesus has done for them on the cross as we all do.”

Thursday, Jul 08:

How many Bibles do you have in your house?

Geoff and Dar Gail McNabb minister at the NTM-UK home office. “The Simbari New Testament is complete. How easy it is to take for granted the ease with which we access God's Word — His very personal message to us. I saw this video, the testimony of a Simbari believer who has only just recently received the New Testament in his own language and wanted to share it. Wow! Take a minute to hear his praise to God.” David and Shari Ogg, who minister as Bible Translator/Church Planters in Papua New Guinea gave a little more information. “A Simbari translation helper, Raymond, shares his thoughts about the completion of the Simbari New Testament. … The Bible verse he reads from is 1 Peter 1:3.” Watch Raymond’s testimony.

Wednesday, Jul 07:

Her Hope Is Not in This Life

Reuben and Lydia Schuring minister among the Ka’apor people of South America. “In one of the Bible studies, Lydia asked the ladies how their old way of thinking had changed. Akinde said that when she first began listening to God’s Word, she was scared and not sure what to expect. But after understanding, it was like her eyes popped open, and her old way of thinking began to change. She went on to share how her fear of death, her desire to go to the witch doctor and her habit of using harsh words when offended have changed. Her hope is not in this life but in the life to come.”

Tuesday, Jul 06:

25 Favorite Bible Stories Book is Out

Darcy, Ron and Nita Berglund minister in Asia Pacific. “Twenty-five thousand, five hundred copies of the book [in the language of wide communication in the Asia-Pacific region] are now beginning to be distributed by a Christian bookstore! This book is already making an impact. One of the grandmas who received a book reported: ‘I was so happy to get a copy of this book. When my grandson came to visit me this week, I asked him if he knew any of the stories in the Bible, and he said “no.” I began reading these stories to him. He was very interested and answered the questions at the end of each story. When he went home, I gave the book to my daughter and scolded her for not teaching her son the Bible.’ This grandma’s heart’s desire is that her grandchildren would know the Lord. The Embaloh language 25 Favorite Bible Stories book is at the printer. Eight hundred copies will be shipped to the middle of the island … and have great potential to reach many people there. Rina will be able to help with the distribution of these books, as she will be finishing her missionary training this month and heading home to the jungle.” Use this address to send gifts. Ethnos360, 312 W First St., Sanford, FL 32771-1231. Embaloh Bible printing fund should be marked ‘Asia-Pacific — GFEB.’

Monday, Jul 05:

Bible Teaching Books

Joanna Jansma ministers among the Nagi people of the Asia-Pacific region. “This last month in answer to your prayers, … we were able to get some more comprehension checking done on Scriptures and finalize Bible teaching books. As we have been praying and meeting with the Nagi Bible teachers about the upcoming months, we have been encouraged by their response and ownership. Pray for the Nagi to continue to grow and not depart from His Word.”

Support the efforts of churches in Southeast Asia as they extend aid to Myanmar refugees.

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