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Partner to Partner

The Partner to Partner quarterly newsletter helps you see how God is working around the world through your partnership with Ethnos360. Besides encouraging stories of transformed lives and updates from the field, each issue presents opportunities and options for you to help accelerate God's work among the world's people groups.

Culture and Language Acquisition: Essential for Translation
One of the core values of Ethnos360 is stated like this: We value excellence and urgency in all we do to finish the task. I want to focus a while on the “excellence” part of that statement. The excellence is not for the sake of being “better than...
Ice Fishing... And the Gospel?
Author: Bruce Enemark
During this year, we want to keep reminding you of one of the driving forces behind what we do among people groups around the world.
What is CLA?
Author: Bill Davis
Culture and Language Acquisition is the program Ethnos360 consultants and coaches teach missionaries in order to gain that necessary level of fluency and cultural understanding.
God Loves the People of the World
Your partnership with Ethnos360 demonstrates God's love. Through heart language ministries, people see that God cares enough to communicate clearly with them.
Translation Brings Understanding
Author: Bruce Enemark
"God now speaks to me in my own language." When the Bible is translated into the languages of people groups around the world, what happens? The eyes of their hearts are opened, they begin to understand what God desires for them and of them, and...
Why do they need to read?
So many of us take for granted the ability to read, write and do simple math problems. Yet there are hundreds of languages that so far have no alphabet and therefore no written form of communication.
Heart Language Ministries part 2
"Unless we worked in the heart language of the people, they wouldn’t understand the Word of God or the gospel."
Heart Language Ministries
Author: Bruce Enemark
"...Google said, ‘39°C = 102.2°F.’ Suddenly, the heat became cruel... What changed? I heard the description in my own ‘language’ of Fahrenheit and instinctively knew how to respond. 102.2°F is hot.”
Partner to See More Partners Trained
Author: Bruce Enemark
Scripture is clear: we are to pass on the knowledge and wisdom that God has given us to others in order to keep the gospel moving beyond the edge of the Church.
Author: Bruce Enemark
This opportunity is called STEER, Inc. Their tagline is rather catchy: STEERing Money to Missions! Let me explain briefly how this works.
You're Appreciated
Author: Ian Fallis
We want to present partnership opportunities to you in a way that makes you smile as you understand what you are a part of.
Update on Year-End Projects
Author: Bruce Enemark
The call went out and you took the challenge. The Multi-Purpose Building (or Recreation and Conference Center) still needs to be completed.