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Nov 01, 2014 | Mission-Minded Kids
When the pilot heard this news, he frowned with worry and turned to Tim and Bunny. "Don't you think it's getting too dangerous here?" "No, I can't leave now! The church is growing. I know who the Christians are now, and even those who aren't Christians want to learn more about God. I'm sure God wants us to be here and that He will take care of us."


Helicopter pilot Mike McGregor uses aviation to advance the gospel to remote tribal groups in Papua New Guinea such as the Hewa people. You can assist church planting missionaries...

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Parents' & Educators' Space

MMK is designed for kids to learn more about Ethnos360 and our mission through age-appropriate stories, activities, and videos. We’ll introduce you to our missionaries, their families and show how planting mature tribal churches is exciting at any age.