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Mike Klontz

Mike Klontz

Spokane Valley, Washington
Cell: 509-994-7707

  Mike and Gwen Klontz served in Bolivia for 15 years. They arrived with four preschoolers and soon became house parents to 13 more missionary children. Later on Mike and Gwen moved to a remote tribal village to work with the Trinitario people. In their last five years in Bolivia, Mike worked in the mission's offices in Cochabamba. This wide range of ministries has provided a broad base of experience and understanding for their present ministry.

In 1996 Mike and Gwen became mission representatives in the Northwest. Mike travels extensively, speaking in conferences, churches, camps and colleges.

His passion is to motivate others to serve Christ, enthusiastically challenging all to be involved in reaching the lost world for Christ. His presentations offer up-to-date reports from around the world, heart-stirring videos from various countries and the chronological teaching materials developed and used by Ethnos360 around the world.

Mike has led short-term mission trips to Latin America, and for several years has taught the missions class at Moody Bible Institute in Spokane, Washington. One of their four children is also a missionary.